Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Christmas is coming

So make sure you have the perfect gifts. How about a His ‘n Her Motion Activated Toilet Night Light


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    We always keep the lid closed, anyhow, so the kittens don’t get into the toilet. But the question I want to know is, if you have a dog that drinks from the toilet, will the light warn you about drool on the seat?

  2. *laughing my ass off*
    Imagine you are a guest at your friends’ house, enter the bathroom at night and a red light starts to illuminate the loo -- a nice touch of Klingon Bird-of-prey light design.
    Do you a) use the toilet never mentioning your weird nightly adventure (Drugs are bad, dude.)
    b) freak out and rather use the spacious pot with the rubber tree in your bedroom
    c) scream “Red alert, crew to battlebridge!!!”

  3. *laugh*

    I recently heard a description of a lower-tech solution. It was called a “guy light”. You mount it under the seat and it’s gravity-fed, so when the seat is up the light goes on and shines into the bowl, facilitating aim. I am not making this up.

  4. Silly perhaps, but I’ve been in households where it was necessary.

  5. Anonymous

    LUX FlAT

    a) Where DO you find these absurdities? 🙂

    b) Haven’t these people heard of bathrooms with
    lights activated by a wall switch, I wonder. (:-/

    c) I suppose SOME of us do have trouble locking
    “phasers” on target. [eg]

    Ann Onynous.

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