Gwnewch y pethau bychain

Meme vectored from gridlore, who got it from lysana, who is seriously cute in her usericon, appropos of nothing.

Simple, really. Pick songs you like whose titles start with one of the letters of your user name.

all along the watchtower – bob dylan
unsquare dance – dave brubeck quartet
tillman county – dave carter and tracy grammer
ordinary love – gwen knighton
get together – the youngbloods
radio free europe – rem
apocalypse now and then – dan hart
pipes of peace – paul mccartney
hallelujah – john cale (leonard cohen)
expanding circles – steve mcdonald
different shores – tanya savory
come down to the river – sam baardman
amaryllis – flash girls
turn me around – chris conway

That wouldn’t be an atypical mp3 shuffle for me, either. 🙂




Friday Informational Requests


  1. You were one of the people I thought about when this meme started.. those with long names, y’all gotta work for it!

    • Yeah, but on the other hand, we get to show a lot more of our song collection off. 🙂

      I have my entire CD collection ripped to mp3. I just went to the jukebox library, sorted by track title, and browsed. 🙂

  2. Just spied this while perusing your LJ (spotted a comment from you in and wanted to thank you for the compliment.

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