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The Shower Interview meme

Questions provided by heathrow. If you’d like me to interview *you*, tell me in comments.

1) Who is your favorite author and why?

Wow. I read a lot, so that’s a difficult one to pin down. I tend to like stories with well developed, interesting characters. The authors I re-read
the most are probably Robert Heinlein, Lois McMaster Bujold, and Spider Robinson.

2) What are the 5 cd’s that someone must own in order to be a complete human being?

Boy, it’s hard to choose just one album from any of these artists, but…

Harry Chapin, Greatest Stories Live
Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, Tanglewood Tree
The Beatles, Rubber Soul
REM, Life’s Rich Pageant
Cheryl Wheeler, Driving Home

3) How did you and kitanzi meet?

Initially, through her then boyfriend, who I had met online through the filk community. They came down to GaFilk 2001, and we promptly developed a huge crush on each other, though neither of us was aware of the other’s feelings. We spent the next several months flirting with each other online, both certain that the other was flirting only in fun. When we ran into each other in person again at OVFF in October,2001, we finally realized that the attraction was mutual. She moved to Georgia six months later and we’ve been together ever since.

4) What is the most chivalrous thing you have done?

Webster’s third definition of “chivalrous”, which is the one most people mean in modern context, is “a: marked by honor, generosity, and courtesy; b: marked by gracious courtesy and high-minded consideration especially to women”.

I think the most chivalrous thing I’ve done is to try and live my life by these principles every single day. I don’t always succeed, but the effort seems to be worthwhile.

5) Tell me an anecdote that you feel encapsulates you…

When kitanzi first decided to move down, we tried to find someone who could ride down with her so that she didn’t have to make the 1100 mile drive by herself. When we couldn’t find anyone who could do it on the weekend that she wanted to go, I arranged to take a one week vacation in order to fly up to New England and drive back down with her.

There is nothing reasonable and very little unreasonable that I won’t do for someone I love.




The first five interviews…


  1. Interview me! But it will take me a while to think of questions to return if you want them.

    • 1) What inspired you to become a scientist?

      2) What sort of breath weapon would a plaid dragon have, anyway?

      3) What’s your single happiest memory of the last twelve months?

      4) What person who lives too far away do you wish lived closer.

      5) Name three books that have made a lasting impression on you.

  2. Interview me please!

    Some people are question setters, some are question answerers. Most people, when given an appropriate venue, like to talk about themselves, so guess which I am!

    • 1) You have an unlimited budget to put together a home entertainment system. What does it contain?

      2) What was your favourite band name that *didn’t* get used? Why?

      3) Your band has been tapped to perform three songs on national television. What’s the set list?

      4) What musician has most influenced you personally.

      5) Who is your favourite comedian?

  3. Sure, interview me if you like. 🙂

    • 1) What place that you’ve never been would you most like to go?

      2) You have one hour of national television time to address a single issue that is important to you. What issue to you choose to advance?

      3) Describe your dream household.

      4) What song do you mentally associate each of your sweeties with?

      5) Which is your favourite Beatle? Why?

  4. interview me?

    • 1) I find quite often that when interacting with you, I have a bad habit of forgetting your age. Do you run into that often, and if so, how have you dealt with it?

      2) It’s Saturday afternoon and you have no obligations for the next six hours. How do you fill your time?

      3) What place do you most strongly identify as “home”?

      4) If you could meet one fictional character, who would you choose? Why?

      5) What is your least favourite school subject? Why?

  5. Interview me? *G*

    • 1) What’s the most important thing you learned from your last relationship?

      2) If you could change one specific thing about your relationship with your family, what would you change?

      3) You can have a one hour long private concert for you and anyone you want to invite. Who’s the performer? What songs would you specifically request?

      4) What author would you most like to be able to sit down and have a real conversation with?

      5) You and me, babe. How about it? 🙂

  6. Since they’re likely to be interesting and possibly thought-provoking questions, coming from you -- please ask? *grins*

    • 1) What is the most interesting music you’ve discovered over the last 12 months (a song or particular artist you’d been unaware of)?

      2) What part of English culture do you still have trouble wrapping your head around?

      3) You’ve been invited to put together a one hour programme featuring you performing with various artists of your choosing. Who do you choose, and what’s the set list?

      4) If you could visit one fictional setting, what would it be?

      5) Describe your ideal house.

  7. Interesting. I’m actually really enjoying reading these and learning more about the various online friends I have…
    Sure -- interview me if you want Rob.

    And -- obviously somebody needs to gift us with Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, Tanglewood Tree. I must sheepishly admit I haven’t ever heard them even though several people whose opinions I respect like them a lot. (I’d buy it myself if it wasn’t for a little teeny cash flow problem just now. 🙂

    • 1) What have you liked *most* about your recent experiment of living on the road?

      2) Name three musical artists you think are criminally unknown in our community, and recommend a representative album by each of them.

      3) What literary figure would you hold up as a role model for young girls? For young boys? Explain why.

      4) Other than Ed, who have you most enjoyed sharing a stage with?

      5) If you were to put out another CD, what songs would you choose to put on it?

  8. OO, interview me too. Perhaps it’ll inspire me to actually update my journal with something interesting.

    • 1) What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned since working in the Internet industry?

      2) Who is your favourite Disney character? Why?

      3) Most tourist attractions have little tucked away features that most people don’t know about. Tell me about something at Disney World that I wouldn’t want to miss if I went there, but problably wouldn’t encounter if I wasn’t looking for it.

      4) While I know it’s not the place you’d most like to live, what do you *like* about living in the Philadelphia area?

      5) What surprised you most about your trip to Italy?

      Bonus Question: When you coming to visit us, anyway??? 🙂

  9. Interview me?


    • 1) Assuming that economic factors were not a consideration, where would you most like to live?

      2) You and attended a number of Dave and Tracy shows. What’s your favourite moment from one of them?

      3) If you could set up your ideal clinic, what would it be like?

      4) What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve done in your veterinary career?

      5) Have you discovered any new artists in the last 12 months that we absolutely need to know about?

  10. Anonymous

    “There is nothing reasonable & very little unreasonable that I won’t do for someone I love.”

    Jonathan Turner does a certain song, maybe when he’s in the mood. Don’t remember
    if he wrote it or not. The title is “I’d Do Anything, To Myself, For You”. [eg] *I* think it’s
    absolutely hilarious.

    Ann Onynous.

    • I’m trying to remember who wrote that. Mitchell Clapp used to do it too. Darn can’t find it -- I’m thinking it might be a Nate Bucklin song but… I don’t think that’s right. I seem to recall the chorus is “I’ll slash my wrists the day you go, turn on the tub and let it flow……..” A sweet love song that one.

  11. Interview me.

    • 1) Tell me a little bit about the research project you were planning on concentrating on with your history degree.

      2) You’ve been offered a contract to write a comic book. What’s it about? Who would you tap for an artist?

      3) If you could revamp any already existing comic book character or property, which would you pick? What would you do with it?

      4) Why do you dislike Neil Gaiman’s work so intensely?

      5) You’ve been given a time machine which allows you to return to any moment in history, as an intangible observer. What’s the first event you want to watch?

  12. have some Lipton?

    1) What’s your favorite swear word?
    2) What are you afraid of?
    3) Describe one of your greatest joys.
    4) What living thing do you most resemble?
    5) If there is a heaven, what would you want to hear God say upon your arrival?

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