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Pet Peeve (Free to a good home)

I’m going to try not to get off on too much of a rant here, but this is my journal, and I’ve been rolling this over in my mind for the last little while, and felt like saying it somewhere, so here it is. Feel free to skip on to something further down your friends page, which will have some holiday cheer and maybe some pictures of kittens or something, I don’t know.

DISCLAIMER: This is not aimed at any one person. In fact, the person this morning who started me thinking this wasn’t even doing the thing I’m complaining about, but the phrase he used triggered a reaction in my brain which made me realize I had this hangup.

I hang out on a lot of places on the Internet where people talk to one another. IRC is one, JediMUD is another. I like talking to other people.

But something that gets on my nerves beyond all measure is when two people are having a conversation about X, and how much they like X, and someone else feels compelled to not only say ‘I don’t like X’ or ‘I could never see what all the fuss about X was’, but then go on at great length about how much they don’t get it and why, as if anyone actually wanted to know.

If there’s actually a substantive discussion about the merits of X, that’s one thing. If you really don’t get it and want someone to explain why they think it’s cool, that’s another thing. But if you’re just being a killjoy and dumping on something that other people present are obviously enthusiastic about, for no other reason than because you had lemons for breakfast, do everyone a favour and just be quiet. There’s enough negativity in the world already without having to listen to you natter.


What if LOTR had been written…


Glitter Breasts


  1. It’s your journal, you can rant if you want to.

    Besides, on this one I agree with you heartily.


  2. That sort of thing tends to come from chronically unhappy people. I’m learning slowly how to evaluate it that way, be supportive of them when I can, and move on if I need to.

    On the other hand, if it is my friend(s) they’re ripping apart, I can sometimes lose that rationale and go feral.

  3. It’s a fine rant. More to the point it’s your rant and your journal. And I’m in agreement with you.

  4. I’m so in agreement.

  5. Nods of agreement on both points -- your journal to do with what you like and your peeve as well. *Hugs*

  6. Sing it! Another *really* annoying response is “must be nice”, in the wet-blanket, sure-go-ahead-i’ll-just-sit-here-in-the-dark sense.

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