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Thanksgiving Weekend

kitanzi and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, spent with friends and family.

On Thursday, we went over to telynor‘s house for Thanksgiving Day dinner. I’ve spent the last 2 or 3 T-day’s at her house, and it is always a good time. This year was no exception. Along for the ride were, of course, Harper’s son, G, duality and her FPW, Ed and MEW and their two kids, T and his new FPW, and another person I don’t think I’d met before. We sat around and caught up with Ed and MEW and played with the kids and then had another Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat. We ended up leaving about 7pm because I was feeling rather tired, plus I’d been paged to deal with a work situation earlier in the day and said I’d take care of it when I got home.

Friday morning, I had to go into work for a few hours, as the problem the night before was bigger than I could easily fix that night. Was able to get everything taken care of in short order, though, and headed home to help get things in order before our guest arrived. I had not had the opportunity before now to meet kitanzi‘s mom, and she turned out to be an exceptionally neat person. We exchanged Christmas gifts on Friday, since we won’t see her again before next year at the earliest.

Saturday morning, Kit’s mom declared an interest in doing something touristy, so we discussed various possibilities before finally settling on heading up to New Echota State Park. New Echota was the capital of the Cherokee Nation before the US and Georgia governments forced them off their land. Many of the buildings from that town have been restored or recreated to give a real feel for what it must have been like to live there. And it was a gorgeous Georgia day, with temperatures up around 60 and a bright sun shining, so it was fun just to walk around and look at things.

We came home and had a late lunch, then listened to A Prairie Home Companion on the radio. When it went off, we popped in the DVD of Ocean’s Eleven, which kitanzi and I had both seen, but Kit’s mom had not.

Sunday, we decided to find some entertainment a little closer to home, and so went out to see the new Harry Potter film. I found it enjoyable, though I think I enjoyed the first movie a bit more. I don’t think it’s because the new movie wasn’t as good, though. Perhaps partly because I hadn’t read the books yet when I saw the first film, and partly because this one is much more plot-driven than the first was. Still, well worthwhile, and I’ll look forward to seeing it again when the DVD is released.

This morning was back to work, and kitanzi‘s mom headed back home to Little Rock. All in all, it was a wonderful thanksgiving weekend.






  1. ohi

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!


  2. Sounds like a fun weekend!

    What’s an FPW?

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