I’ve often said that I don’t get sick very often, but when I do, I don’t kid around about it. Last night, I noticed an uncomfortable stuffiness in my left ear, and a bit of pain when I prodded at it. So this morning, I called my doctor and asked if I could get an appointment.

After poking at me, the doctor explains to me that there are two kinds of infections one is likely to get in the ear. One kind mainly affects the outer ear canal, and is sometimes called “Swimmers ear”. The more serious kind is the sort of infection that affects the eardrum and inner ear.

Which do I have?

Both. At the same time. Ow.

Antibiotics and rest, indeed. *sigh* Hopefully, I’ll feel better by the weekend.

(Kitanzi is a dear, though. She came home on her lunch break to see if she could make me feel better, and then stopped at the store on her way home this afternoon to buy various comfort foods for me. *happysigh* She’s such a joy in my life.)