If you haven’t already heard about what Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson had to say about the events of September 11th, here’s the original Washington Post story and Falwell’s tepid apology.

I’m not going to say much about this. Falwell and Robertson no more represent the average Christian than bin Laden does the average Muslim. They’re narrow-minded hate mongers whose twelfth century morality makes them largely irrelevant to me, except for the tremendous political influence the once wielded and may yet reacquire. drishnak wrote a wonderful essay in reaction to this, which I also encourage you to read.

Anyway, it looks like someone is trying to put together a petition to urge the President ot officially condemn these remarks. I doubt very much that he will, though I was pleased a White House spokesman characterized the remarks as “inappropriate” and added “The president does not share these views.” This is actually quite a remarkable statement for someone who has been so much in the pocket of the Christian right.

Anyway, regardless of whether it has an impact, we should all sign it. Just to register that we DO feel strongly about what was said, enough to put our name on a document asking it be officially addressed.