This is a transcript of the irc channel #filkhaven from September 11th, 2001, spanning from 7AM – 6PM Eastern time.

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[07:25] <KhaOS> US server dead?
[07:27] <Chiefy> The UK one seems OK.
[07:32] <Chiefy> Maybe it’s just quiet round here and there at the moment.
[07:37] <Sleepzilla> <– not dead.
[07:37] *** Sleepzilla is now known as Gwenzilla
[07:38] <Chiefy> … just arising out of the mists with the sounds of Wagner playing in the distance?
[07:39] <KhaOS> I love the smell of harp polish in the morning.
[07:39] * Gwenzilla hehs. There is, in fact, mist over the Chattahoochee in the morning, but I tend to avoid Wagner. πŸ˜‰
[07:39] <Gwenzilla> Terence: Make it hair polish, and you’re getting close. Harp’s already packed in the car from last night. This afternoon I have to teach in two different places. πŸ˜›
[07:40] <KhaOS> Hair polish? Why would anyone want to polish rabb… oh, never mind.
[07:40] <Chiefy> I know what you mean. I listened to the whole of Tristan & Isolde the other day. The overture is gob-smackingly wonderful. The other 4 hours just … well, you know.
[07:41] * Gwenzilla pets Terence on the head. Aren’t you sweet.
[07:41] * Gwenzilla chuckles at Chiefy. I usually prefer opera overtures to operas themselves. Have you seen Newman Levy’s Tristan and Isolde poem? Scans beautifully to “Star of the County Down.”
[07:44] * Chiefy grins
[07:44] <Chiefy> No I haven’t
[07:46] <Gwenzilla> It’s very cute. Starts out, “Isolde was an Irish queen who always spoke in German, Though why she canned her native tongue I never could determine.” Gets worse from there.
[07:46] * Chiefy LOL
[07:46] * Chiefy acts normally when the other users look round at him.
[07:48] * Gwenzilla giggles.
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[08:05] <Eloise> Morning, all.
[08:06] <Chiefy> Hello
[08:07] <Chiefy> … and goodbye I’m afraid.
[08:07] <Eloise> S’allright. :->
[08:07] *** Chiefy ( Quit (and treks back up to the desk.)
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[08:32] <KhaOS> o/~ So it’s smokes out – look there by the landin’ – The ferry’s come back, saddle up, come away – and it’s fare thee well ye green hills of Harmony – all of the Dorsai are leavin’… o/~
[08:32] <Eloise> Morning, you Pacific people you.
[08:33] <OwlRigh> hehe
[08:33] <OwlRigh> I’ve read Good Omens and Dawn (Octavia Butler) this evening.
[08:33] * Eloise grins.
[08:33] <Eloise> Catching up, then.
[08:33] <KhaOS> For the first time?
[08:34] * Eloise tries to remember which one Dawn was.
[08:34] <OwlRigh> first in Xenogenesis trilogy
[08:34] <Eloise> Though I can say without fear of being wrong that it’s got a strong, black, female, psychic heroine. :->
[08:34] <Eloise> Aha, yes, I love those.
[08:34] <OwlRigh> KhaOS, Good Omens for the second time, Dawn for the first.
[08:34] * Eloise has Xenogenesis in a three-in-one volume, very convenient.
[08:34] <OwlRigh> I also read the rest of Cherryh’s Alternate Realities this morning.
[08:35] <OwlRigh> Good Omens and Dawn someone sent to me in illegal ebook format…
[08:35] * KhaOS sics Christine Valada on you.
[08:35] <OwlRigh> who?
[08:36] * OwlRigh is iggnerent.
[08:36] <KhaOS> She’s the attorney who’s representing Harlan Ellison in his copyright action against those people who have wholesale ‘reprinted’ his stuff on the Web.
[08:36] <KhaOS> I was on the same panel with her at Worldcon.
[08:36] <OwlRigh> Ahhhhhhhhh
[08:36] <OwlRigh> say…
[08:36] * OwlRigh checks to see if I have any Harlan Ellison illegal ebooks
[08:36] * Eloise grins.
[08:37] <OwlRigh> Nope… darn.
[08:37] <OwlRigh>
[08:37] <OwlRigh> Not really losing money with me reading these books seeing that I rarely buy books new anyhow.
[08:38] <OwlRigh> I’d have bought them second hand πŸ™‚
[08:38] <OwlRigh> or the library…
[08:38] * KhaOS won’t get into that argument here.
[08:39] * OwlRigh grins at KhaOS.
[08:39] * Eloise doubts impoverished college students buy that many new hardbacks anyway.
[08:39] <OwlRigh> Well, I did, a few, back a couple of years ago.
[08:39] <OwlRigh> When I wasn’t doing fanac and zines.
[08:39] <Eloise> BTW, Terence, cool userpic on lj. :->
[08:39] <KhaOS> Danke. I like Dexter.
[08:40] * OwlRigh has been playing with Ogg Vorbis today. I decided I liked it after I found a winamp plugin that worked… sheesh…
[08:40] <OwlRigh> I downloaded 6 winamp plugins and all of them were buggy as all hell except for the last one.
[08:41] <Eloise> John likes Ogg Vorbis a lot.
[08:41] <Eloise> I just think anyone who’d name a codec after pratchett characters ROCKS. :->
[08:41] * OwlRigh grins.
[08:41] <OwlRigh> Freeamp worked excellently playing ogg vorbis, though
[08:41] <OwlRigh> no plugins needed.
[08:42] <OwlRigh> But unfortunately the whole program’s a bit out-of-whack and eats up memory
[08:43] * Eloise got her Plokta last night! So now I have the address to send my MoC to. And I can enclose a paper LoC for once.
[08:43] * Eloise is going to have to use cool fonts and make it fannish.
[08:43] * OwlRigh grins at Eloise.
[08:43] <KhaOS> You know, I
[08:44] * OwlRigh looks up “excessive thirst” on google.
[08:44] <KhaOS> I’m very sure that in some parallel universe, that last sentence Eloise said made sense to me.
[08:44] <Eloise> I have a rep to keep up. Do you know, they’ve printed every LoC I’ve ever sent ’em? No summaries or anything.
[08:45] * Eloise grins. It’s just jargon, Terence, go with it. Plokta is a lovely and funny fanzine (the Journal of Superfluous Technology). A LoC is a Letter of Comment – you no send them, you no get the fanzine. A MoC is a Moose of Comment. THat’s more complicated.
[08:45] <KhaOS> Aha.
[08:45] <Eloise> People keep sending them mooses.
[08:46] <Eloise> Little mooses and pictures of mooses, usually.
[08:46] <KhaOS> Isn’t the plural of moose meece?
[08:46] <Eloise> Depends. :->
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[08:46] * RachelWrk waves
[08:46] * KhaOS channels Mr Jinx.
[08:47] * KhaOS waves
[08:47] * RachelWrk decides the bagels at the BU food court are nothing to write home about
[08:47] <RachelWrk> hi terence
[08:48] *** OwlRigh ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[08:49] * Eloise wonders if plugging her soon-to-be perzine is on, in a LoC. If they’re going to be printing my address anyway …
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[08:57] <RachelWrk> here’s someone to ask, eloise πŸ™‚
[08:57] * RachelWrk hugs terence & eloise & erika
[08:58] * Eloise grnis, nods.
[08:58] * OwlRigh giggles.
[08:58] * OwlRigh hugs Rachel.
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[09:07] <RachelWrk> you know something? I’m old.
[09:07] <RachelWrk> these kids now in HS were born when I was a HS student.
[09:07] * Eloise grins.
[09:07] <Eloise> My little sister’s hitting puberty, and I was almost in high school when she was born.
[09:08] * OwlRigh grins.
[09:09] <Penfold> Jeeesus
[09:09] <Penfold> CNN, anyone who isn’t
[09:09] <Penfold> *Two* planes flown into the WTC tower
[09:09] <RachelWrk> what’s on CNN?
[09:09] <OwlRigh> eh?
[09:09] <RachelWrk> yipe!
[09:09] <OwlRigh> oh
[09:09] <OwlRigh> so the person who told me that wasn’t pulling my leg
[09:09] <RachelWrk> World Trade?
[09:09] <Penfold> One hit one the tower, the second hit the other tower *18* mins later
[09:10] * Eloise blinks.
[09:10] * Eloise hears others in the office talking about it. Apparently tenants felt the building *shake*.
[09:10] <RachelWrk> accidental or kamikaze?
[09:11] <Eloise> Dunno. But it’s leading to a lull in our support call volume, believe it or not. :->
[09:11] <Penfold> one at least was a 737
[09:11] <OwlRigh> far out … two in a row.
[09:11] <Penfold> second one they have film of
[09:11] <RachelWrk> is loading verrrry slowly
[09:11] <RachelWrk> probably getting millions of hits
[09:11] <OwlRigh> talk about massive hits πŸ™‚
[09:12] <Eloise> Guess someone didn’t play enough MS Flight Simulator, since landing between the Twin Towers was one of the canned missions.
[09:12] * RachelWrk hopes her dad didn’t have a downtown meeting today, and is tempted to call him
[09:12] * Eloise has a thing from Dow Jones Newswires, anyone want it? Echo your email, this is in my work acct, no addybook.
[09:13] <RachelWrk>
[09:13] <Penfold>
[09:13] *** KhaOS ( has joined #filkhaven
[09:13] * Penfold has TV news
[09:13] <Penfold> every one of the 20 news channels has it
[09:14] * RachelWrk is surprised she hasn’t gotten an NY Times news alert
[09:15] <Eloise> The NYSE has stopped trading because of it.
[09:15] <Penfold> AA 757
[09:16] <Penfold> airbus
[09:16] <Penfold> hijacked and deliberately flown into it
[09:16] <Penfold> according to NBC
[09:16] * Eloise hears it just as you type it. :->
[09:18] <RachelWrk> eloise: that’s not surprising, the NYSE is less than 1/4 mile from there
[09:18] <OwlRigh> channel 10 is suggesting that, but not confirming it
[09:18] <Penfold> NBC have that from an AA employee,. apparently
[09:19] <OwlRigh> ahh
[09:19] <OwlRigh> how about the first plane
[09:19] <OwlRigh> ?
[09:19] <OwlRigh> channel 10 said “two planes have allegedly…”
[09:19] <OwlRigh> “allegedly”?
[09:19] * Eloise nods.
[09:19] * Eloise grins. WEll, so far as we know, it’s an allegation.
[09:19] <RachelWrk>
[09:20] <Penfold> no, that was the first plane. second plane was Learjet sized
[09:21] <OwlRigh> so … how many people would have been in it?
[09:21] <OwlRigh> they didn’t say anything about estimated number of dead people
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[09:22] <Eloise> Hiya, Dave …
[09:22] <OwlRigh> phyddy
[09:22] * phydeaux is trying to get through to, but it’s naturally swamped
[09:23] <Eloise> Wow, is swamped.
[09:23] * Eloise grins.
[09:23] <Penfold> Sky News say United Airlines.
[09:23] <Penfold> CNBC say AA/.
[09:24] <phydeaux> doesn’t matter what airline. two planes 18 minutes apart, two differ3nt towers?
[09:24] <phydeaux> gotta be deliberate
[09:24] * RachelWrk nods
[09:24] <Penfold> y
[09:24] <phydeaux> BBC is a master of understatement
[09:24] <phydeaux> It is not clear why the planes would have crashed into the building.
[09:25] <phydeaux> I mean…duh
[09:25] * OwlRigh laughs!
[09:26] <Penfold> Well, the FBI officially now suspect foul play.
[09:26] <Penfold> Well done the FBI.
[09:26] * OwlRigh snickers.
[09:26] <OwlRigh> real quick, they are
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[09:27] <RachelWrk> and one of the parents just called to tell us about it πŸ™‚
[09:27] <adamselzer> everyone watching the news?
[09:27] * OwlRigh grins at Rachel.
[09:27] <OwlRigh> adamselzer: yeah
[09:27] <OwlRigh> well, I *was* watching it, but since it’s away from the puter I turned it off.
[09:28] * KhaOS turns on BBC World on Quicktime TV.
[09:28] <GEM> I was amazed to hear Peter Jennings say “this accident”…
[09:28] <KhaOS> They say it’s a possible highjacking.
[09:29] <adamselzer> did he really? Obviously it’s some sort of hijacking…
[09:29] * Eloise SMIRKS.
[09:29] <adamselzer> or something of that nature.
[09:29] <KhaOS> Well, unless it’s an incredible coincidence.
[09:30] <OwlRigh> LOL!
[09:30] <adamselzer> if it was one tower, it’d be a coincidence…since they got both of them, I highly doubt it.
[09:30] <KhaOS> Wow. This would be almost cool if it wasn’t real.
[09:30] <adamselzer> get used to that picture they’re showing…we’ll be seeing it a lot, I’m sure…
[09:30] <KhaOS> I’m half expecting the Fantastic Four or the Avengers to show up.
[09:31] * OwlRigh grins at KhaOS.
[09:31] * KhaOS watches the shot of the second plane crashing.
[09:31] <RachelWrk> is slooooooooooow
[09:32] <GEM> KhaOS: insane, ins’t that?
[09:32] <adamselzer> Yeah, that was my first thought – this never would have happened if Spiderman was around.
[09:32] * OwlRigh laughs.
[09:32] <phydeaux> my mother
[09:32] <phydeaux> called me
[09:32] <phydeaux> to make sure I was OK
[09:33] <phydeaux> go figured
[09:33] <RachelWrk> heh
[09:33] * OwlRigh grins.
[09:33] <RachelWrk> I sent mail to my dad 7 sister telling them not to go downtown
[09:33] <GEM> I’m trying to figure out how people do that…you have hijackers who are suicidal and pilots good enough to do the flying?
[09:33] <RachelWrk> my brother-in-law works at a Gateway store downtown, not sure where exactly
[09:34] <adamselzer> I’m trying to think of who’s quite that pissed off at the US right now…
[09:35] <RachelWrk> terrorists don’t need logical reasons, that’s what makes them so scary
[09:35] <KhaOS> The WTC is on the other side of town from NYU, yes?
[09:35] <OwlRigh> normally they do… like, just pissed off is reason enough for ’em
[09:35] * KhaOS tries to remember. My sister’s in NYU right now, and Mom’s a bit freaked.
[09:36] <GEM> “how restricted is the airspace around the WTC?” silly question
[09:36] <phydeaux> Yeah, a little crosstown
[09:36] <phydeaux> It’s not all THAT close
[09:36] <KhaOS> So what kind of planes were they?
[09:36] <Penfold> One was an Airbus 757
[09:36] <OwlRigh> well, far be it for me to skip out in the middle of all of this excitement, but I need my sleep πŸ™‚ good night
[09:37] <adamselzer> they just said that one came from Boston
[09:37] * phydeaux hugs EriKa and smoochies her g’night
[09:37] <Penfold> the other apparently a Learjet sized beat
[09:37] <KhaOS> Yeah, I heard.
[09:37] <Penfold> beast
[09:37] * OwlRigh hugs Dave gnight.
[09:37] *** OwlRigh ( Quit (zzzzzz! stay away from the WTC, you NY people)
[09:37] <KhaOS> Wonder how many people were on board.
[09:37] <KhaOS> Both UA planes. Well, there goes *their* stock rating.
[09:37] <adamselzer> wonder how many people were in the building.
[09:37] <phydeaux> 40,000
[09:37] <phydeaux> about
[09:38] <KhaOS> Last bodycount I saw was 6 dead, 1000 injured?
[09:38] <adamselzer> I’d fly UA. No one’s going to do it on the same airline twice.
[09:38] <GEM> I haven’t heard body count guesses yet
[09:39] <KhaOS> I can’t stand UA’s coach. They’re bloody cramped. Actually, after a trip in coach I’d probably be tempted to hijack it.
[09:39] <Penfold> AA 767, is the latest ID on the first plane
[09:39] * Eloise writes Plokta a paper LoC to wrap around the moose she’s sending them, and uses said LoC to plug her upcoming zine briefly. :->
[09:39] <GEM> Huh, the hijacking reported was an AA plane, apparently
[09:39] <KhaOS> AA? That’s American.
[09:40] <Penfold> there are reports that a THIRD plane has been hijacked
[09:40] <phydeaux> nor have I
[09:40] <phydeaux> I’d be siurprised if they actually had any
[09:40] <GEM> KhaOS: yup. I know
[09:41] <KhaOS> BBC seems to be more willing to speculate.
[09:41] <Penfold> question: do you shoot it down
[09:41] * adamselzer tries to get bbc up…
[09:41] <GEM> answer: even if you have the ability to do so, probably not
[09:41] <KhaOS> Ooo. Reuters says a Palestinean group has claimed responsibility. However, this is unconfirmed.
[09:42] * KhaOS goes to unbury his TV so he can see what CNN has.
[09:42] <GEM> yes, you want to see the footage, Terence…it’s incredible
[09:43] <RachelWrk> now a *secod* parent called and thinks the kids should be told before they go to lunch
[09:43] *** GwenZilla (~wireharp@ has joined #filkhaven
[09:43] * Eloise blinks.
[09:43] * GwenZilla pops in.
[09:43] <phydeaux> hey Gwen
[09:43] <KhaOS> Oh, BBC is showing the footage.
[09:43] <RachelWrk> the kids are in their weekly assembly now
[09:43] <RachelWrk> hi gwen *hug*
[09:44] <GwenZilla> Does anywhere online have the footage? I won’t be home until late. πŸ™
[09:44] <adamselzer> So….how thinks Bush can handle something like this?
[09:44] <Penfold> huge fiure at Pentagon
[09:44] <RachelWrk> cnn and bbc do, but they’re slooooooow
[09:44] <GwenZilla> With his thumb up his ass, of course.
[09:44] <GEM> adam: at least as well as anyone can.
[09:45] <RachelWrk> fire or furor, mike?
[09:45] <GEM> shit! the Pentagon!
[09:45] * adamselzer plays a Dylan song released just today….”things are breaking up out there / high water everywhere…”
[09:45] <KhaOS> Pentagon on Fire?!?
[09:45] <KhaOS> What the hell is going on?
[09:45] <phydeaux> war?
[09:45] <phydeaux> who’s reporting the problems at the pentagon
[09:45] <GEM> this is definitely an attack on the US, therefore
[09:46] <KhaOS> Pentagon and White House being evacuated.
[09:46] <GEM> ABC
[09:46] <GwenZilla> Jesus fuck.
[09:46] * GEM is really glad that he is in a small town
[09:46] * adamselzer considers canada
[09:46] <RachelWrk> holy cow
[09:46] <adamselzer> fire on the mall in washington
[09:46] <RachelWrk> where?
[09:47] <Penfold> CNN, dave
[09:47] <Eloise> Geez.
[09:47] * phydeaux nods
[09:47] <adamselzer> reports of a plane crashing into the pentagon
[09:48] * Eloise facepalms, already seeing the things they’re going to put into effect after all this clusterfuck.
[09:48] <RachelWrk> the FBI says it was a deliberate attack, according to the NY times
[09:48] <phydeaux> well duh
[09:48] <Penfold> the FBI are quick today
[09:48] <adamselzer> well, obviously
[09:48] <phydeaux> you can’t do somethig liek that accidentally
[09:48] <Penfold> AP say the pentagon was a plane
[09:49] <KhaOS> Boy, is whoever did this in trouble.
[09:49] <adamselzer> Oh yeah…they’re dead meat.
[09:49] <KhaOS> Is it really is the Palestinans, Yasser Arafat needs to break out the brown pants.
[09:50] <adamselzer> gotta go…back soon…
[09:50] <phydeaux> Assuming you can touch whoever it was
[09:50] *** adamselzer is now known as adam_away
[09:50] <KhaOS> Will it matter?
[09:50] <phydeaux> my suspicion is that carpetbombing is not an unlikely reprisal
[09:50] <GEM> ABC says that there was an explosion outside the Pentagon, and you can see smoke in their footage
[09:51] <GwenZilla> All us airports shut down, planes grounded.
[09:51] <GEM> phydeaux: Who can’t we touch if we choose to?
[09:51] <phydeaux> GEM: Oh, it’s not that…it’s the “if we choose”
[09:52] * Eloise gets her MoC packaged up nicely, to be posted at lunch. I wodner how much it costs to send a moose to Walthamstow. :->
[09:52] <GEM> hmm….people think that the President is going to go to the White House? I don’t
[09:53] <GEM> Air Force One is going to stay up in the air with a shitload of fighters and AWACS around it
[09:53] * Eloise listens to her co-workers talk about not wanting to sit near the window, given that the Sears Tower is practically next door, righ tout my window.
[09:53] <KhaOS> Oh, he’s probably going to get put on Kneecap.
[09:53] <GEM> Eloise: I could believe that – I’d be seriously tempted to leave where you are now
[09:54] <Eloise> But hey – at least the call volume is low, ’cause half the markets are closed. :->
[09:54] * Eloise is behind a pillar, at least.
[09:54] *** Rasilio ( has joined #Filkhaven
[09:54] <GwenZilla> Hi, honey.
[09:54] <Rasilio> Morning folks
[09:54] <Rasilio> Hey there
[09:55] <GEM> Hi Rasilio
[09:55] <Eloise> They are evacuating the Sears Tower.
[09:55] * Eloise watches the folks milling on the sidewalk.
[09:55] <phydeaux> Hey Ras
[09:55] <GEM> hmm. /. is up
[09:55] * GwenZilla nods at El. That’s probably a good idea.
[09:56] <Eloise> Damn. Our local post office is in the Sears Tower.
[09:56] <Penfold> AF1 just taken off
[09:56] <Eloise> I need to figure out where I can get my package weighed and metered.
[09:56] <Rasilio> Don’t forget bombsniffed
[09:56] <Eloise> They can feel free, it’s just plastic and paper.
[09:56] <KhaOS> The National Airborne Operations Center, formerly known as the National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACAP), or “Kneecap”.
[09:57] <doc_sleep> fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck
[09:57] <GEM> you know, it’s hitting me when they say that that plane was hijacked from Boston….
[09:57] *** doc_sleep is now known as doc
[09:57] <Penfold> AP reporter claims to see the tail of a plane in the Pentagon debris
[09:57] <GwenZilla> Morning, Rob.
[09:57] <GwenZilla> Mike: Apparently the Pentagon was a plane as well. Steve heard that, too.
[09:57] <doc> yep
[09:57] <GEM> KhAOS: certainly, soon as they can get him to it – it doesn’t follow him usually, I thought
[09:57] <doc> ive been glued to the news upstairs for the last 20 minutes
[09:58] * Eloise can’t get any news site to load.
[09:58] <GEM> IRC is an incredible way to get information about breaking stories like this, incidentally
[09:58] <GEM> Eloise: you have probably better information with us like this
[09:58] * Eloise grins at GEM. I know. From multiple countries, even.
[09:59] * GEM hears this and tries to not imagine someone reading Tom Clancy and saying “I can do better”
[09:59] * Penfold has Sky, BBC, Bloomberg, NBC and CNN….
[09:59] * Eloise grins.
[09:59] <doc> as for palestenians…..the only thing i’m trying to keep in mind is that we thought it was Arabs when the Murray building got bombed too, and it turned out to be one of us.
[10:00] <doc> sigh
[10:00] <KhaOS> Well, some of the Palestineans are denying it now.
[10:00] <doc> if it WAS palestenians, they have severely underestimated the situation.
[10:00] <GEM> I’ve heard Osama Bin Ladin’s name mentioned here on the radio
[10:01] <Eloise> Like there was any way his name WOULDN’T come up.
[10:01] <KhaOS> Fire in US State Department. Oh boy, it keeps getting better.
[10:01] <doc> well, there are a number of groups that will take credit for anything
[10:01] <Penfold> I would seriously doubt any organisation that claimed credit
[10:01] <doc> ok, what’s today
[10:01] <GEM> I’m trying to guess who might have the resources to do this and not have underestimated the results
[10:01] <doc> there’s got to be a reason for the timing
[10:01] <Eloise> 9/11/01
[10:01] <Penfold> third explosion at WTC
[10:02] <doc> no, i mean what IS today… it an anniversary of something, a holiday in some culture….
[10:02] <doc> why September 11?
[10:02] <Eloise> hey, my supervisor’s just joking that she’s glad she got low call volume for her birthday. Damn. It’s my stepmom’s birthday, too, I should email.
[10:02] <Eloise> No. Wait. Sandy’s in november. Nevermind.
[10:02] <GEM> ‘scuse me – I have to be shutting this puter down so I can move the computer near the tv
[10:02] <Penfold> WTC tower collapsed
[10:02] <doc> i need to head to work
[10:02] <doc> shit
[10:02] <KhaOS> Christ, it looks like one tower has collapsed.
[10:03] * Eloise nods at GEM.
[10:03] <phydeaux> what?
[10:03] <Penfold> NBC presenter is searching for words, unsurprisingly
[10:03] <Penfold> and having difficulty
[10:04] <phydeaux> is there video of the tower collapse?
[10:05] <KhaOS> No. There’s a lot of smoke and dust in the air.
[10:05] <phydeaux> or pictures?
[10:05] * Eloise just laughs, though it isn’t funny, at the customers who are calling to scream about the fact that their quotes are delayed or nonexistent. Scuse me? National emergency? All of Manhattan shut down, no one on or off? Get a LIFE, guys.
[10:05] <Rasilio> Yes I just saw it
[10:05] <Rasilio> It looked just like when a building gets demolished
[10:05] <Rasilio> it just fell in on itself
[10:05] <Eloise> Jesus. I’m glad they evacuated. :-/
[10:05] <Rasilio> and the debris cloud was taller than most of the surrounding buildings
[10:05] <phydeaux> MSNBC said that “Stock futures turned sharply lower immediately following the explosions”
[10:06] <KhaOS> Duh.
[10:06] <Eloise> Those few that are in fact still trading.
[10:06] <Rasilio> Assuming they had time to, it takes a long time go get 50,000 people out of a building like that with no power
[10:06] <doc> yep.
[10:06] <phydeaux> I’m sure that they didn’t get everyone out
[10:06] <doc> ok, on the road. back in a half-hour
[10:06] *** doc is now known as AutoLogger
[10:08] * GwenZilla checks on coworkers who were traveling today.
[10:08] <GEM> Of course, if they have enough stairways, I can bet that a *lot* of people will have run down the stairs
[10:08] <GwenZilla> Everyone safe and on the ground.
[10:08] <phydeaux> Yeah, but still
[10:08] <phydeaux> 50K people, tall building, no elevator
[10:09] * GwenZilla can’t get Chris on the phone.
[10:09] <GwenZilla> His job is close to the state department.
[10:09] <Eloise> Someone has a radio.
[10:09] <GEM> I remember once on a dare, I beat an express elevator down 30 flights of stairs
[10:09] <Penfold> CNBC catch up with Eloise and aanounce Sears Tower being avacuated
[10:09] <GEM> if a plane hit my building, I bet I could beat that speed
[10:10] <Eloise> There’s a big-screen TV upstairs,but we’re supposed to stay at our desks.
[10:10] <Eloise> Hey, I only know ’cause I saw the people flooding out into the street. :->
[10:10] <phydeaux> the WTC is only symbolic, of course…but it’s a hell of a symbol
[10:10] <Eloise> As witness the previous attempts to bomb it.
[10:10] <Rasilio> Try it for 100 flights, unless you;re in VERY good shape your leggs will give out first. Also with people crowding the stairwells you are likely to be limited in how fast you can go
[10:11] *** smac ( has joined #filkhaven
[10:11] * GwenZilla hugs Steve,.
[10:11] <smac> hi…
[10:11] <GEM> I was wondering if someone would have hit the Statue of Liberty
[10:11] <smac> any news from our NY bretheren?
[10:11] <GEM> Hi Steve! welcome to the worldwide filknews station
[10:11] <phydeaux> hey steve
[10:11] <smac> yah.
[10:12] * phydeaux hasn’t heard from the people who work in NY yet
[10:12] <smac> hey, dave.
[10:12] <GEM> Rasilio: only people in the bottom 60 flights or so could get the chance, I think
[10:12] <Penfold> CNBC reckon there was a third plane hit the WTC. Me, I’m not so sure, but…
[10:12] <GwenZilla> One of our affiliates is in the WTC.
[10:12] * phydeaux is pretty sure that there would have been explosives in the planes
[10:12] <Penfold> I find it very hard to believe that with all the cameras trained on it, there is no footage…
[10:12] <GEM> Penfold: with a plane that was scheduled to fly from Boston to California, I doubt that anything else was necessary
[10:13] <Rasilio> Apparently now some kind of explosion at the Supreme Court
[10:13] <GEM> Hey it was Wonder Woman’s invisible plane….
[10:13] <Penfold> jeeeeeeeeeeez
[10:13] <phydeaux> ras, source?
[10:13] <GwenZilla> Another explosion in Washington.
[10:13] <Rasilio> Fox News
[10:13] <Penfold> NBC stock tickers round the world have the same profile
[10:13] <Penfold> —-
[10:13] <Penfold> \
[10:13] <Penfold> \
[10:13] <GEM> I don’t think that this is from any single terrorist organization
[10:13] <Eloise> Well, yes, because the Nasdaq, NYSE, etc never opened today.
[10:14] <phydeaux> Large scale attack like this, who the fuck is financing it and coordinating it?
[10:14] <GEM> It’s got to be a country behind it
[10:15] <phydeaux> dunno
[10:15] <Eloise> Filknet News Service … you heard it here first.
[10:15] * Eloise is using y’all to feed her office, I hope you know. :->
[10:15] <KhaOS> My money’s on Afghanistan.
[10:15] * Eloise is REALLY glad there’s a structural pillar between her and the Sears Tower.
[10:15] <GEM> of course, hijacking planes is a relatively cheap way todeliver stuff
[10:15] <Eloise> Second explosion at the pentagon …
[10:15] <Eloise> Assuming you can get past security, of course, GEM.
[10:16] <Penfold> Sky over here have Fox
[10:16] <GEM> hey – anyone have reports on how many flights are in the air over the US at any typical time?
[10:16] <phydeaux> GEM: You need to get the explosvies onto the planes
[10:16] <Penfold> they’re basically the UK Fox affiliate
[10:16] <Penfold> *grin*(
[10:16] <Rasilio> Well Bin Laden has to be involved somehow, but I doubt even he could pull off something this big by himself
[10:16] <GEM> Eloise: that’s not that crazy
[10:17] <Eloise> I don’t remember, GEM, but Wired said something about it last monht in their air-trafic control article.
[10:17] <Eloise> Ok, evacuating building.
[10:17] <GEM> hey – scary thought – remember that big drug lord who was extradited recently?
[10:17] *** Eloise (eloise@ Quit
[10:17] <Rasilio> Why would you need to put explosives on a plane to hijack it? Planes make a plenty big enough bomb on their own
[10:17] <GEM> ELoise: good
[10:17] <Penfold> Planes post-takeoff, rather than pre-landing, are better
[10:17] <GEM> phydeaux: what Rasilio said – the plane crew put more than enough explosive material into the fuel tanks in Boston
[10:17] <phydeaux> by eloise
[10:18] <GEM> Penfold: a plane from Boston, headed toward California, *is* post-takeoff
[10:18] <GwenZilla> FBI mobilization on the radio from Atlanta.
[10:18] <GEM> 200 miles down, 3000 to go? ayup
[10:19] <Penfold> #exactly
[10:20] <phydeaux> Is there a second source on the supreme court?
[10:20] *** adam_away is now known as adamselzer
[10:20] <Penfold> All European flights to the USA suspended
[10:20] <smac> smaft
[10:20] <smac> smart.
[10:20] <GwenZilla> All flights that took off from Atlanta this morning have been turned back.
[10:21] <smac> all planes here grounded…. just heard that one of the towers has collapsed.
[10:21] *** stressed_kyttn is now known as kyttn
[10:21] <Rasilio> Yes it has smac, looked just like when they demolish a building, and they have now confirmed that a plane is what hit the pentagon
[10:21] <smac> ok- i’m going to where I have access to tv… back in about 30
[10:21] * kyttn hugs GEM
[10:23] <smac> *hugs all* … and prays for ny folk…
[10:23] *** smac ( Quit (in search of wax…)
[10:23] <Rasilio> Just reported that the “Democratic Front for Palistiniation Liberation” is claiming credit but some intelligence sources are reporting that the Israeli Govt believes Osama Bin Laden is behind it
[10:24] <phydeaux> It’s gotta be someone with money
[10:25] <adamselzer> Now Palestine will condemn the actions, we’ll hold a press conference saying that we’re going to get tough on terrorism.
[10:25] <Rasilio> I don’t think the Palestinians are behind it, at least not entirely
[10:25] <Penfold>Β State Department now
[10:25] <Penfold>Β car exploded outside it
[10:25] <Penfold> CNBC
[10:25] *** Seanan ( Quit (Leaving)
[10:25] <Rasilio> I don’t think they have this kind of resources
[10:26] * Penfold readies a LARGE DDP for Seanan.
[10:26] * GEM hugs kyttn tightly
[10:26] * kyttn tries to calm a friend who is now panicking about his son possibly being drafted
[10:26] <kyttn> Greg? Have you heard anything about them closing schools?
[10:26] <KhaOS> Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine denies involvement.
[10:26] *** Seanan ( has joined #filkhaven
[10:26] <GEM> no, I haven’t heard local news, Maya
[10:27] <Seanan> Shit shit shit. Has anyone heard from Merav or Batya?
[10:27] <kyttn> Do you have WINA on?
[10:27] *** Gary_PE (gehrlich@ has joined #filkhaven
[10:27] *** Shadowe_Lover ( has joined #filkhaven
[10:27] <GEM> WUSA-TV in washington reporting state was carbombed
[10:27] * Penfold puts arms round Seanan, hugs.
[10:27] * Shadowe_Lover stumbles in in Total SHock
[10:27] <phydeaux> No, I haven’t heard from them
[10:27] <phydeaux> buit NY is shut down
[10:27] <GEM> Yes, I am listening to WINA on both radios downstairs
[10:27] <GEM> Hi Gary
[10:27] * phydeaux is getting the audio of CNN on his radio
[10:27] <Shadowe_Lover> Please tell me that no one from here works near any of the sites?????? PLEASE>…..
[10:28] <GEM> ooh- we have a Professional Engineer to ask about structures of buildings
[10:28] <Gary_PE> Hi all
[10:28] <GEM> Shadowe: not sure
[10:28] * Shadowe_Lover sniffs….cannot believe the devestation I am seeing
[10:28] <Gary_PE> I’m wondering about Matt…
[10:28] <Shadowe_Lover> sigh…Am praying there is not
[10:29] <Gary_PE> Also Susan Shwartz, who works on Wall Street
[10:29] <phydeaux> Rhainy: Matt lives in Brooklyn, I think
[10:29] <phydeaux> But Merav works in Manhattan, I don’t know where though
[10:29] <Gary_PE> Both my parents work in downtown DC, dad’s in the Reagan Building, mom’
[10:29] <phydeaux> And I don’t know where Batya works
[10:29] <Gary_PE> mom’s up by the WTO
[10:29] * kyttn hugs Gary
[10:29] <GEM> Hebrew University, I think, but I have no idea where it is
[10:30] <Shadowe_Lover> Oh…No….am wondering if schools here will be open…am trying to find out now
[10:30] <GEM> (Merav is there, isn’t she?)
[10:30] <Penfold> y
[10:30] <Shadowe_Lover> Gary_PE ***HUGS***
[10:30] <Rasilio> 2nd tower just went down
[10:30] <Penfold> other WTC tower just collapsed
[10:30] <phydeaux> Portions of, at least
[10:30] <GEM> wait – they are both down now?
[10:30] <phydeaux> Yes, CNN is reporting it
[10:30] <Rasilio> Yes both are down now
[10:31] <GwenZilla> Aie.
[10:31] <GEM> damn damn damn
[10:31] <Shadowe_Lover> OMG….cannot believe this…we need to wipe Afghanistan off the map TOTALLY
[10:31] <Seanan> Oh, gods, Jess — the Red Cross is sending her — oh, gods. I don’t want them to send her to where people are killing people…
[10:31] <Rasilio> Police in DC are reporting that there is a hijacked plane 20 mins south of DC heading in
[10:31] <Shadowe_Lover> Seanan Oh No!
[10:31] <GEM> Shadowe: I don’t think it is Afghanistan’s doing. it’s bigger than that
[10:31] <phydeaux> presumably they’re going to shoot it down
[10:31] <Shadowe_Lover> How big GEM?
[10:32] <Rasilio> They have also identified at least one of the hijacked planes out of Boston
[10:32] <Rasilio> I would assume so
[10:32] * Seanan huddles in Penfold’s lap.
[10:32] <GEM> phydeaux: it only helps if you can control what is hit
[10:33] * Penfold uhgs tightly.
[10:33] * Shadowe_Lover sits in disbelief and wonders how it will end….
[10:33] <GEM> Shadowe: I don’t know, but at least 4 planes crashed, a car bomb… it sure sounds like a country’s doing
[10:33] <phydeaux> It sounds like a very serious chunk of resources
[10:33] <phydeaux> I don’t think it’s a country…which one would be able to pull it off?
[10:34] <phydeaux> I’d be more believing of an extranational groupl
[10:34] <adamselzer> who’s that pissed off at us? That’s what I’m wondering…I don’t think Hussein is crazy enough to think he could get away with this.
[10:34] <GEM> Israel, Russia, China, Cuba – I could believe them doing this, in some ways
[10:35] <adamselzer> Cuba couldn’t pull this off, Russia isn’t in any shape to get into a war…
[10:35] <Rasilio> Not Cuba or Russia, tRelations with them are pretty good right now
[10:35] <KhaOS> I hold Harold Feld’s okay in DC.
[10:35] <Rasilio> Israel would never be stupid enough, they need us to survive and they know it
[10:35] <kyttn> They have gotten away with it. They have our country in a state of shock and panic, not knowing who can be trusted, where we will be hit next. And we still have no idea who is doing it
[10:35] <Rasilio> China, maybe but I doubt it
[10:35] <GEM> I’ mostly brainstorming ideas – not critiquing them much yet
[10:35] <adamselzer> Isn’t Salman Rushdie in New York these days?
[10:36] <adamselzer> anyone heard from Batya or Merav?
[10:36] <Rasilio> although China may have helped in the financing
[10:36] <GEM> anoyone think that the West coast is next?
[10:36] <Shadowe_Lover> Osama bin Ladin is who I thikn is behind this…it is his style
[10:36] <Rasilio> Bin Laden is definately involved
[10:36] <Rasilio> wether it is him alone or he has others involved remains to be seen
[10:36] <Shadowe_Lover> suicide bombings and he has alot of back up financially
[10:37] <Shadowe_Lover> And Afghanistan is hiding him
[10:37] <phydeaux> My suspeician is whoever is behind it wn’t say who they are
[10:37] * Shadowe_Lover is worried aobut sending her boy to school, if they are even open
[10:37] <GEM> phydeaux: you think?
[10:37] <phydeaux> GEM: Would you?
[10:37] <GEM> Shadowe: you are where, again? Bellingham?
[10:37] <Rasilio> If it is him Afganastan won’t be able to protect him from this
[10:38] *** NYCajun ( has joined #filkhaven
[10:38] <Rasilio> Bush would invade if he had to in order to get him
[10:38] <phydeaux> OK, that’s one
[10:38] <NYCajun> Hello all…I am unharmed.
[10:38] <phydeaux> Matt, glad to see you, especialy today
[10:38] <GEM> phydeaux: I surely wouldn’t
[10:38] <GEM> thanks, Matt!
[10:38] <KhaOS> Good to hear, Matt.
[10:38] <NYCajun> Has anyone heard from Mike Browne? He works for the subway.
[10:38] * GwenZilla whews. Hi, Matt.
[10:38] <adamselzer> I hope I’ve been wrong about Bush, and he IS capable of handling this sort of thing.
[10:38] <GEM> Rasilio: anyone in the PResidency would invasde if necessary
[10:38] <KhaOS> No. We’re wondering about Merav and Batya as well.
[10:39] * GwenZilla nods.
[10:39] <Seanan> Has anyone heard from…right, screw this, calling Batya.
[10:39] <KhaOS> Who has Merav’s numbers?
[10:39] <GwenZilla> smac would have them– he’ll be back shortly.
[10:39] <GEM> kyttn: when you get up this way, you should take those AAA batteries for the family radios
[10:39] <NYCajun> Merav’s home number is (201) 946-0828. I do not have a work #.
[10:40] <GEM> hmm – possibly a large plane crashed at an airport 80 miles from Pittsburgh reported now
[10:40] <GwenZilla> Gary, is there any local phone service in the DC area?
[10:40] * phydeaux tries to call Merav then
[10:40] * GwenZilla nods AP is reporting that, too. Western PA, somerset county.
[10:40] <Seanan> Circuits are busy.
[10:40] <GEM> I wonder if it’s a plane that was landing as soon as possible
[10:41] <GEM> Seanan: *grin* Yup
[10:41] * GwenZilla nods. I can’t get through to DC eitehr, to check on Chris. πŸ™
[10:41] <Shadowe_Lover> Am still trying to see if schools here are open…we are *AT* the border near several instilations…
[10:41] <Seanan> I’m still trying to get through to Batya.
[10:41] <KhaOS> I can’t get through to my sister. I suspect the exchanges are overloaded.
[10:41] <phydeaux> left a message on Merav’s machine
[10:42] <phydeaux> KhaOS: Number? I can call, it’s local to me
[10:42] <Shadowe_Lover> KhaOS If you would like I can try from this side of the pond?
[10:42] <KhaOS> 212-842-1358
[10:42] <Shadowe_Lover> Ok Dave can hadnle it then
[10:42] <KhaOS> If you get a machine, just leave a message for her to call me.
[10:43] <phydeaux> What’s her name?
[10:43] <GEM> KhaOS: if she has email, that might be good, if you’d be willing to accept it
[10:43] <KhaOS> I’ve already emailed her.
[10:43] <phydeaux> all circuits are busy
[10:43] <GEM> (uses less resources)
[10:43] <GwenZilla> Chris is all right.
[10:43] <KhaOS> Yeah, figures.
[10:43] *** kyttn ( Quit (Leaving)
[10:43] *** Merav (~merav36@ has joined #filkhaven
[10:44] <Seanan> I have Batya on the phone.
[10:44] <phydeaux> And there’s Merav
[10:44] <GEM> Merav!!!!!
[10:44] <Merav> I’m not dead
[10:44] <phydeaux> Good
[10:44] <GEM> thanks!
[10:44] <GwenZilla> Merav. πŸ™‚
[10:44] <Shadowe_Lover> YEAH THere is Merav *****HUGS*&******HUGS*******
[10:44] * phydeaux just left a message on Merav’s machine, in fact
[10:44] <Merav> the second world trade center just fell
[10:44] <adamselzer> MERAV!!!!1)))
[10:44] <KhaOS> We know, merav.
[10:44] * KhaOS hugs
[10:44] * Merav hugs Adam
[10:44] * Penfold hugs Seanan tightly.
[10:44] * Merav hugs Dave
[10:44] * NYCajun breathes a sigh of relief for Merav and Batya…now if only Mike isn’t at work
[10:44] <Merav> oh god …
[10:45] <Rasilio> The plane that went down south of Pittsburg may be the one that was reported as having been hijacked and headed towards DC
[10:45] <Rasilio> Shot down maybe?
[10:45] <NYCajun> somebody please call Rennie!
[10:45] <Merav> number?
[10:45] <phydeaux> Number?
[10:45] <Merav> what about Abby, has anyone called her?
[10:45] <RachelWrk> merav, you’re okay!
[10:45] <Merav> I’m okay
[10:45] <phydeaux> where would Abby be?
[10:45] <Seanan> Batya is panicky but okay. Alex may be trapped in Manhattan.
[10:45] *** smac ( has joined #filkhaven
[10:45] <NYCajun> last # I have for Rennie & Mike is (718) 645-1688
[10:45] <Merav> probably at home
[10:45] <Seanan> Jess is being shipped out with disaster relief.
[10:45] <GEM> Rasilio: excellent speculation
[10:45] <Shadowe_Lover> I have an uncle who works in the Pentagon, can’t reach anyone….sigh
[10:45] <NYCajun> Abby would most likely be in upper Manhattan at home.
[10:46] <Merav> I’ve got the Israeli roommate on the phone, trying ot get his parents.
[10:46] <NYCajun> Gary, can you check on Crystal and Steve B?
[10:46] <phydeaux> busy circuits into Rennie * Mike
[10:46] * Merav nods
[10:46] <Merav> most of the trunk circuits are down
[10:46] <Merav> it’s hard to get through.
[10:46] <Shadowe_Lover> the State Dept has apparently been hit with a car bomb
[10:47] <Seanan> Which state?
[10:47] <Merav> Thankfully net service doesn’t appear to have been disrupted.
[10:47] <Shadowe_Lover> THE State Dept building in DC
[10:47] <Seanan> Okay.
[10:47] <Shadowe_Lover> for now it hasn’t been affected at least
[10:47] <Seanan> <– West Coaster.
[10:47] <NYCajun> Steve Brinich lives near the Pentagon and I think he works there.
[10:47] <Merav> Di is in watching CNN to keep us up to date.
[10:47] <Seanan> Penfold? Can I come live with you now? I’ll swim…
[10:47] <Shadowe_Lover> me too Seanan North of Seattle at the border
[10:48] <Penfold> hrmmmm
[10:48] <Penfold> CNBC already have a logo for this
[10:48] <Penfold> ‘Target America’ and a crosshair
[10:48] <NYCajun> the news nets have very quick-working graphic designers…
[10:48] <NYCajun> sometimes I hate my job
[10:48] <Shadowe_Lover> DAmn them…they have Delta Wing fighters circling to ward off any more attacks at the WTC
[10:49] <Penfold> they have no choice, I think
[10:49] <Merav> Dave: the subways aren’t running below 14th, so Mike is probably up to his ears in angry passangers.
[10:49] <Shadowe_Lover> Is Mike ok though? Or do you know?
[10:49] <Penfold> where’s Mike work?
[10:49] <NYCajun> as long as he’s alive, that’s all I care about.
[10:49] <smac> news from pentagon that i have to date is that the folks i know are unaffected…
[10:49] <Merav> going afk
[10:49] <Merav> don’t worry.
[10:49] * phydeaux is listening to CNN, which is being broadcast on our local radio
[10:49] <Shadowe_Lover> a boeing 767 was what crashed neat pittsburgh
[10:50] <Shadowe_Lover> Also have found another hijacked plane they are tracking..didn’t hear where it was
[10:50] * adamselzer starts to dread all of the tv movies-of-the-week…
[10:51] <phydeaux> Why Pittsburgh, I wonder?
[10:51] <phydeaux> Oh, duh!
[10:51] * Shadowe_Lover canceled her interview this morning with all this stuff….
[10:51] <phydeaux> Isn’t CERT based out of CMU?
[10:51] <Shadowe_Lover> I think sooooo…..
[10:51] *** shmi ( has joined #filkhaven
[10:51] <Shadowe_Lover> Am wondering if a West Coast target will be next…
[10:51] <Rasilio> I heard the plane that crashed ourside of Pitt was being tracked as a Hijacked and headed towards DC
[10:51] <RachelWrk> my freind Genise works in the State Dept
[10:52] * phydeaux hugs Ny
[10:52] <Rasilio> If that is the case I am assuming it was simply shot down outside fo Pittsburg
[10:52] * RachelWrk hugs ny
[10:52] <NYCajun> I was watching L.A. LAW an hour ago and had no idea until I changed channels after the show and turned on local CBS.
[10:52] <Shadowe_Lover> RachelWrk **HUGS** It was outside , a car bomb
[10:52] <Penfold> on r.m.f
[10:52] <Penfold> Filker Lisa Padol emailed me:
[10:52] <Penfold> We’re in shock over the explosions; luckily, Josh and
[10:52] <Penfold> Christine [Quinones — Avram Grumer’s friend] (who
[10:52] <Penfold> works at the World Trade Center) were running late.
[10:52] <Shadowe_Lover> Matt where are you at?
[10:52] <Penfold> from lee
[10:52] <Penfold> gold
[10:52] <phydeaux> They didn’t break in to the show???
[10:52] <NYCajun> I am in Queens.
[10:52] * shmi hugs dave and rachel and everybody
[10:52] <Shadowe_Lover> THANK God! they are ok…
[10:52] * GwenZilla hugs Ny.
[10:53] * shmi hugs gwen
[10:53] *** shmi is now known as ny
[10:53] <ny> I’m shaking
[10:53] <NYCajun> never thought I’d be glad to be out of work…
[10:53] <ny> Gingi, are they shuttinng your school down?
[10:53] * Shadowe_Lover has been shaking since the news came across…..15,000 estimated dead so far
[10:53] <ny> Jesus Christ
[10:53] <Seanan> I’m at work. And WOW do I not want to be.
[10:53] <Shadowe_Lover> We are at Threat Level Delta
[10:54] <Shadowe_Lover> in DC
[10:54] <Shadowe_Lover> but the rest of the country is at Level Charlie
[10:54] <Shadowe_Lover> Seanan where do you work?
[10:54] <NYCajun> we should be grateful they didn’t use a nuke.
[10:54] <Shadowe_Lover> BTW for those unfamiliar Delta is the Highest Level
[10:55] <Shadowe_Lover> NYCajun I am glad…
[10:55] * ny hugs gingi again. and hugs matt
[10:55] * NYCajun hugs any that need it
[10:55] <ny> I never wanted to see a day like this .
[10:55] *** Merav (~merav36@ Quit (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
[10:55] *** Merv (marvmerv@ has joined #filkhaven
[10:55] <Seanan> California.
[10:55] <Shadowe_Lover> Just heard there was not a car bomb….wish they would not release unconfirmed stuff…
[10:55] * Penfold mutters at stupid TV presenters. No. There wasn’t a second hit on EITHER WTC tower. They just *failed*
[10:55] <NYCajun> I still can’t quite believe it.
[10:55] *** doc ( has joined #filkhaven
[10:55] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o doc
[10:55] * Merv looks around and blinks
[10:55] * ny blinks. hi, Merv.
[10:55] <Merv> hi.
[10:55] <ny> hi doc
[10:55] <GwenZilla> Hi, Merv.
[10:55] <Merv> would Merav please wave at me?
[10:56] <doc> back
[10:56] <doc> sighsighsigh
[10:56] <doc> someione just said a wing of the pentagon collapsed
[10:56] *** Merav (merav36@ has joined #filkhaven
[10:56] <Shadowe_Lover> Penfold there WERE 2 hits to the WTC as far as ALL of our news sources are saying
[10:56] <Penfold>Β going afk
[10:56] <Penfold>Β don’t worry.
[10:56] <Merav> back
[10:56] * GwenZilla kisses Rob.
[10:56] <Penfold> aboiut 5 mins ago
[10:56] <ny> hi merav hhoney. *hug*
[10:56] <Merav> it’s been two hits
[10:56] * Merv hugs Merav, sighs with relief
[10:56] <Merav> about equally up the towers
[10:56] * Merav hugs Merav
[10:56] <Merav> er Merv
[10:56] <Merav> hi sweetie
[10:56] * Shadowe_Lover waves at Merv
[10:56] <Merav> I’m fine
[10:56] <doc> ok, so all three NY regulars are on. that’s good
[10:56] <ny> go ahead, hug yourselfd. πŸ™‚
[10:56] <Merv> I am very glad you are well.
[10:56] <Merv> did you stay home today?
[10:56] <Merav> I did
[10:56] * Seanan curls up in Penfold’s lap. Batya is okay, just not here.
[10:56] <Merav> I had a bad feeling
[10:56] <RachelWrk> ny: the heads of BU are trying to decide whether to shut the university down, which would include the HS
[10:56] <Seanan> She wants to keep her phone lines open.
[10:57] * Shadowe_Lover walks around HUGGING Everyone
[10:57] * ny nods at rachel
[10:57] <Merav> Batya’s probably calling all her relatives
[10:57] <Merav> have we found mike browne yet?
[10:57] <RachelWrk> the parents are frantic, they phone is ringing off the hook
[10:57] <ny> be careful getting home.
[10:57] <doc> Shadowe_Lover: hows the kitty?
[10:57] <Penfold> where’s he work, Merav?
[10:57] <RachelWrk> merav: can you please please call my dad? I can’t get a long distance line.
[10:57] <Merav> I can hear two people getting on the phone in this apartment alone
[10:57] <RachelWrk> 718-549-7788, gordon silverman
[10:57] <Merav> when there’s a free line.
[10:57] <Merav> I will
[10:58] <Seanan> Rachel, I’ll do it.
[10:58] <RachelWrk> bless you, seanan
[10:58] <GEM> YEs, CERT is CMU
[10:58] <doc> i can
[10:58] <Merav> thank you Seanan
[10:58] <Shadowe_Lover> Ok our school is open, now am wondering *IF* I should send the boy or not…..
[10:58] <Merv> Merav, I remember the path train opens up under the WTC plaza — is (was?) your office building the WTC itself?
[10:58] <doc> ok, seanan has it
[10:58] <Merav> Di and Zar are both calling their folks
[10:58] <KhaOS> I got through to my sister’s answering machine.
[10:58] <KhaOS> Left a message. Wonder what’s going on.
[10:58] <Merav> Merv: the WTC trains were closed by the time we got there. THey rerouted us through 33rd st.
[10:58] <ny> anyone want to call my parents for me?
[10:58] <doc> i will
[10:59] <Seanan> Has anyone heard anything about the NY Medical Center?
[10:59] <doc> msg me the number
[10:59] * Merv blinks
[10:59] <Merv> I thought you said you stayed home?
[10:59] <phydeaux> wb rob
[10:59] <Merav> I was going to go to work
[10:59] <Merav> and by the time i got up here i felt so sick I went to Jon’s
[10:59] * Merv shakes his head confused, but doesn’t care
[10:59] <Merav> we couldn’t get through to work on the phone
[10:59] <Merav> so Jon tried to go there
[10:59] <Seanan> San Francisco has just gone to stage one alert.
[10:59] <Merv> where is work?
[10:59] * phydeaux can’t get through
[10:59] <Merav> but security was so tight that they wouldn’t let him in.
[11:00] <Merav> Work is the Jewish Theological SEminary
[11:00] <Merav> way uptown
[11:00] <Merv> you left the publishing job?
[11:00] <Merav> got laid off
[11:00] <Merav> a while ago
[11:00] <Shadowe_Lover> Nope if Frisco went to stage one…this boy is staying home with his mom…
[11:00] <Merv> ouch. Sorry to hear that.
[11:00] <ny> my office is shutting down.
[11:00] * Merav glurks
[11:00] <ny> be ok, everyone.
[11:00] <phydeaux> bye Ny
[11:00] <Merav> I should call them and make sure they’re okay
[11:00] * Merv waves to Ny
[11:00] <Shadowe_Lover> by ny BE CAREFUL
[11:00] * Merav hugs Ny
[11:00] <Merav> be careful out there hon
[11:00] * GwenZilla hugs Ny.
[11:00] * ny hugs and goes
[11:00] <Merav> remember that we love you
[11:00] *** ny ( Quit (Leaving)
[11:01] * Merv pokes Merav. “Same goes for you.”
[11:01] <doc> fast busys on ny’s folks
[11:01] * Merv waves
[11:01] *** Merv (marvmerv@ has left #filkhaven
[11:01] * Merav hugs Merv
[11:01] <Seanan> Same on Rachel.
[11:01] <GEM> Hmm. State car bomb is being called false report
[11:01] <doc> nod
[11:01] * Merav goes to check CNN and phone Meredith
[11:01] * Shadowe_Lover is Hoping her hubby calls her soon from work….is worried sick even though we are very far away from the problem
[11:01] <Merav> be back in a fewf
[11:01] <NYCajun> huh…some counterterrorism intell we got
[11:01] <Shadowe_Lover> hurry back Merav
[11:01] <Merav> will do
[11:01] <NYCajun> couldn’t even see this coming!
[11:01] <Shadowe_Lover> Yep…you are so very right NYCajun
[11:02] <Penfold> one thing we will be very keen to know, I suspect…
[11:02] <doc> NYCajun: um, that’s why we’ve been afraid of this sort of thing. its very hard to know
[11:02] <phydeaux> GEM: from where?
[11:02] <Shadowe_Lover> Ok I just heard one of the planes that hit the WTC was a 767 which had been hijackled…anyone know anyone who was *In Flight* when it happened??????
[11:02] <Penfold> is whether any of the aircraft cockpit voice recorders survived
[11:02] <doc> bear in mind (something a guy from Johns Hopkins pointed out) is that these groups cant operate without some sort of state protectin
[11:02] <GEM> sorry, I forgot who reported that
[11:03] <doc> this is not a criminal act
[11:03] <doc> this is an act of war
[11:03] <adamselzer> man, canada sounds like a nice place right about now.
[11:03] <Shadowe_Lover> Yes I agree doc
[11:03] <Shadowe_Lover> Seattle Space Needle has Now been closed
[11:03] <doc> and when we dtermine who is responsible, they are going to realize they have severely underestimated the United States
[11:03] <phydeaux> a cow orker says that maybe they picked the date because it’s 911, the standard US emergency number
[11:03] <Seanan> I want to go to England NOW.
[11:04] <Shadowe_Lover> Ah…that would be the way they work for sure
[11:04] <doc> (sorry to sound jingoistic, but tis true — we’ve had velvet gloves on wrt terrorism for about 10 years…..they’ll probably come off)
[11:04] * smac heard on radio news that one plane had 150 passengers, the other had 60 passengers…
[11:04] <doc> OUCH
[11:04] <doc> kim just msged me
[11:04] <NYCajun> I’ll be goddamned if I let a bunch of terrorists chase me out of my own country.
[11:04] <doc> today is the anniversary of the Camp David Accords
[11:04] <Shadowe_Lover> Oh GOod..she is ok then
[11:04] <phydeaux> was it?
[11:05] <Shadowe_Lover> Damn…that too…well they planned well…we had no clue….or at least if we did didn’t expect it
[11:05] <doc> she said.
[11:05] <Rasilio> Seanan the UK has far more terrorist issues than the US does
[11:05] <Penfold> No. We just have northern ireland.
[11:05] <Rasilio> We did, there was a worldwide terrorist advisory issued for this week
[11:05] <Seanan> I’ve got relatives in Northern Ireland. So hey, used to that.
[11:06] <Merav> back
[11:06] <doc> knowing something might happen and being able to stop it are, decidedly, two different things
[11:06] <Rasilio> Right, and they bomb something every few weeks, not to mention all the terrorist groups targeting the US but executed in Europe because it is an easier target
[11:07] <KhaOS> Someone pointed out the significance of today’s date. 911.
[11:07] <Penfold> Actually, they don’t.
[11:07] <Shadowe_Lover> ok someone reffresh my memory what is CERT again????
[11:07] <Merav> today was also supposed to be the mayoral election in NY
[11:07] <doc> KhaOS: well, that’s an interesting data point, but it seems a bit…..i dunno
[11:07] <Penfold> Computer Emergency Response Team.
[11:07] <phydeaux> Computer Emergency Response Team
[11:07] <NYCajun> Merav: today was the mayoral *primary.*
[11:07] <Shadowe_Lover> Ok thanks
[11:08] <NYCajun> The parties were to choose their candidates for the general election in November.
[11:08] <Merav> Matt: right
[11:08] <Penfold> it’s the internet’s unofficial Nacy Seals.
[11:08] <Merav> called off anyone
[11:08] <Penfold> Navy
[11:08] <GEM> CERT: computer problems check in but they don’t check out
[11:08] <GEM> Hey! There is a report that a plane went down near Camp David…might be the Somerset one, I think
[11:08] <Seanan> British Mandate of Palestine Begins: September 11, 1922.
[11:09] <Merav> Seanan: Good point.
[11:09] <doc> nod.
[11:09] <Gary_PE> doc: which, the ’79 accords?
[11:09] <GEM> CERT: we’ll take the reports and hide them till it’s too late
[11:09] <Merav> no wonder the seminary is locked down so tight.
[11:09] <doc> not sure
[11:09] <doc> i’ll ask
[11:10] * NYCajun shudders to think what the skyline will look like next time he flies out of LaGuardia
[11:10] <Merav> 4th crash in Pittsburgh
[11:10] <doc> yes, the 79 accords, says kim
[11:10] <Merav> a plane from Chicago
[11:10] <Merav> gonna go call mike and rennie
[11:10] <Merav> back soon
[11:10] <Shadowe_Lover> hurry back Merav ***HUGS**
[11:11] <adamselzer> and the new dylan record sings…”it’s bad out there…things are breaking up out there…highwater everywhere…”
[11:12] <RachelWrk> seanan, were you able to get through to my folks?
[11:12] <Seanan> Fast busy. Still trying.
[11:12] <doc> want me to also try?
[11:12] <doc> i did get through to Ny’s folks
[11:12] <Seanan> Hang on…
[11:13] <Shadowe_Lover> am worried about what is giong to happen here in the West…it seems that All of the attention is diverted…that is a bad thing…leaves the West Full Open
[11:13] <NYCajun> CNN, Fox News and MSNBC websites are all not responding.
[11:13] <Seanan> We’re getting activity in Los Angeles — more hijacking.
[11:13] <Seanan> News is coming over the radio.
[11:13] <GEM> CBS played someone reporting that Camp David was crashed into, and reporting this being connected to the accords
[11:13] <Rasilio> Well whatever it is, it won’t involve Airplanes, they have shut down Air Travel
[11:13] <Shadowe_Lover> I cannot get any of our *usual* news sites opened
[11:13] <doc> well, my original suspeicion was that the trade center was a diversion for the WashDC
[11:13] <Merav> called Rennie and Mike. No ansewr
[11:13] <Merav> er answer
[11:13] * Shadowe_Lover just heard Canada has shut down all airports as well
[11:14] <Penfold> which is a bit awkward for the flights diverted there….
[11:14] <Rasilio> Fox News has reported that the Camp David crash was a false report
[11:14] <Shadowe_Lover> The tallest bldgs in Seattle are being evactuated as a precaution
[11:14] <Merav> Rennie’s answering machine has Tom’s Diner on it.
[11:14] <GEM> Shadowe: I am sure that officials there are doing whatever they can – I’m wondering if 9am there (in 50 minutes?) is when it will happen
[11:14] <doc> Penfold: i think they’re allowing landings but not takeoffs
[11:14] <Shadowe_Lover> Yes Penfold You are right, but to ehar they are following, worries me even more
[11:14] <Merav> I left them a message to call me here.
[11:14] <Shadowe_Lover> I am worried about that as well GEM…..makes sense ya know
[11:15] <Shadowe_Lover> which is why the boy is NOT going to school…until we see what happens
[11:15] <adamselzer> coca cola building evacuated…
[11:15] <doc> they’re starting to evacuate london now as well
[11:15] <doc> or stragetic buildings in same
[11:15] <Shadowe_Lover> adamselzer where is the C/C bldg?
[11:15] <GEM> time for the Ryan Doctrine?
[11:15] <Flanders> Tue Sep 11 15:14:42 2001 GMT
[11:16] <adamselzer> Atlanta
[11:16] <GEM> Shadowe: Atlanta, presumably
[11:16] <doc> Shadowe_Lover: downtown atlanta
[11:16] <Shadowe_Lover> Ryan DOctrine?
[11:16] <GwenZilla> I’m sorry.
[11:16] <Shadowe_Lover> Ah ok doc
[11:16] <GwenZilla> Washington evacuates the Pentagon.
[11:16] <GwenZilla> We evacuate Coca-Cola.
[11:16] <adamselzer> (people in the south think everyone in the world thinks of coke as a “southern thing.”)
[11:16] <doc> getting a ring on siolvermans
[11:16] <doc> er, silvermans
[11:16] <GEM> CBS saying 4 planes hijacked today…
[11:16] <doc> ans machine
[11:17] <Seanan> World of Coke!
[11:17] <Shadowe_Lover> Yes GEM That is what I heard as well
[11:17] <Shadowe_Lover> And only 2 accounted for
[11:17] <Shadowe_Lover> so far
[11:17] <doc> RachelWrk: left a message on his answering machine
[11:17] <Shadowe_Lover> the one which hit and the one in Pittsburgh
[11:17] <phydeaux> Matt: The sites are swamped
[11:17] *** shmi ( has joined #filkhaven
[11:18] <Shadowe_Lover> wb shmi *HUGS*
[11:18] <doc> hiya ny
[11:18] <GEM> Shadowe: “Ryan DOctrine” is from Tom Clancy books, where the US President issues a proclamation that says “If you are responsible for an attack on the US, we will consider you, personally, as a target for killing”
[11:18] <shmi> hi all. πŸ™‚ *hug*
[11:18] <doc> i talked to your mom (i guess) — told her you were ok and gotten evaced
[11:18] <shmi> doc: thanks sweety.
[11:18] * NYCajun is watching WCBS 2…lower Manhattan looks like a war zone
[11:18] <Shadowe_Lover> GEM Yep, sounds like time for that to me…and I aint even a citizen ….
[11:18] <doc> she asked you contact her when you could, just to update on the situation, but was glad to know you were ok and she loves you
[11:18] <shmi> I bet she was surprised. and thanks for letting me know reciprocallt.
[11:18] <GEM> Shadowe: no, one was probably the one that hit the Pentagon
[11:18] <Merav> we appear to be sealed into NYC
[11:19] <KhaOS> Actually, the Ryan doctrine involves shipowners and indeminification against stevedores, which is why I was confused…
[11:19] <Merav> I’m going to get dressed in case we have to evacuate
[11:19] <Rasilio> Yes they have shut down Manhattan
[11:19] <Shadowe_Lover> Yes true, but they have not confirmed it yet
[11:19] <GwenZilla> Steve, talking to Laura. Her workplace is freaking out, they’ve given people the option to go home. She’s going to Scott’s. His home number is 770/938-7143. Would you copy paste that onto your desktop, please?
[11:19] <Merav> BRB
[11:19] <GEM> KhaOS: *grin* interesting. Sorry
[11:19] <Shadowe_Lover> Everyone seems to be agreeing the ben Laden is the culprit
[11:20] <phydeaux> Who?
[11:20] <GEM> Hey – were there any new global news services stsrting up today?
[11:20] <Shadowe_Lover> Saying he is the only one that could pull this thing off
[11:20] <Rasilio> He almost has to be involved, it fits his profile, he threatened a major attack this week
[11:20] <phydeaux> BBC isn’t saying
[11:20] <shmi> Osama Bin Laden, major terrorist who hates us
[11:20] <NYCajun> anyone heard from Marc Glasser? He works at Chase in lower Manh but may have been home caring for Donna.
[11:20] <Rasilio> and he is one of the only big time terrorists with enough money to pull off something this extensive
[11:20] <shmi> I hope my fiance doesn’t have to work tonite
[11:21] <Shadowe_Lover> and the backing to do it as well
[11:21] <KhaOS> There’s this guy on BBC saying that while it’s tempting to point it at Bin Laden, it’s unwarranted to jump to the conclusion this is Islamic terrorism. Which is fair enough. He’s listing the reasons why it’s tempting, though.
[11:21] <doc> Rasilio: um, nonsense
[11:21] <doc> that’s assuming this is the act of an individual and isn’t state sponsered
[11:21] <Shadowe_Lover> doc which state would sponsor such a suicidal attack?
[11:21] * Shadowe_Lover is just curious
[11:21] <shmi> khaos: yeah, he’s right. I mean….I’m scared for my Islamic friend Mary
[11:22] <Rasilio> Well true but there are only 2 countries I can think of who might want to do something like this, China and Iraq
[11:22] <doc> Shadowe_Lover: iran. syria. iraq. afghanestan
[11:22] <smac> speculation i’ve heard is that Bin Laden is probably involved, but this is far too involved and well coordinated to be done by any one man
[11:22] <doc> and that’s just off the top of my head
[11:22] <doc> i doubt it’s china. doesnt seem their style
[11:22] <Shadowe_Lover> doc I can agree….Hussien might be responsible…but I honestly doubt it is china either
[11:22] <GEM> *grin* report on the radio that some group of leaders (Joint Chiefs?) were being briefed and “No word on *where* the briefing is being held”
[11:22] <GEM> well, *duh*
[11:22] <Rasilio> Iran wouldn;t they have been trying to cozy up to us for the last 5 years, Syria maybe but we have had pretty good relations with them lately as well
[11:22] <KhaOS> smac: The thing you have to understand, though, is that Bin Laden is not just one man. He is the center of a very complicated web of terrorist organisations.
[11:22] <Rasilio> Afghanestan doesn;t have the resourced to pull it off
[11:23] <Shadowe_Lover> KhaOS Is totally on track there…he is only the *Leader*
[11:23] <Rasilio> And I agree that it is not China’s style, they would have done something much more open
[11:23] * smac nods
[11:23] <Shadowe_Lover> ok have now heard a 747 was one of the planes that hit…
[11:23] <shmi> my god. a nurse at the hospital found out her son was on one of the planes
[11:23] <doc> Rasilio: her qustion was about motive, not resources. if we put motive and resources together….
[11:23] <KhaOS> Oh, great. Palestinian celebrations in the Middle East. That’s good PR.
[11:23] <Rasilio> My personal speculation is that both Iraq and Bin Laden are involved
[11:23] <Shadowe_Lover> American Airlines have confirmed that it was 2 of their planes that hit the WTC
[11:24] <NYCajun> BBC’s website actually is responding.
[11:24] <Shadowe_Lover> both had been hijacked
[11:24] <Shadowe_Lover> Also some people did get out of the WTC…one was from the 35th floor
[11:24] <phydeaux> Terence: Not surprising, but source?
[11:24] <KhaOS> BBC footage.
[11:24] <phydeaux> OK
[11:24] <KhaOS> I’m watching it on Quicktime TV.
[11:24] <Shadowe_Lover> Rasilio You may be right…bit I still put my money on Bin Laden
[11:25] <Shadowe_Lover> brb…have to grab something
[11:25] <adamselzer> this is kind of iraq’s style, yes…but they should know how solidly we can kick their asses…
[11:25] <GEM> Shadowe: with 50,000 people, I am sure that some large number got in
[11:25] <GEM> err, out
[11:25] <Rasilio> I have heard of people from as high as the 91st floor in the 2nd tower get out
[11:25] <doc> adamselzer: if it turns out iraq was responsible, they may find themselves quite shortly the proud owner of a rather large glass parking lot
[11:25] <GEM> two Dulles flights, one Boston, one Newark were reported as being hijacked
[11:25] *** kyttn ( has joined #filkhaven
[11:26] <doc> we’ll send in marines to paint lines on it
[11:26] *** Seanan ( Quit (Leaving)
[11:26] <GEM> all headed for the West Coast
[11:26] <Rasilio> So I would presume that one managed to get fully ecvacuated
[11:26] <shmi> hi kyttn
[11:26] <Rasilio> the first tower hit however I am not so sure about
[11:26] * shmi hugs kyttn
[11:26] <KhaOS> They’ve emptied the CN Tower in Toronto.
[11:26] * NYCajun wonders if he should try to get into Manhattan and donate blood…TV news says they need some
[11:26] <shmi> what a terrible day
[11:26] <Merav> I think they managed to get people out of twoer II
[11:26] <kyttn> hi ny
[11:26] <KhaOS> Juuust in case, I think.
[11:26] <Merav> er twoer
[11:26] <shmi> matt: if you can walk it, try
[11:26] <Merav> er forget it
[11:26] <GEM> doc: not too likely, but lots an lots of broken buildings wherever
[11:26] <adamselzer> Bush says “we’ll find the folks who commited this act.” He really said “folks.”
[11:27] <GEM> Matt: don’t try to get there, but if you can donate where you are, do it!
[11:27] *** Seanan ( has joined #filkhaven
[11:27] <doc> GEM: i know. i was being hyperbolistic
[11:27] <shmi> hi seanan
[11:27] <Rasilio> I don’t think we’d use Nukes Doc, maybe on an uninhabited stretch of desert in view of Baghdad as a display of what we could do but more likely we would invade and then not stop till we had Hussiens body (dead or alive)
[11:27] <GEM> confirmed death tolls coming in
[11:27] * Penfold laughs softly (you have to…) at a ,masterly piece of British understatement.
[11:27] <Seanan> Oh?
[11:27] <Penfold> As Brian Hanrahan, BBC News: whoever is behind all this, they’re not amateurs.
[11:27] <GEM> AA planes – 164 passengers and crew members
[11:28] <GEM> Penfold: thank you for that laugh
[11:28] *** Merav (merav36@ Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:28] <GEM> this is true
[11:28] <RachelWrk> I heard something about the Sears Tower?
[11:28] * Penfold has a lot of respect for Hanrahan as a journalist
[11:28] <kyttn> me leans against Greg and wishes it was time to go home
[11:28] <GEM> gee, I wonder why cell phone service is impossible…
[11:28] <doc> what’s the bbc news site?
[11:28] * phydeaux suspects that standard explosives would would
[11:28] <kyttn> Rachel, they evacutated the tower
[11:28] <Penfold> Eloise said it was being evacuated as a precaution
[11:28] <RachelWrk> ah, ok
[11:28] <phydeaux> But I dont think it was Iraq
[11:28] * NYCajun finds it hard to believe a landmark for nearly 30 years is gone from his city’s skyline just like that
[11:28] <adamselzer> did Eloise go home?
[11:28] <KhaOS> Yasser Arafat says this is shocking and that the Palestinian people send their sympathties. They didn’t look that sympathetic to me, boyo.
[11:28] <phydeaux> Hussein isn’t that stupid
[11:28] *** Merav (~merav36@ has joined #filkhaven
[11:29] <Merav> sorry I keep falling off the connection
[11:29] <shmi> people at work are saying how Middle Eastern people are awful. *sigh* that’s what the evildoers behind this stuff want us to think.
[11:29] <GEM> Rachel: Sears tower is being/has been evacuated – not heard anything else yet about it
[11:29] <Merav> it’s not breaks in service it’s this computer
[11:29] * KhaOS nails Merav down.
[11:29] * shmi hugs gingi again. how’s the school?
[11:29] * Merav hugs Gingi and Ny
[11:29] <doc> shmi: remind them that the last time we head that exact rhetoric about Middle EAsterners, it was the Murray building that had been bombed
[11:29] <Merav> going to check on Di. Back in a few
[11:29] <shmi> doc: I did.
[11:30] <kyttn> Ny, some of the cab drivers here are already talking of fights in the city aimed at middle easterners
[11:30] <Shadowe_Lover> Ok, things are getting very tense over here…am hearing the borders are thinking aobut raising level of Alert
[11:30] <shmi> kyttn, I am worried about my friend Mary….
[11:30] * kyttn is worried about her friends from Sri Lanka who she can’t reach. They are probably at the college, but I am not sure
[11:31] <shmi> of course, I’m also worried about the world. lotsa worry today. πŸ™‚
[11:31] <shmi> this is like Red Thursday from _Friday_. Christ almighty. Kali dancing.
[11:31] * kyttn nods and snugs ny
[11:31] <doc> ‘i can still remember how peopel reacted to the KC bombing…..before we found out it was one of our own that did it….so caution is advised before leaping to too many conclusions
[11:31] <phydeaux> Ny: I hope not, really
[11:31] <Rasilio> Yes people would be foolish enough to try and blame this on all middle easterners
[11:31] <Shadowe_Lover> ok aqm back now
[11:32] * shmi hugs kyttn and dave
[11:32] <phydeaux> Even if SOME of them did it, blaming them all is pretty fucking stupid
[11:32] <doc> what is the bbc news site?
[11:32] <Rasilio> Yep phydeaux
[11:32] <phydeaux> doc:
[11:32] <GEM> Taliban has called a press news of what was said
[11:33] <Shadowe_Lover> American Airlines confirms it *Lost* 2 flights FLight 11, and FLight 77 both hijacked
[11:33] <shmi> I have read about days like this. I never wanted to see one in my lifetime.
[11:33] <GEM> shmi: or kinda like the wars on terrorists in Dave Weber’s Mutineer’s Moon books
[11:33] <shmi> Flight 11 from Boston. criminy.
[11:33] <shmi> I’m busing to ovff.
[11:33] <GEM> shmi: yeah, scary!
[11:34] <Shadowe_Lover> From an email group….”the blood of the innocent cries from their track…”
[11:34] <Shadowe_Lover> I had hoped that that Echos’ Children song would never be current again…
[11:34] <Shadowe_Lover> :..(
[11:34] <Shadowe_Lover> In Memoriam
[11:34] <Shadowe_Lover> Jeanette Eddy
[11:34] <doc> I wonder how my world can live with all the hate she harbours…….
[11:34] * RachelWrk wants to know if her family is okay, dammit. mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, niece
[11:34] <GEM> reporter seems surprised that nobody is telling them where Bush is going
[11:34] <doc> RachelWrk: im sorry — i did leave a message
[11:34] <GEM> *smirk*
[11:34] <Shadowe_Lover> Yes….and the plane in Pitts was United that hit in Pitts…and they also have a *Missing* plane still
[11:34] <RachelWrk> oh, you got dad’s answering machine?
[11:34] <phydeaux> Rhainy: is that new?
[11:35] * shmi hugs rachel. it’s unlikely they were down there. still. honey I wish I were holding your hand right now.
[11:35] <doc> RachelWrk: yes….you must have missed it scroll
[11:35] <Shadowe_Lover> Yes that is coming over our radio feed from APP
[11:35] <RachelWrk> can you also look up the number for John Quidone (brother-in-law) in the Bronx and call them, please?
[11:36] <Shadowe_Lover> SO we *May* still have a plane up there on it’s way to *Somewhere*
[11:36] *** Merav (~merav36@ Quit (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:36] *** Kitanzi (f_i_l_k@ has joined #FilkHaven
[11:36] <doc> someone just said someone just said there was a bomb at the capitol — can anyone confirm or deny?
[11:36] <Shadowe_Lover> Kitanzi *HUGS*
[11:36] * Kitanzi hugs all
[11:37] <Shadowe_Lover> I have not heards any new news on the Capitol
[11:37] <smac> on aim with cacie sears- things at the college are crazy, too
[11:37] <Kitanzi> my god, what a day….
[11:37] <GEM> doc: I have not heard that – CBS feed is what I am listening to
[11:37] <Shadowe_Lover> last I heard it was on
[11:37] <Kitanzi> I’m watching cnn, the pentagon was damaged
[11:37] <doc> Shadowe_Lover: hate to say this, but if that plane is located in the air and it refuses to respond to radio requests to divert, it should be shot down
[11:37] <Kitanzi> hit by a plane
[11:37] * shmi hugs larissa
[11:37] * Kitanzi hugs all
[11:37] <Kitanzi> anyone else got the shakes, here?
[11:37] * smac raises hand
[11:37] <GwenZilla> Steve, we have the OK to take the day off with pay.
[11:38] * doc raises hand also
[11:38] <Shadowe_Lover> I agree doc TOTALLY SHoot the sucker down NOW is what I say
[11:38] <smac> add katy and anke to that list of shakers…
[11:38] <doc> Shadowe_Lover: um, no, not NOW.
[11:38] <phydeaux> doc: CNN isn’t reporting it
[11:38] <doc> AFTER it refuses to respond
[11:38] <doc> phydeaux: thanks
[11:38] <shmi> rachel, does this # look right for John: (212)677-4407
[11:38] <Shadowe_Lover> Kitanzi I have been shaking so hard it is hard to focus at times…
[11:38] <Kitanzi> question – I know matt leger logs in as nyccajun, or some such… where the hell does he live??
[11:38] <smac> and pray for the passengers
[11:38] <GEM> Kitanzi: ayup….flown out of Boston lots, in addition to all sorts of other reasons
[11:38] <Rasilio> They will Doc, especially if it approaches a major population center
[11:38] <Shadowe_Lover> He is ok Kitanzi
[11:38] <RachelWrk> rob: no, that’s the old number
[11:38] <Shadowe_Lover> He is here
[11:38] <KhaOS> Wesley Clark is on CNN.
[11:38] <shmi> larissa: Matt’s fine, he was on earlier
[11:38] <adamselzer> I’ll bet no one gets the option to take a day off at starbucks…or any other retail place…
[11:38] <RachelWrk> larissa: in Manhattan πŸ™
[11:38] <Shadowe_Lover> and he is in Queens
[11:38] <smac> Queens
[11:38] <GEM> Matt is OK
[11:38] <phydeaux> yeah, I had email from Anke
[11:38] <GEM> hey – someone want to post to RMF about which filkers we know are OK?
[11:38] *** Merav (merav36@ has joined #filkhaven
[11:39] <Gary_PE> Nothing on the TV here and I’m in Maryland. They’re still showing the Pentagon
[11:39] <Kitanzi> hi merav
[11:39] <GEM> urrgh! gas leak several blocks from the WTC….
[11:39] <RachelWrk> good idea greg, go for it
[11:39] <doc> RachelWrk: hrm?
[11:39] * Merav hugs Gary and Larissa
[11:39] <Shadowe_Lover> wb Merav *HUGS*
[11:39] <RachelWrk> ron: it’s 718-543-something
[11:39] <RachelWrk> er, rob
[11:39] <NYCajun> Kitanzi: I am fine – I live in Queens, across the river from Manhattan.
[11:39] * Kitanzi hugs nycajun
[11:39] * shmi hugs rachel
[11:39] <Penfold> GEM: rob’s ahead of you
[11:39] <NYCajun> hugs back atcha
[11:40] <Shadowe_Lover> am waiting on pins and needles to see if anything hits the West
[11:40] <doc> RachelWrk: your dad?
[11:40] <Penfold> already posted
[11:40] <doc> i called 718-549-7788
[11:40] <NYCajun> I was home when the trouble started – never thought I’d be glad not to have a job.
[11:40] <shmi> doc: her brother in law, John Quidone.
[11:40] * Kitanzi nods at matt
[11:40] <Shadowe_Lover> Washington State Ferries have decided to Shut Down car service….
[11:40] <RachelWrk> what ny said
[11:40] <KhaOS> UA 175 – B757 travelling from Boston to LA – don’t know the status of that flight – deeply concerned.
[11:40] <NYCajun> anybody find Mike Browne yet?
[11:40] *** Annie ( has joined #filkhaven
[11:41] <doc> oh. someone msg me privately the number — the scroll getting me
[11:41] <doc> hi annie
[11:41] <Shadowe_Lover> Annie *HUGS*
[11:41] * doc hugs annie
[11:41] <shmi> doc: we’re trying to find the #
[11:41] * Penfold hugs Annie. Hey, love.
[11:41] <Annie> *is crying* Has the world gone mad???
[11:41] *** Kim ( has joined #filkhaven
[11:41] <GEM> OK,let’s see – Merav, Matt, Batya known to be OK – who am I missing?
[11:41] * Seanan just remains huddled in Penfold’s lap.
[11:41] <doc> Annie: too early to say, but current reports suggest it
[11:41] <Seanan> They won’t let us GO HOME.
[11:41] <Shadowe_Lover> Yes Annie I know…I have been on and off all morning too
[11:41] <doc> hi kim
[11:41] <GEM> Annie: yes, it has, but it will get better
[11:41] * Penfold pulls Annie into a hug as well.
[11:41] <GEM> Hi Kim!
[11:41] <shmi> oh’s always been mad. *big hug*
[11:41] <Kim> hi everyone
[11:41] <shmi> him kim!
[11:41] <Shadowe_Lover> Seanan Why Not?
[11:41] <Penfold> Hey, Kim.
[11:42] <Kitanzi> annie, it’s been mad for a long time, it’s just landed in our laps now and oh my god, this is insane
[11:42] * Shadowe_Lover is now hearing our local authorities tell everyone to stay off the cell phones and regular phones as well
[11:42] <Kim> i had been reading over on doc’s computer, but now on mine
[11:42] <Shadowe_Lover> Hi Kim *HUGS*
[11:42] <Annie> I’m glad that people I know about are OK, but dear lord … so many aren’t.
[11:42] * Kitanzi hugs kim
[11:42] <Seanan> Because there’s no danger on the West Coast.
[11:42] <Merav> Jon’s home. Thank goodness.
[11:42] <Kim> hugs to all
[11:42] <Seanan> So they say we can’t leave.
[11:42] <adamselzer> wow…lots of closings going on…
[11:42] <shmi> seanan: what an idjit.
[11:42] * Shadowe_Lover still has family who’s unknown in the what is up category
[11:43] * Annie hugs everyone
[11:43] <Seanan> We’re the goddamn PHONE COMPANY! We’re huge, and we’re ALL of California! If you want California off-line, knock us down. We’re most of the phones and most of the DSL.
[11:43] <Shadowe_Lover> Seanan what kind of business do you work for?
[11:43] <Kitanzi> evidently other major cities are scared too – I just got an email from someone in LA saying the LAPD have gone to tactical alert.
[11:43] * phydeaux hugs Annie
[11:43] <Kim> i have some non sf friends in ny that i am still hoping to hear from
[11:43] <Shadowe_Lover> Ah….
[11:44] <Annie> Oh Seanan…
[11:44] <Seanan> I’d be much safer at my nice house next to the nuclear weapons station.
[11:44] <NYCajun> Marc Glasser and Mike Browne are still unaccounted for.
[11:44] * shmi will have to call her parents and find out whom they know who was in this.
[11:44] <Kim> a nuke could do a number on this country, seanan
[11:44] <Shadowe_Lover> Kitanzi I am not surprised, Seattle is at threat level 3 and is eveacing most of the large bldgs
[11:44] <Rasilio> Seanan, you are pretty safe, they seem to be going for symbolic targets rather than tactical ones
[11:44] <shmi> on any country. oh, god, what a day.
[11:44] <Kim> but then we know that *sigh*
[11:44] * adamselzer thinks of the army…if they start drafting, I wouldn’t have that noble a reason to dodge…though I can’t imagine I’d do the army much good…
[11:44] <Kitanzi> did anyone see the film of the plane ramming the second tower?
[11:44] <NYCajun> I assume Rennie would have been at home with Liam but I could be wrong.
[11:44] <doc> Kim: they dont even need a nuke, as we can see
[11:44] * shmi thinks of the army and the men she loves
[11:44] <Kim> i saw the film of the plane
[11:44] <Seanan> That was sort of my remarkably grim point. I’m less afraid of nukes than I am of chemical and biological weapons, honestly.
[11:45] <doc> adamselzer: maybe you could get in the USO
[11:45] * Rasilio did Kitanzi
[11:45] <Kim> those are very bad too
[11:45] * Shadowe_Lover is thankful for the military but glad her hubby is out now…
[11:45] * Kitanzi nods at doc
[11:45] <Kitanzi> kinetic does quite efficient damage
[11:45] <Gary_PE> yes, and both collapses
[11:45] * Rasilio agrees with Seanan
[11:45] <KhaOS> I’m seeing footage from BBC – I’m not sure, but it looks like a cameraman got into the WTC.
[11:45] <NYCajun> I just missed the live broadcast of the second tower going down.
[11:45] <adamselzer> bomb threats in cobb county in ga…and something the corner of satellite and sugarloaf…
[11:45] <KhaOS> Following rescue teams.
[11:45] <GEM> Seanan: what Rasilio said, though WTC is symbolic *and* significant
[11:45] <Kim> cbs showed a montague of all the bad stuff happening
[11:45] <Annie> Dubya Bush struck me as a Yahoo – what the hell is going to happen when he finds out who is responsible?
[11:46] <shmi> all airplanes grounded. the whole country. wow.
[11:46] * Kitanzi can’t get through to her brother – he’s on the other side of the country, but he’s a marine…. I dunno what the hell is going on here…
[11:46] <GEM> Kitanzi: yes, I saw it – insane!
[11:46] * shmi hugs larissa.
[11:46] <doc> Annie: he is a yahoo
[11:46] <Kim> adam, what is this in atalnta? where did you see/hear this?
[11:46] *** SurrDave ( has joined #filkhaven
[11:47] <Merav> We’re moving the computer into the TV room. I’ll be gone again.
[11:47] <Merav> Don’t worry. I’ll be back.
[11:47] *** Merav (merav36@ Quit
[11:47] <adamselzer> just heard it on the radio, am 750, whatever that is…satellite/sugarloaf is about 15 minutes from me…rob and cris are in cobb…
[11:47] <Shadowe_Lover> Damn DAmn
[11:47] <phydeaux> Annie: Have you ever seen a glass car park?
[11:47] <adamselzer> rob is at work, though idle on his messenger…
[11:47] <Annie> A glass car park?
[11:47] <Kim> i will go up stairs and check radio-brb
[11:47] <SurrDave> Sorry, what is this? I’m at home now, right next to Dobbins…
[11:48] * GwenZilla comes back to this window after dealing with a bunch of phone calls and stuff.
[11:48] <doc> hrm?
[11:48] <Shadowe_Lover> SurrDave *HUGS*
[11:48] <Rasilio> It’s even less than 15 minutes from here but I can’t think of anything there but the mall that would be worth targeting
[11:48] <Kim> dave are you in cobb country?
[11:48] <SurrDave> Sure am.
[11:48] * GwenZilla blinks. Something at Satellite/Sugarloaf?
[11:48] <KhaOS> I wonder how this will affect my flight for OVFF. I’m flying American.
[11:48] <Shadowe_Lover> wb Gwen
[11:48] <doc> SurrDave: have you not watched news?
[11:48] <SurrDave> Not in the last half hour–but had the radio on.
[11:48] <Kitanzi> I’m sure security will be up the wazoo at the very least, khaos
[11:48] <Shadowe_Lover> KhaOS I do not think you will get here anytime very soon πŸ™
[11:49] <KhaOS> Well, that’s end of October.
[11:49] <Rasilio> Annie a “Glass Car Park” is slang for what is left after a nuclear blast
[11:49] <Kitanzi> god, who thought that one up rasilio?
[11:49] <Rasilio> The heat from it melts all the dirt to glass and it is awefully flat
[11:49] <Rasilio> Don’t know, it has been around for years, I remember hearing it as a kid
[11:49] <Kitanzi> I’m not saying it’s not apt, but it’s scary that people have cause to think this stuff up and find it useful enoguh to spread
[11:50] <SurrDave> What TV channel is giving the best local coverage?
[11:50] <SurrDave> Local=Atlanta
[11:50] <Kitanzi> cnn is pretty intensive on it
[11:50] <NYCajun> Locally in NYC CBS is very good.
[11:50] <Shadowe_Lover> Yes I have heard that term for post nuclear as well…sniff
[11:50] <Kitanzi> but thats not local, sorry
[11:50] <doc> sorry, i evoked that metaphor earlier
[11:50] <Seanan> I’d really rather nothing blew up.
[11:50] <doc> i said “well send the marines in to paint lines on it”
[11:50] <shmi> gingi: still there? what street are they on? I’m trying to find the number under Shira’s name.
[11:50] <NYCajun> News says all subway lines and all three airports are closed.
[11:50] <shmi> seanan: from your mouth to whatever deity’s ears we can appeal to
[11:50] <Penfold> Amen.
[11:51] <GEM> Dave: in many ways, the best news source here seems to be #filkhaven
[11:51] <Shadowe_Lover> Amen and So Mote It Be!
[11:51] <Kitanzi> scary thing is, doc, my idoit brother is the type to volunteer for that
[11:51] <Rasilio>|top|09-11-2001::10:49|reuters.html
[11:51] <Seanan> Well, if it comes to that, I’d also rather no one proved that ‘The Stand’ was prophecy. I like reading Stephen King, not living it.
[11:51] * Penfold has #ci, as well.
[11:51] <Rasilio> more evidence for Bin laden Involvment
[11:51] <Penfold> which is the work channel
[11:51] <SurrDave> So… Sugarloaf?
[11:51] <Shadowe_Lover> Rasilio why am I not surprised….
[11:52] <doc> id hardly be surprised
[11:52] <Shadowe_Lover> Now they are reporting a flight taking emergency landing at cleveland, may have a bomb on board, and may be the missing flgiht
[11:52] <adamselzer> I’m hearing a lot more from filkhaven then the radio…
[11:52] * NYCajun is sorely tempted to open that bottle of Tully he has sitting in his living room
[11:52] * Penfold will take all reportts of bombs with a pinch of salt.
[11:52] <Rasilio> Seanan “The Stand” is exactly what I am worried about, who knows which of the nasties they keep at the CDC would survive a plane crashing into that building
[11:52] <phydeaux> ras, I can’t get through to that, what’s the story tehre?
[11:52] <smac> radio is mostly people just adding noise
[11:52] <doc> adamselzer: this is the consolidation effect
[11:52] <Shadowe_Lover> adamselzer that is because we are all listenign to different feeds and telling what we hear :o/
[11:52] * shmi feels awful for her sweety sleeping through all this
[11:52] * adamselzer hurriedly heats up some lunch…
[11:53] <shmi> how will I explain?
[11:53] <Penfold> while hoping the authorities aren’t.
[11:53] <Seanan> Rasilio: Oh, dear. Hadn’t thought of that.
[11:53] <Kitanzi> houston’s shutting down, apparently, and evacuating the business district
[11:53] <Shadowe_Lover> shmi How can you explain this insanity?
[11:53] <shmi> food. food good idea. maybe I’ll shop a little on my way home.
[11:53] <Rasilio> Bin Laden apparently warned of an Unprecedented attack against the US
[11:53] *** Merav (merav36@ has joined #filkhaven
[11:53] <Kitanzi> let him sleep for now, shmi
[11:53] <doc> re merav
[11:53] <shmi> re merav
[11:53] <Shadowe_Lover> Hmmm, maybe I should get some extra tobacco and critter food and meds….
[11:53] <Merav> hi again
[11:53] <Shadowe_Lover> re Merav
[11:54] <SurrDave> Most of the businesses in downtown Atlanta sent people home. Traffic is getting ugly.
[11:54] <Kitanzi> hi merav
[11:54] <Shadowe_Lover> we have lots of food, but no propane….
[11:54] <NYCajun> well, unless I wanna walk it looks like I’m stuck in Sunnyside.
[11:54] <Penfold> CNNm inevitably, talking to Tom Clancy
[11:54] <Seanan> If we start the hoarding now, we’re fucked.
[11:54] <Shadowe_Lover> NYCajun do you have places to get supplies nearby? I hope?
[11:54] <Rasilio> The first paragraph from that link for those who couldn;t get to it……….
[11:54] <Rasilio> LONDON (Reuters) – Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden warned three weeks ago that he and his followers would carry out an unprecedented attack on U.S. interests for its support of Israel, an Arab journalist with access to him said Tuesday
[11:54] <Penfold> and the first eBay ad appears
[11:54] <Kitanzi> EBAY AD???
[11:54] <Merav> eBay?
[11:54] <Shadowe_Lover> What ebay ad?
[11:54] <Penfold> *deep sigh*
[11:54] *** Eloise ( has joined #filkhaven
[11:55] <NYCajun> Shad: yes but I have food enough in the house and I expect there will be runs on all four supermarkets in my nabe.
[11:55] <Kitanzi> what the hell are they selling out of this??
[11:55] <Shadowe_Lover> Eloise *HUGS*
[11:55] * Merav hugs Eloise
[11:55] * Eloise is safe and sound at home, watching TV.
[11:55] <Penfold>
[11:55] <smac> welcomoe home, el
[11:55] * NYCajun hugs Eloise thankfully
[11:55] <shmi> El.
[11:55] <Penfold> it’s actually got to the ‘you have to laugh’ stage
[11:55] <Penfold> or else…
[11:55] * shmi hugs eloise
[11:55] <Kitanzi> that is absolutely sick
[11:55] <Merav> at least nothing has collapsed in the last few minutes
[11:55] <Eloise> I saw the shot with the 757 going THROUGH the building … it’s like a fricking movie.
[11:55] <Kitanzi> i like morbid humor, but thats too damn much
[11:55] <adamselzer> what’s the ebay thing?
[11:55] <Kim> i am back
[11:55] <phydeaux> yes, it’s come up now
[11:55] <adamselzer> for what should I search?
[11:55] <Kitanzi> a it’s got 455 kits and counting already
[11:55] <shmi> penfold: what is it?
[11:56] <GEM> I’m storing some water, just because
[11:56] <Kitanzi> Two world Trade Centre buildings. No longer required. Some assemply may be required. Buy one or both, buy both and receive two free aircraft.
[11:56] <Seanan> That’s just not right.
[11:56] <Kim> atlanta radio is interviewing some terriorst expert
[11:56] * phydeaux has lots of propate and ater. actually
[11:56] <Kitanzi> that’s the ebay ad
[11:56] <shmi> that ….oh I feel ill
[11:56] <phydeaux> propane and water, too
[11:56] <Kim> he says this attack is imaginative and done for cheap
[11:56] * Penfold files that under Humour, Black, Very.
[11:56] <Penfold> I’m with him, actually.
[11:56] <Eloise> We have propane here, too.
[11:56] <Kim> part of the pentagon is down!
[11:57] <Penfold> It requires *organisation*. It doesn’t *actually* require overmuch skill.
[11:57] <Shadowe_Lover> Me too stocking up on a few things..we have a lot of food, but I want propane and critter foods
[11:57] <GEM> OK, Merav, Batya, Matt, Dave, Rachel known safe…who else?
[11:57] <Kim> organisation was done very well on this
[11:57] <NYCajun> Marc Glasser and Mike Browne and Bruce Adelsohn all work in the city.
[11:57] <Eloise> Gwen was here earlier.
[11:57] <GEM> Kim: yes, it is effective use of available materials
[11:57] <Gary_PE> Knowing DC, there are probably runs on milk, toilet paper, and kitty litter going on right now…(the classic snow-forecast response)
[11:57] <RachelWrk> Bruce works nights
[11:57] <NYCajun> Lyrra Madril may be also.
[11:57] <smac> bruce works nights… as well as lyrra
[11:57] <RachelWrk> Lyrra works nights
[11:58] <doc> i wish i could get NPR. ihave Z93 which is streaming CNN, ap-parently
[11:58] <Kitanzi> I’d classify organization as a skill, especially done covertly on this scale
[11:58] <Merav> I’ll e-mail Bruce
[11:58] <NYCajun> then until I hear different I will assume Bruce and Lyrra are okay.
[11:58] <Kim> what about any dc/va/md filkers? are they all okay?
[11:58] <doc> well, Gary_PE is in DC. who’ve you contacted, Gary?
[11:58] <Kim> i keep missing part of the scroll
[11:58] <Shadowe_Lover> Has anyone checked RMF to see if anyone has checked in there??
[11:58] <Penfold> Kitanzi: true, but the point I was trying to make was that this largely requires imagination and.. for want of a better word.. balls.
[11:58] <Penfold> Shadowe_Lover: yes
[11:58] * shmi wonders what to buy and how much money to take out
[11:58] <Gary_PE> I have e-mail out to Harold Feld and Steve Brinich, no answer yet. No answers at home either
[11:58] <SurrDave> Z93 is streaming CBS.
[11:59] <Kim> yes, cajones
[11:59] <doc> SurrDave: ok. i wasnt sure
[11:59] <Annie> I really wish I could do something other than pray…
[11:59] <doc> prayer is good
[11:59] <NYCajun> balls? this requires BOULDERS!
[11:59] <Kim> cash and food and fuel would be good
[11:59] <Shadowe_Lover> Me too Annie But yes Prayer is good
[11:59] <phydeaux> Annie: That can’t hurt, can it
[11:59] <Kitanzi> this requires insanity
[11:59] <Annie> Oh, I’m doing lots of praying πŸ™‚
[11:59] <GwenZilla> There’s absolutely nothing confirmed in Atlanta.
[11:59] <Penfold> Pray is good.
[12:00] <Eloise> Two planes still missing, though, presumed hijacked.
[12:00] <SurrDave> No, Atlanta’s still quiet.
[12:00] <Kim> this requires finding out who did it and doing something to them
[12:00] <doc> two now? sigh
[12:00] <Kim> thanks, gwen
[12:00] <Annie> Kim – that’s what I’m most frightened of.
[12:00] <doc> hartsfield is shut down, obviously. that’s the only atlanta news i’ve heard
[12:00] <Shadowe_Lover> Our border crossing is up to the Highest level of alert
[12:00] <Penfold> um, actually, one – I think they;’ve established one as being the one crashed near Pittsburgh
[12:00] <GEM> OK, is this decently phrased?
[12:00] <Annie> You guys do know I love you all, right?
[12:00] <GEM> The folks on #filkhaven on have been trying to contact the filkers that we can in the New York City area. So far, we know the following people to be safe:
[12:00] <GEM> Merav, Batya, Rachel Silverman, Matt Leger, Dave Weingart
[12:00] <GEM> We have not heard from the following yet:
[12:00] <GEM> Marc Glasser and Mike Browne and Bruce Adelsohn, Lyrra Madril, Rennie Levine, Liam
[12:00] <Kitanzi> I hadn’t heard it was two missing now…
[12:00] <SurrDave> A lot of Atlanta businesses closed.
[12:00] <doc> Annie: well, its important to understand that this is not a criminal act.
[12:01] <doc> it’s an act of war
[12:01] <Kim> 4 planes hijacked
[12:01] * Shadowe_Lover sits and watches the West Coast time tick closer to 9AM
[12:01] <Kim> all airports in us and canda closed
[12:01] <Annie> I know. That’s why I’m scared.
[12:01] <Kitanzi> that sounds clear, gem
[12:01] <SurrDave> I imagine businesses closed all over the country.
[12:01] <GEM> Israel sending special Army rescue squad to the US?
[12:01] <Kim> border is now being sealed
[12:01] <adamselzer> my dad just poked his head into the room to say I’m draftable
[12:01] <KhaOS> Whew. Idiot sister finally called home.
[12:01] <GwenZilla> Isn’t your dad nice, Adam.
[12:01] <Shadowe_Lover> US Mex Border???Closed???? for certain???
[12:01] * Merav just mailed Bruce and Maya
[12:01] <Annie> Hey, Adam. Come live in the UK for a few months.
[12:01] <Shadowe_Lover> KhaOS *HUGS* Glad to hear that
[12:01] <KhaOS> She’s in Chinatown, with her roomie and another girl. I’ve told her to stay off the streets until this whole mess settles down.
[12:02] <Eloise> So’s John, Adam …
[12:02] <Penfold> ohhh
[12:02] <Penfold> give that man a MEDAL
[12:02] <Penfold>Β 3 hits, 1 shot down, 1 ditched by pilot.
[12:02] <Penfold>Β what was ditched?
[12:02] <Penfold>Β heathrow closed now
[12:02] <Penfold>Β One hijacked pilot ditched his plane rather than pilot to target.
[12:02] <shmi> so are the men I love….*sigh*
[12:02] <Annie> *gives a wry smile* Course you might have to swim
[12:02] <adamselzer> gotta get back into school…though i’d LOVE to live in the UK for a few months…
[12:02] <shmi> cruis ship. πŸ™‚
[12:02] <Seanan> If you can give blood, please GIVE BLOOD. We were almost at shortage BEFORE this happened.
[12:02] * Shadowe_Lover says a prayer for that Brave Pilot…and his passengers
[12:02] <Kim> the mex border thing–that is what i heard
[12:02] <shmi> penfold: god bless his soul. whioch is prolly all that’s left
[12:03] * shmi wonders if they’ll take my dirty slutty blood now.
[12:03] <Kitanzi> seanan, do you know any way to contact the red cross in a local area and find out where to donate?
[12:03] <doc> shmi: he was dead already
[12:03] <Kitanzi> assuming you aren’t in the obvious areas, of course – I
[12:03] <GEM> sending the message
[12:03] <Kitanzi> I’m sure they will be drumming up all they can there
[12:03] <GEM> Penfold: absolutely!
[12:03] <Kitanzi> why wouldnt they take your blood, ny?
[12:03] <SurrDave> Seanan: can you donate blood if you’re on medication, like antibiotics?
[12:04] <Seanan> Call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE for information, and the closest donation site.
[12:04] <Annie> Mike – what news channel are you watcing?
[12:04] * NYCajun wonders if they will try rebuilding the WTC
[12:04] <shmi> larissa: because I have a fun sex life. seanan: thanbks for the info
[12:04] <GEM> Ny: if there’s no way to prevent your death, no better way to go than preventing it being used for worse efvil
[12:04] <Seanan> They won’t take my blood: I’m anemic.
[12:04] <Kim> amen to that GEM!
[12:04] <Penfold> Annie: jumping between Sky, CNN, CNBC, BBC News 24
[12:04] <Eloise> Kitanzi – anyone wh’s had sex with anyone …. etc, with a man who’s had a homosexual experience since 1965, is ineligible.
[12:04] * GEM wonders if he can give blood now, after going to Brazil πŸ™
[12:05] <Kitanzi> ahhh I see… didnt know that.
[12:05] <Eloise> Sometimes, Dave.
[12:05] <KhaOS> She lives two blocks away from the WTC, apparently.
[12:05] <Seanan> It’s worth trying. Can you say ‘state of crisis’
[12:05] <Seanan> ?
[12:05] * shmi will call and ask.
[12:05] <Eloise> Who does, KhaOS?
[12:05] <Shadowe_Lover> They just Closed the Canadian Border as well
[12:05] <Gary_PE> DC update: Harold Feld just answered e-mail, he, Becky, and Ari are all OK
[12:05] <shmi> oh my
[12:05] <Penfold> Good.
[12:05] * GwenZilla whews. Good, Gary.
[12:05] <doc> Gary_PE: whew. good!
[12:05] <Shadowe_Lover> Huge SIgh of relief thanks Gary_PE
[12:06] <Merav> thank you Gary. *hug*
[12:06] <smac> any news of SteveB, Gary?
[12:06] <Shadowe_Lover> Palestinians are in the streets celebrating and passing out candy to celebrate the attack
[12:06] * Merav is giving the computer to Jon, and will be away for a bit.
[12:06] <RachelWrk> they won’t take my blood unless I lie and say that I haven’t spept with a bi man in the last year
[12:06] <KhaOS> My sister.
[12:06] <Shadowe_Lover> Arrafat is sayint they condemn the attacks
[12:06] *** Merav is now known as Merav_AFK
[12:06] <shmi> gary: thank you!
[12:06] <Shadowe_Lover> ok, I have to run to the store…brb….
[12:06] * smac is sure he’s ok- the Pentagon attack is comparatively minor to the wtc
[12:06] <Penfold> “I send my condolences, the condolences of the Palestinian people to American President Bush and his government and to the American people for this terrible act. We completely condemn this serious operation … We were completely shocked. It’s unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable.”
[12:06] *** Shadowe_Lover is now known as SL-brb
[12:06] <shmi> shadowe: oh Christ why do they do that
[12:07] <Penfold> Arafat….
[12:07] <Eloise> We’re going to go give blood.
[12:07] <phydeaux> Arafat is probably running scared
[12:07] <Annie> I really don’t want to condemn anyone, but celebrating?
[12:07] * shmi nods to Eloise
[12:07] * phydeaux isn’t eligible to give blood for another month
[12:07] *** Eloise ( Quit
[12:07] <shmi> all it does is to make the world hate them
[12:07] * adamselzer can’t give blood due to his mediation…
[12:07] <GEM> Thanks, Gary! Just updated the posting, or trying to
[12:07] <shmi> rachel: hey. glad you’re not in boston traffic right now.
[12:07] <SurrDave> BRB
[12:07] <Gary_PE> No word from SteveB yet. His office is in Crystal City, right next to the Pentagon. He’s probably stuck in his office.
[12:08] <Seanan> They may start taking MY blood soon, depending on how bad this gets.
[12:08] <shmi> do you remember what street Shira is on? I’m going to try finding her # again. they had no Shiras but many S. silvermans
[12:08] <doc> for the first time in our nations history, the entire nations commercial aviation system is shut down
[12:08] <shmi> gary: or stuck in an evacuation center
[12:08] <Kitanzi> I’m gonna go see if they’ll take my blood, everyone take care, take good care
[12:08] *** Kitanzi (f_i_l_k@ Quit
[12:09] <KhaOS> Behold the sick humor of the net:
[12:09] <doc> another one?
[12:09] <Annie> I’m very glad I don’t work in Emergency Planning anymore.
[12:09] <smac> nope, same one
[12:09] <doc> oh. blah
[12:09] * shmi is going to go see TV of all this.
[12:09] *** Seanan ( Quit (Leaving)
[12:10] * KhaOS laughs. Someone named BinLadin has joined the cnn chat channel.
[12:10] <shmi> rachel: email me what you can remember on their contact info and I’ll keep working on the #
[12:10] <NYCajun> Good gawd…that’s sick and NOT in a good way!
[12:10] *** Seanan ( has joined #filkhaven
[12:10] <Penfold> rachel: /msg me it, and I can get to work as well: amazing what you can find on the net if you try
[12:10] <NYCajun> doesn’t eBay have any procedures in place to prevent this sort of thing?!
[12:11] <Penfold> yes
[12:11] <doc> NYCajun: they’ll probably close it off as soon as they get wind of it
[12:11] <KhaOS> They’re reactive measures. You need to notify them.
[12:11] <Gary_PE> Meanwhile, I haven’t heard from my mom **or** my dad yet…but they’d have to take Metro to get home. They’re probably stuck in transit.
[12:11] <Penfold> you email their abuse folks and they pull it
[12:11] <doc> they’re porobably all glued to their tvs and radios
[12:11] <GEM> Matt: there are rules against it, but they can’t view everything before it is posted
[12:11] * phydeaux heard from his brother in DC
[12:11] <phydeaux> err…the DC area, at any rate
[12:12] <Penfold>
[12:12] <GEM> much like the hijacking of planes
[12:12] <Gary_PE> DC update: Steve Brinich just reported in, after walking home from Crystal City (only about a mile, or less…so not that bad)
[12:12] <phydeaux> Good
[12:12] <doc> good!
[12:12] *** SurrDave ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[12:12] <NYCajun> thank the gods!
[12:13] <Kim> good deal!
[12:13] <NYCajun> now we just need Glasser and the Brownes.
[12:13] <Annie> …and to know where the other planes are heading
[12:13] <GEM> Disney World is shutting everything down
[12:13] * NYCajun hopes devoutly that Deb Wunder was NOT en route to her job in Jersey when this happened
[12:15] <Annie> I suspect Lissa’s Dad might end up staying a little longer than planned…
[12:15] <Kim> everything will probably get shut down
[12:15] <phydeaux> Annie: Where is Lissa’s dad?
[12:15] <doc> nod
[12:15] <Rasilio> Yeah I can’t imagine anyplace where lots of people congregate remaining open tonight
[12:15] <Penfold> phydeaux: CA
[12:15] <Penfold> SF, in fact
[12:15] <Annie> Lives in San Fran, but currently in Europe on hols
[12:15] * shmi is back
[12:15] <Rasilio> I suspect that all of the Baseball games will be canceled tonight as well
[12:16] * phydeaux nods
[12:16] <shmi> I just saw two landmarks of my life melt into dust and death
[12:16] <doc> nod. the braves are postponing tonights game, and may cancel it
[12:16] <Annie> shmi – you mean the WTC?
[12:16] <shmi> annie: yes. I’m from NYC
[12:17] <Annie> We’re all in deep shock here.
[12:17] <Penfold> Oh – annie – frgot – I also have ITN
[12:17] <NYCajun> if they treat this like OKC they’ll put a memorial park there and not rebuild.
[12:17] <Merav_AFK> I was at the world trade center for three concerts this summer, it’s hard to believe that it’s gone
[12:17] *** Merav_AFK is now known as Merav
[12:18] <Rasilio> I do not think they will rebuild the towers, too expensive
[12:18] <Annie> It’s going to take months just to clear debris and find/identify bodies.
[12:18] <Rasilio> I think they will indeed put some kind of park there as well
[12:18] <GwenZilla> Steve, Janie says that if I don’t want to, I don’t have to teach this afternoon, but if I feel OK about it, to go ahead. What do you say?
[12:19] <GEM> UA confirms that flight 175 has crashed, though not specifying where
[12:19] <doc> there’s a blood donation center at the corner of Ashford-Dunwoody and Ashford circle, according to the radio
[12:19] <Kim> i was in and out of the trade center when i was in nyc years ago
[12:19] <doc> for an atlantans
[12:19] <Rasilio> S’up to you
[12:19] <Kim> i cant believe it is gone either
[12:19] *** SurrDave ( has joined #filkhaven
[12:19] <Annie> Can anyone recommend a good net source of news?
[12:19] <doc> GwenZilla: go. kids need normalcy in times like this
[12:19] * shmi still remembers it from when she was a kid.
[12:19] <GEM> Annie: #filkhaven
[12:19] <Rasilio> It should be safe enough, there hasn’t been anything in atlanta yet
[12:20] <KhaOS> Someone on the CNN chat: “In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb, The third big war will begin when the big city is burning.” – Nostradamus 1654
[12:20] <Kim> the ny red cross needs blood, etc
[12:20] <doc> Annie: this is probably it — most of the news websites are overloaded past the point of capacity
[12:20] <GEM> Annie: and I’m not kidding…
[12:20] <KhaOS> Well, guess we’re safe. Bush is in no way a great leader.
[12:20] <KhaOS> Though I wish he’d succumb.
[12:20] <GEM> Kim: the whole country needs blood
[12:20] <adamselzer> who cares what nostradamus thinks (other than my neighbor, who thinks ufos are subterraneans from atlantis)
[12:20] *** Katy ( has joined #filkhaven
[12:20] <GEM> Hi Katy
[12:20] <Annie> Don’t put too much emphasis on ol’ Nostro. Read him in the original french and it’s utter gibberish.
[12:21] <Katy> hi there … just home .. couldnt be alone
[12:21] <doc> Annie: it’s utter gibberish.
[12:21] * Seanan hugs Katy.
[12:21] <Seanan> We’re all okay.
[12:21] <SurrDave> Welcome, Katy.
[12:21] * Annie hugs
[12:21] <doc> in english, i meant
[12:21] * Katy hugs EVERYONE
[12:21] * KhaOS doesn’t. He finds him amusing, actually.
[12:21] * doc hugs katy
[12:21] <Katy> I was so worried …
[12:21] <NYCajun> tried reporting that sick eBay page but apparently you can only do so if you yourself are registered as an eBay user.
[12:21] <Kim> gem, i don’t need to say why the country was already at an all-time low, do I?
[12:21] * KhaOS hugs everyone just because at this point he believes everyone needs a hug.
[12:21] * Katy hugs Merav
[12:21] * smac hugs katy
[12:21] <doc> now, if osmone quotes an appropriate passage from Agnes Nutter, i might be concrned
[12:21] * Katy hugs phydeaux
[12:21] * Katy hugs smac
[12:21] * NYCajun hugs anyone that needs it
[12:21] <Seanan> I just posted to Blatherchat, we’ve found everyone, we’re ALL OKAY.
[12:22] <KhaOS> Did we manage to find Mike Browne?
[12:22] * adamselzer hugs everyone, too
[12:22] <Annie> But spare a prayer to your deity of choice for all those who weren’t.
[12:22] <NYCajun> I am getting off the phone line for now to take a bath. I will be back later.
[12:22] <Katy> just saw the first pics on tv … it is just so horrible … Anke and I were phoning from the office, both crying …
[12:22] * shmi hugs terence. we do need hugs
[12:22] <GwenZilla> OK, if nothing else I probably need to leave now if I’m going to get Gavin from school on time. Unless you want to do it, Steve.
[12:22] * Penfold phews. Rahul Chandran from CricInfo’s ok – apparently *saw* the second plane hit.
[12:23] * shmi hugs gwen
[12:23] * phydeaux hugs Katy
[12:23] *** NYCajun ( Quit (In memoriam – World Trade Center 1973-2001)
[12:23] <phydeaux> OK. apparently Cheney is in charge in the white house right now
[12:23] <Kim> cheney?
[12:23] <Kim> oh my ward
[12:23] <adamselzer> dear lord help us all, in that case.
[12:23] <Kim> i saw the bush speech
[12:23] <doc> actually, thats more comforting than Bush
[12:23] <Rasilio> I can get him easily enough
[12:24] <Annie> I just went to our sound library tv with Mark our fundraising manager. Both of us watched and then I realised he was praying, so I prayed too. I’m crying now
[12:24] * Penfold smiles. Apropos of something *entiirely* different. A comment on rasff about Rowling winning the Hugo…
[12:24] <GEM> Kim: I don’t actually know why the country was so low. Just called Red Cross Blood Services to ask if I can give
[12:24] <doc> i don’t LIKE cheney, and i fundamentally disagree with his politics
[12:24] <doc> BUT
[12:24] * Katy hugs Annie
[12:24] <Penfold> “she’s made a million teenagers
[12:24] <Penfold> pick up and read a 700-page novel, and left them hungry for more. I
[12:24] <Penfold> cannot imagine a greater contribution to western civilisation.”
[12:24] <doc> the man is the former Scty of Defense, and is more competant than Bush
[12:24] * Penfold hugs ANnie tightly.
[12:24] <GwenZilla> If you would, dear, that would help– that way I can go straight to Rob’s and pick up Paige to go teach.
[12:25] <Kim> feding my four cats-brb
[12:25] *** KhaOS ( Quit (Snak 4.7 –
[12:25] <GEM> phydeaux: really? CBS just said that neither the President nor the VP’s locations were being reported…
[12:25] <Annie> Going to hug Jared tight when I get home.
[12:25] <Rasilio> Ok I’ve got him
[12:25] <Merav> Kenedy Space Center is shut down
[12:25] *** KhaOS ( has joined #filkhaven
[12:25] <phydeaux> GEM: as reported on CBS radio, according to my wife on the phone
[12:25] <SurrDave> GEM: CNN reported that Cheney and the current Scty. Def. are “in charge” at the White House.
[12:26] <GEM> OK, thanks. just sharing information as best we can
[12:26] <SurrDave> But I don’t know what that means.
[12:26] <KhaOS> Who’s Defence currently?
[12:26] <doc> nod. they may be in a bunker
[12:26] <doc> KhaOS: Brumfeld
[12:26] <SurrDave> Surely.
[12:26] <smac> blofeld? sorry…
[12:26] <KhaOS> Ah, okay.
[12:26] <GEM> “May be”? I expect “are”
[12:26] <phydeaux> The Taliban are saying that “We want to tell the American childran that Afghanistan feels your pain and we hope the courts find justice”
[12:27] <doc> well, point being “in charge at the white house” does not necessarily mean that they are physically AT the white house
[12:27] <Annie> That’s careful wording on behalf of the Taliban
[12:27] <phydeaux> Reported as being said by the Taliban ambassador to Pakistan
[12:27] <KhaOS> Very careful indeed.
[12:27] <GEM> *grin* I figure that there are bunkers deep below the White House
[12:27] <KhaOS> The bunkers are elsewhere, I think.
[12:27] <phydeaux> Annie: Well, yes…they don’t want the parts of their country that aren’t already desert to become so
[12:27] <GEM> smac: hey – were there any big news services scheduled to open today?
[12:28] <smac> pbththt (yes, i saw and ignored that reference an hour ago, GEM)
[12:28] <GEM> sorry – forgot if you were there then or not
[12:28] <doc> all 15 major league baseball games have been canceled
[12:28] * smac grins
[12:29] <doc> the militar is now at Threat condition Delta
[12:29] *** Annie ( Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[12:29] <doc> which means that we are, in effect, at war.
[12:29] <smac> yep. just as soon as we figure out who to point the guns at.
[12:29] <shmi> there are aircraft carriers headed to New York
[12:29] *** Annie ( has joined #filkhaven
[12:29] <phydeaux> I’ve now heard from my cousins in Manhattan, they’re all accounted for adn OK
[12:29] <shmi> dave: hallelujah
[12:29] <Annie> Sorry. Unexpected flonk
[12:29] *** SurrDave ( Quit (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
[12:30] <KhaOS> CIA are in contact with Mossad. I’d expect MI-6 and the French Secret Service are also in on the act.
[12:30] <GEM> OK, someone talking to Dan Rather reporting that the hijackers probably had pilots
[12:30] *** SurrDave ( has joined #filkhaven
[12:30] <GEM> hey, there’s an aircraft carrier *in* New York…too bad the ST71 on it’s deck can’t fly from there
[12:31] <Annie> Wish I was closer to home. I need to hug Jared.
[12:31] * kyttn nods at Annie. I want to hug my children. I can’t wait until it is time to go
[12:31] <phydeaux> Did I mention that the US was moving warships into NY harbor?
[12:31] * smac empathises…
[12:31] <smac> wish i lived closer to my children…
[12:31] * shmi hugs steve.
[12:31] * Merav hugs Steve
[12:32] * Penfold smiles. There are advantages to working from home. And listening to a blissfully oblivious little boy playing with his mom and Nana.
[12:32] * Penfold snuggles ANnie again.
[12:33] * doc hugs everyone, just because you’re here and he can.
[12:33] <Annie> Bless the children
[12:33] <smac> yes.
[12:33] <KhaOS> Man, I could murder a pizza right now.
[12:33] <SurrDave> It’s nice that the cats don’t know what’s going on. They just live as normal, want kitty treats and scratching posts.
[12:33] * Annie laughs
[12:34] <Annie> Yup, can I have anchovies and olives?
[12:34] <Kim> nyc mayor is aksing everyone to walk out of manhatten
[12:34] * adamselzer finishes his pizza pocket…
[12:34] <Kim> i just gave my kitties tuna
[12:34] <Penfold> Oh thank you *so* much. I wasn’t hungry til you sai dthat.
[12:34] <doc> grumble. me too
[12:34] <adamselzer> sorry.
[12:35] <Kim> me too–i need to eat as well
[12:35] <adamselzer> eating nervously, glad I’m not at work, where no news feeds are possible…
[12:35] <Seanan> Oh, DAMN.
[12:35] <doc> Seanan: ?
[12:35] <Penfold> ?
[12:35] * Penfold snags an arm round Seanan.
[12:35] <Merav> Seanan: What’s wrong?
[12:35] <KhaOS> Seanan?
[12:35] <Annie> ???
[12:35] <Kim> adam, any more atlanta news
[12:35] <Seanan> In the ‘completely stupid and annoying’ part of the world, they took all the Diet Dr Pepper out the machine in the vending room.
[12:35] <smac> ??
[12:36] <Penfold> Now THAT’s criminal.
[12:36] <doc> flanders, ddp stat
[12:36] <adamselzer> not that I’ve heard, no.
[12:36] <KhaOS> The bastards. And in a crisis, too.
[12:36] <Seanan> That’s ANNOYING.
[12:36] <Annie> Ah.
[12:36] * SurrDave laughs out loud in relief.
[12:36] <smac> it’s the hoarding
[12:36] <Penfold> flanders, ddp, stat
[12:36] <doc> flanders, ddp stat!
[12:36] <doc> hey!, hat happend to that one?
[12:36] <Flanders> i haven’t a clue, doc
[12:36] <Seanan> Flanders is out, too.
[12:36] <doc> flanders, ddp stat
[12:36] <smac> flanders, ddp
[12:36] <doc> flanders, ddp
[12:36] * Flanders pulls an ice-cold DDP out of the fridge and hands it to Seanan with a smile.
[12:36] * Flanders pulls an ice-cold DDP out of the fridge and hands it to Seanan with a smile.
[12:36] <Kim> cnn is showing the explosions again
[12:36] <SurrDave> All is quiet here by Dobbins.
[12:36] <smac> some is better than none!
[12:36] * Penfold eyes da bot.
[12:36] <Seanan> Lost in a world without caffeine…ooooooo, DDP.
[12:36] <Penfold> flanders, ddp, stat!
[12:36] * Flanders comes running in with an icy six-pack of DDP on a gurney, his scrubs and stethoscope fluttering, and attaches the IV line to Seanan.
[12:36] <Penfold> “THERE!
[12:36] *** MartinGK (gk@ has joined #filkhaven
[12:36] <doc> Kim: we’ll be seeing reruns for a while
[12:36] <SurrDave> LOL
[12:37] <Penfold> Evening, GK.
[12:37] <Annie> Hi GK.
[12:37] <doc> heya martin!
[12:37] * shmi listens to the tv news
[12:37] <GEM> hey – it’s 0935 on the West Coast, right?
[12:37] <Kim> i know *sigh*
[12:37] <MartinGK> hi folks
[12:37] <Penfold> welcome to Filk News Network.
[12:37] <Katy> hi *hug*
[12:37] <GEM> Hi Martin
[12:37] <MartinGK> about that – bad time for a first visit
[12:37] <Kim> lax and disney land were evacuated
[12:37] <MartinGK> any news on the NY and Wash filkers
[12:37] <adamselzer> gotta go…watch some tv…
[12:37] <Merav> President isn’t going back to Washington
[12:37] <Kim> bush not returning to dc
[12:37] <Penfold> yup
[12:37] <GEM> but it’s at least a little comforting that nothing big has happened yet
[12:37] <Seanan> Currently 9:30, yes.
[12:38] *** adamselzer is now known as adam_tv
[12:38] <doc> “No one will ever look at this skyline again the same way” — Dan Rather
[12:38] <Rasilio> I don’t think there will be any major actions today
[12:38] <Seanan> Merav, Batya, Alex, Jon — all fine.
[12:38] <Penfold> we’re systematically tracking them down.
[12:38] <MartinGK> tahnks
[12:38] <Gary_PE> Martin: Steve Brinich, Harold Feld and family have reported OK from DC
[12:38] <GEM> Kim: Bush is going to be circling somewhere over Kansas for a while, with a buge number of fighters and AWACS around, I bet
[12:38] <MartinGK> thanks gary
[12:38] <Rasilio> Sounds about right GEM
[12:39] <RachelWrk> the plane over Chicago was just shot down
[12:39] <Kim> faa says 50 aircraft still in sky, but 50 miles out from their destinations
[12:39] *** SL-brb is now known as Shadowe_Lover
[12:39] <Shadowe_Lover> back now
[12:39] <shmi> oh my.
[12:39] <RachelWrk> no — my mom’s work # is 718-548-5656, ask for gloria silverman
[12:39] <Katy> Rachel: what???
[12:39] <GEM> what plane over Chicago? I missed that
[12:39] <Shadowe_Lover> anyone want to catch me up with any updates?
[12:39] <RachelWrk> aargh
[12:39] <doc> ok
[12:39] <shmi> from a mailing list I’m on: “So I have to wonder if they let the elder god out of the Pentagon.”
[12:40] <Kim> bush will make a statement in few minutes
[12:40] <Shadowe_Lover> okies
[12:40] <KhaOS> Oh christ, Tony Blair was on BBC. Now my appetite is gone.
[12:40] * shmi hugs rachel again. we will hear from them, they will be fine.
[12:40] <doc> fast busies on that number
[12:40] <Annie> Was it just Blair or what he was saying made you lose your appetite?
[12:40] * RachelWrk aarghs
[12:40] <KhaOS> Generally, Blair alone will make me lose my appetite.
[12:41] <RachelWrk> Jacob is coming over here to bring me lunch from Taam China
[12:41] <Rasilio> Bush is apparently in Shreveport La.
[12:41] <shmi> NYC is very hard to reach. keep Jacob with you.
[12:41] <SurrDave> Well, that was unexpected. Bush in LA I mean.
[12:41] * GwenZilla hugs people and gets ready to head out.
[12:41] * shmi hugs gwen
[12:41] * Merav hugs Gwen
[12:41] <phydeaux> Plane over Chicago???
[12:41] <MartinGK> only accasion for teh lsat ten years I’ve missed having a TV in the house
[12:41] *** shmi is now known as ny
[12:41] <smac> diana huey just checked in on aim- gave her the current report.
[12:42] <Merav> good
[12:42] <Shadowe_Lover> *HUGS* Gwen Be Careful
[12:42] <GEM> oh, sheesh! former coworkers have relatives who work in the WTC
[12:42] <SurrDave> Gwen: Drive safely. Remember, everyone else is freaked out…
[12:42] <Merav> going AFK to check voice mail. If I can get through
[12:42] * GwenZilla smiles. No worries, Dave. There are apparently state troopers pacing traffic on the interstates.
[12:42] <Seanan> Okay, that’s it, everybody come over. We’ll order pizza. *ignoring the bounds of space and time*
[12:42] <SurrDave> Traffic cops directing at some intersections.
[12:42] <KhaOS> Bush is going to give a statement from Barksdale AFB.
[12:43] <GEM> Hmm. Shreveport feels weird to me
[12:43] <SurrDave> Seanan: Yay! Let’s bring the instruments.
[12:43] <KhaOS> Extra onions on mine.
[12:43] <smac> ham, onion, ground beef. lotsa cheeze.
[12:43] <Gary_PE> NEW DC INFO: for those that know them, Maugorn (Steve Haug) and Sonya are OK. Ditto Cat Langrehr and Jason Birzer.
[12:43] <Penfold> Extra extra cheese on mine. And lots of meat. Save the olives for someone else.
[12:43] <MartinGK> Trying to get an online news feed – any ideas? BBC web site seems to be blocked solid
[12:43] <Katy> Seanan: they wouldn’t let me fly *wry grin*
[12:43] <Annie> anchovies!
[12:43] <Katy> pineapple!
[12:43] <KhaOS> If you have quicktime, I’m watching BBC World Live on it.
[12:43] <Annie> anchovies!
[12:44] *** FilkFerret ( has joined #FilkHaven
[12:44] <Shadowe_Lover> you mighnt try one of hte *online Radio* stations at
[12:44] <smac> pinappel!
[12:44] <Penfold> GK: you’re kidding, right!
[12:44] <SurrDave> Martin: This is your best bet.
[12:44] <smac> no fish!
[12:44] <phydeaux> skynews
[12:44] <Penfold> everything just about is flatlined
[12:44] <Shadowe_Lover> No Fish@!!!! Unless it’s Leslie
[12:44] <Annie> smac – if you can’t spell it, you can’t have it!
[12:44] <ny> hi frank
[12:44] <Katy> lol
[12:44] <FilkFerret> Hi
[12:44] <Flanders> what’s up, FilkFerret
[12:44] <Penfold> is worth a shot
[12:44] * Shadowe_Lover apologizes at the joke…sigh
[12:44] <smac> fine. Pineapple.
[12:44] <smac> πŸ™‚
[12:44] <doc> just spoke with Amanda Marlowe — she got evacuated, but is home safe
[12:44] <smac> pbththth.
[12:44] <Shadowe_Lover> FilkFerret *HUGS*
[12:44] <Gary_PE> Oh, and I heard from my mom, she’s home. Dad’s still out there in traffic somewhere, I presume.
[12:44] <Seanan> No flying. Just come over. Teleportation.
[12:44] <smac>
[12:44] <doc> Shadowe_Lover: i dont think you’d like leslie on your pizza
[12:44] <FilkFerret> I am in total shock ……. I just heard
[12:44] <Katy> ok πŸ˜‰
[12:44] <phydeaux> What was this about a p;lane over chicago?
[12:44] <smac> streaming radio- PBS
[12:45] <Annie> Yes, Chicago news, please.
[12:45] <Shadowe_Lover> Nope would not like her …on my pizza….
[12:45] * ny hugs frank. yes. horrible.
[12:45] <GwenZilla> OK, later nice people.
[12:45] * Katy hugs Gwen goodbye
[12:45] <Shadowe_Lover> FilkFerret You must have been asleep?
[12:45] <Annie> Leslie is old, stringy and smoky. A bit like anchovies actually…
[12:45] *** GwenZilla (~wireharp@ Quit
[12:45] <smac> problem with teleportation- terrorists will inject a fly into the datastream…
[12:45] <KhaOS> CNN has footage coming in from WTAJ about the Somerset crash.
[12:45] <doc> Annie: meow!!!
[12:45] <MartinGK> Dave – That’s what I thought – hence fast download of IRC client!
[12:45] <RachelWrk> my coworker’s fiance came in and said he heard on the news that the plane over chicago was shot down
[12:45] <Annie> Hey, I didn’t really mean that. She’s a nice lady
[12:46] <SurrDave> smac: Gah. Thanks for that…
[12:46] <smac> 50 commercial aircraft in air right now; on way to airports
[12:46] <Annie> And being called “nice” would probably offend her more than the first comment
[12:46] * ny wonders if she should wake up her fiance
[12:46] <doc> Annie: sok. πŸ™‚
[12:46] <phydeaux> jeeez
[12:46] * ny will hit the atm and brb
[12:46] <Penfold> we have two web based clients now: if the Java one keeps dying on you, try
[12:46] * Shadowe_Lover is sitting here still in shock eating chocoalte trying to wish it all away….sigh
[12:46] <phydeaux> I’m watching the video from skynews with the building collapse
[12:46] <SurrDave> Phy: Which building collapse?
[12:47] <Annie> Gotta go. See ya. Love ya. Stay safe.
[12:47] <RachelWrk> ny: knowing bill, I’m not sure what would make him crankier– missing it or being woken up for it
[12:47] <Penfold> You too , Annie.
[12:47] <RachelWrk> ny: jude is gathering people at the house tonight
[12:47] <Penfold> See you in a couple of weeks!
[12:47] *** Annie ( Quit (Leaving)
[12:48] <smac> ConClave convention committee meeting tonight. somehow i don’t think we’ll get much work done.
[12:48] <RachelWrk> okay if I paste news from a DC friend?
[12:48] <phydeaux> yeah. probably not
[12:48] <phydeaux> SurDave: The WTC
[12:48] <smac> paste away.
[12:48] <SurrDave> Which one?
[12:48] <KhaOS> Go, Rachel.
[12:48] <RachelWrk> Lee and I are home in Arlington. Washington Metro is partially running.
[12:48] <RachelWrk> Pentagon and National Airport stations are closed, as is the Yellow line
[12:48] <RachelWrk> over the 14th St. Bridge. The gridlock in downtown DC where I work was
[12:48] <RachelWrk> amazing to behold. While I understand why they told all gov’t workers to
[12:48] <RachelWrk> go home, not staggering closings has led to a mess downtown.
[12:48] <RachelWrk>
[12:48] <doc> please
[12:48] <Shadowe_Lover> please
[12:49] <RachelWrk> Walking from Clarendon Metro we could see the smoke from the Pentagon fire
[12:49] <RachelWrk> (and hear sonic booms from the fighters that are apparently in the air
[12:49] <RachelWrk> now). We also saw people from the Pentagon walking in the opposite
[12:49] <RachelWrk> direction, towards the Metro station. People are being kept away from the
[12:49] <RachelWrk> Pentagon, and/or told to leave unless necessary personnel.
[12:49] <phydeaux> You know…a cyncal person MIGHT think that Bush, Cheney and company have set this whole thing up to declare martial law…
[12:49] <RachelWrk> that’s it
[12:49] <phydeaux> but I think not, personally
[12:49] <doc> phydeaux: even i’m not THAT cynical
[12:49] * RachelWrk hears sirens, eep
[12:49] <doc> i dotn think NIXON was that byzantine
[12:49] <Penfold> and one from Rennie Levine…
[12:49] <KhaOS> You’re probably too late on that one, Dave. Someone’s probably put it up on alt.conspiracy.
[12:49] <Penfold> sorryt about the caps
[12:50] <KhaOS> So I’m assume Mike’s okay as well.
[12:50] <KhaOS> uh assuming
[12:50] *** MisterFive ( has joined #filkhaven
[12:50] <GEM> huh. Driving to Boston in ten days may prove to be interesting….
[12:50] <Shadowe_Lover> HOPING….
[12:50] <GEM> Hi Amanda!
[12:50] <doc> hi Amanda
[12:51] <Penfold> I think that;s a correct assumption.
[12:51] <MisterFive> Hi. They made us all go home here in Chicago.
[12:51] <Penfold> 24 on channel
[12:51] <Shadowe_Lover> I Hope so Penfold
[12:51] *** Simon ( has joined #FilkHaven
[12:51] <doc> hi Simon!
[12:51] *** Simon is now known as Chiefy
[12:51] <Penfold> 25 on channel. Not the event I’d want to break the record….
[12:51] <smac> hi simon…
[12:51] <Chiefy> Evening all.
[12:51] <Katy> hi Chiefy *hug*
[12:52] <doc> Penfold: no. but it’s nice to know that these 25 people at least are ok
[12:52] <SurrDave> Mister5: I’m in Atlanta. We went home too.
[12:52] <Seanan> I posted to Blatherchat telling people to come here and check in.
[12:52] <Katy> Penfold: surely not, but it’s so good to have everyone here!
[12:52] <Shadowe_Lover> Has anyone posted the IRC info on RMF so folks who don’t have IRC client yet can get here?
[12:52] <Katy> I was frightened like hell when I was still in the office not knowing much …
[12:52] <doc> Shadowe_Lover: yes
[12:52] <GEM> Shadowe: ayup, did so earlier
[12:52] <Penfold> Shadowe_Lover: yup
[12:52] <Shadowe_Lover> Ok was just wondering…thanks GEM
[12:53] <Penfold> several times
[12:53] <Chiefy> Do we have news of any of our New Yorkers?
[12:53] <MartinGK> FILK_UK was posted as well – that was what got me in here
[12:53] <RachelWrk> greg: oh my
[12:53] * Shadowe_Lover settles down to watch the scroll and listen to the *local* news as well
[12:53] <RachelWrk> chiefy: merav, batya, and matt are all fine
[12:53] <KhaOS> There’s a guy on alt.conspiracy saying that he had a precognitive dream about the WTC incident.
[12:53] <Rasilio> For those who havn’t seen it yet here is a pic of the 2nd impact atthe WTC
[12:53] <Rasilio>
[12:53] <Chiefy> Rachel: thanks
[12:53] <Seanan> Penfold?
[12:53] <SurrDave> KhaOS: Helpful of him.
[12:53] <ny> la little comedy amid the darknes: Jane Swift, our redoutable governor, is telling people to go vote while they are closing the polls.
[12:53] <Penfold> mmm?
[12:54] <Seanan> Can we set the channel topic to say that people are all right?
[12:54] <Seanan> That’s the first thing everyone asks.
[12:54] *** Penfold changes topic to ‘Everyone OK, as far as we know.’
[12:54] <phydeaux> Hey Simon
[12:54] <Penfold> Amend to taste, if there’s any still to check in I missed.
[12:54] <Chiefy> Yes?
[12:55] <KhaOS> As I predicted – another guy is already saying that he wouldn’t put it past the intel agencies to “attack themselves, declare martial law and kill a couple billion people. It’s in the Pentagon play book.”
[12:55] <Kim> please note that the mayor has asked everyone to walk out of manhatten, re: the subway services
[12:55] <Merav> I called Abby Cinii and got the machine. Has anyone heard from her?
[12:55] <Shadowe_Lover> Ok have an update on the Borders….ALL Border Crossings Btwn the US and Canada Are CLOSED until further Notice
[12:55] *** smac changes topic to ‘Most NY and DC filkers have checked in as OK. Still waiting on Marc Glasser.’
[12:55] <Penfold> ta, Steve
[12:56] *** Kirstin (kirstin@ has joined #filkhaven
[12:56] <Kim> good idea on the topic change
[12:56] * Seanan goes back to huddling in Penfold’s lap.
[12:56] * phydeaux hugs Kirstin
[12:56] <KhaOS> Merav: Given the timing, she may have been caught in town. My sister was evacuated from NYU to Chinatown.
[12:56] * Penfold hugs Kirstin, with the arm that’s not hugging Seanan.
[12:56] <SurrDave> Kim: Is that as absurd as it sounds, walking off an island?
[12:56] <phydeaux> This video is incredible and horrifying
[12:56] <doc> hi kirstin
[12:56] <smac> hi kirsten!
[12:56] <Merav> we still have bridges
[12:56] <SurrDave> Ah.
[12:56] <Merav> we’ll walk if we have to.
[12:57] <Kirstin> hi, wanted to see that all of you are okay
[12:57] <KhaOS> Hey, Kirstin.
[12:57] <Kim> the mayor said the subway is closed down
[12:57] <MisterFive> I can’t watch it more than a few minutes at a time.
[12:57] <KhaOS> Shaken, but otherwise healthy.
[12:57] * Katy hugs Kirstin!
[12:57] <ny> many bridges, it’s not actually that absurd dave
[12:57] <Chiefy> Just seen the 2nd plane on the news. F**K!
[12:57] * Shadowe_Lover just heard all MedFlights are also grounded….DAMN
[12:58] <Kim> medflights?
[12:58] <Shadowe_Lover> Yeah they even have the MedFLights grounded!
[12:58] <Merav> Subways is close in Manhattan
[12:58] <Merav> outside Manhattan it
[12:58] <Merav> s running
[12:58] <Shadowe_Lover> They are not allowing them to transport critical victims
[12:58] <Chiefy> I heard ealier that all US bound flights are heading for Canada. That’ll get busy.
[12:58] <Kim> what are medflights?
[12:58] <Shadowe_Lover> Medflights are special flights which transport ciritcal injury patients to Trauma Centers
[12:59] <Kim> those were the international flights that were bound for us, sent to canada
[12:59] <Shadowe_Lover> Usually using Helicoptors
[12:59] <Kim> SL, that is too bad!
[12:59] <doc> gah. how do you ground MEDFLIGHT
[12:59] <GEM> Hmm. Joe Ellis posts the refrain from Temper of Revenge…I can see that
[12:59] <Shadowe_Lover> They Have Grounded them Doc!
[12:59] <Kim> heck, probably need them out of nyc
[12:59] <doc> Shadowe_Lover: yes, i got that fact. im just being dumbfounded
[13:00] <phydeaux> EVERY plane is grounded other than military
[13:00] <Shadowe_Lover> doc mee too…cannot believe they would ground them….
[13:00] <Kim> bush in shreveport la bugs me–my grandfather was killed in a very bad car wreck there
[13:00] <Shadowe_Lover> I know Dave, But ? MedFlights?
[13:00] * Merav hugs Kim
[13:00] <Kim> thanks, merav!
[13:00] <GEM> Chiefy: yeah, that’s about the size of it
[13:01] <Penfold> ,mmm – UseNet propogations a tad slower than usual
[13:01] <Kim> so i have always had bad feelings about the place
[13:01] <phydeaux> shadowe. think about it. you don’t want any planes in the air, period
[13:01] <Kim> rob, what about major net trunks in nyc?
[13:01] <MartinGK> UK net is grinding
[13:01] <RachelWrk> there’s a counselor here for the kids, which is good
[13:01] <Rasilio> They probably have to ground them, I’ll bet those fighters patroling over NY and DC have orders to shoot anything that is not a military plane
[13:01] <doc> the internet is highly stressed right now
[13:01] <SurrDave> Even military airflights are restricted.
[13:01] <phydeaux> there’s probably a lot of traffic
[13:01] <ny> medflights tend to go from one hospital to another. this mostly means they are not.
[13:01] <Shadowe_Lover> Dave I know..but even more people will die because of this…all over the US, not just in the East…it is just saddening
[13:01] <doc> esp since phone netwsorks are largely down
[13:01] <Merav> Josh and Lisa (mneme and his SO) have just checked in.
[13:02] <doc> Merav: good!
[13:02] <GEM> doc: of course you ground them. that way you know that any plane in the air is a target.
[13:02] <ny> good. good.
[13:02] <Penfold> there is, IIRC, a bigass hub in the vicinity of the WTC. But the net is remarkably redundant and resilient
[13:02] <Gary_PE> DC update: I’m on the phone with Sheryl Gere right now, sent home from NIH
[13:02] <Rasilio> and since the life flights don;t have m,il;itary IFF transponders flying them would be suicidal
[13:02] <Shadowe_Lover> Merav Good to hear
[13:02] <doc> Gary_PE: excellent
[13:02] *** Toon ( has joined #filkhaven
[13:02] <RachelWrk> ack, a friend of Siggy’s was on the AA flight
[13:02] <Merav> send hugs to Cheryl
[13:02] <adam_tv> Batya!
[13:02] * Merav hugs Batya
[13:02] * Toon hugs all
[13:02] <doc> RachelWrk: oh no!
[13:02] <Rasilio> Death toll estimate in NY is around 10,000
[13:02] * adam_tv hugs batya
[13:02] <Shadowe_Lover> Oh No RachelWrk :o(
[13:02] * Merav hugs Rachel
[13:02] *** adam_tv is now known as adamselzer
[13:02] <Seanan> BATYA!
[13:02] * phydeaux hugs Batya and gives Rachel hugs to send to Siggy
[13:02] * Katy hugs Batya
[13:02] <Toon> I’m only popping in for a second, trying to keep the phone line open …
[13:02] * Shadowe_Lover hugs Rachel
[13:03] * Toon hugs hugs hugs her clones, and everybody else
[13:03] * Seanan hugs Batya. Mars is in a panic. Thank you for being all right.
[13:03] <Merav> batya have you called everybody?
[13:03] <Shadowe_Lover> They are trying to get the last 50 flights who are still in the air landed ASAP
[13:03] <adamselzer> bob barr on the radio…
[13:03] <Merav> Batya: i.e. both Miris etc?
[13:03] <Toon> oh, tell Mars she may be responsible for me being home and safe. Remember the food poisoning yesterday? I had an upset stomach this morning, and that’s why I didn’t try to go in to work.
[13:03] <Penfold> Shadowe_Lover: which coverage are you listening to?
[13:04] <Merav> Batya: So did I.
[13:04] <Toon> Merav: I’ve talked to Miriam BenEzra, she’s okay, just frazzled … I haven’t been able to get in touch with Miri or Meredith or Constance. we talked to Gabe, he’s okay.
[13:04] <Shadowe_Lover> I have a local feed which is coming from APP and one of the *other* big newswire services
[13:04] <SurrDave> Ah, local news (Atlanta).
[13:04] <Seanan> Imagine still being in the air…
[13:04] <ny> batya: hooray for food poisoning. *hug*
[13:05] <Seanan> Ping?
[13:05] <Toon> anyway. phone line must be kept clear. talk to you all soon, I hope.
[13:05] <Shadowe_Lover> I certainly would nOT want to be in the air right now
[13:05] *** Seanan ( Quit (Leaving)
[13:05] * Toon hugs all and gets the heck offline
[13:05] <MartinGK> I wonder how much they are telling the passengers in the air
[13:05] <GEM> flanders, ny and dc filkers is Merav, Batya, Rachel Silverman, Matt Leger, Dave Weingart, and Terence’s sister, Gary Ehrlich, Harold,
[13:05] <doc> nonfilk, but i just spoke to Josepha Sherman on AIM….she’s ok
[13:05] <MartinGK> It’s something I might want to find out about after i had landed
[13:05] <ny> rachel: oh my god.
[13:05] <Penfold> MartinGK: indeed
[13:05] *** Seanan ( has joined #filkhaven
[13:05] <Gary_PE> GEM: Also Harold Feld and Sheryl Gere
[13:05] <Merav> Toon: Called Meredith. I think she must be in Jersey
[13:06] <Kim> att asks folks not to call if possible
[13:06] <Gary_PE> doc: good. Has she heard from Susan Shwartz?
[13:06] <GEM> Gary: I’m getting there
[13:06] <doc> she says:
[13:06] <doc> So far, as I say, I’ve heard from most of the NY SF community.
[13:06] *** Vila (vila@ has joined #FilkHaven
[13:06] <Merav> haven’t heard from Constance
[13:06] <Toon> mmkay … I’m gone.
[13:06] <Kim> atlanta is on level four security alert
[13:06] <Penfold> Howdy, Dan.
[13:06] <RachelWrk> anyone heard from sarah c0ole?
[13:06] * ny waves to batya
[13:06] * Toon hugs all once more and poofles (Clone, call me later tonight?)
[13:06] <Gary_PE> GEM: oops, didn’t see the end of the line in all the chatter
[13:06] *** Toon ( Quit
[13:06] <GEM> flanders, ny and dc filkers is Merav, Batya, Rachel Silverman, Matt Leger, Dave Weingart, and Terence’s sister, Gary Ehrlich, Harold, Becky and Ari Feld, Steve Brinich, Sheryl Gere are known OK
[13:06] <Flanders> …but ny and dc filkers is Merav, Batya, Rachel Silverman, Matt Leger, Dave Weingart, and Terence’s sister, Gary Ehrlich, Harold,…
[13:06] <doc> Kim: the entire country is on Delta….we’re effectively at war
[13:06] <doc> we just dont know who we’re at war with yet
[13:06] <GEM> flanders, no ny and dc filkers is Merav, Batya, Rachel Silverman, Matt Leger, Dave Weingart, and Terence’s sister, Gary Ehrlich, Harold, Becky and Ari Feld, Steve Brinich, Sheryl Gere are known OK
[13:06] <Flanders> okay, GEM.
[13:07] * RachelWrk is boston, actually
[13:07] <MartinGK> radio isn’t doing much more than sepcuilating over here
[13:07] <Kim> okay, thanks, rob
[13:07] <MartinGK> try speculating
[13:07] * adamselzer thinks about the army, and whether it’d be seriously dishonorable to avoid any drafts…
[13:07] <GEM> Rachel: oops – I lost track of where you were – thought still NYC, is why I mentioned you
[13:08] <Merav> it’s all speculation at this point.
[13:08] <Vila> Hunting terrorists won’t be an Army type of operation. More of an FBI/CIA thing.
[13:08] <Merav> Josh Kronengold and Lisa Padol are NY Filkers known well.
[13:08] <SurrDave> Atlanta is in the same state as the other major cities… lots of businesses, all airports, and most government buildings closed; schools not closed, but a lot of parents picking up their kids.
[13:08] <SurrDave> But nothing actually happening–all pre-emtive.
[13:08] <Shadowe_Lover> Ok our local mall just shut down…
[13:08] <GEM> thanks, Merav
[13:09] <Merav> no problem
[13:09] <RachelWrk> greg: nope, came back from NYC sunday night
[13:09] <GEM> added Josh and Lisa and Mike, Rennie, and Liam to the list
[13:09] <ny> rachel’s family, tho….
[13:09] <SurrDave> The weird part was seeing the traffic signs that usually say “One lane closed, travel time 8 min” reading instead “National Emergency–All Airports Closed.”
[13:09] <GEM> 300 VA National Guard called to active duty
[13:09] * ny hugs rachel. I’m sure they’re fine. but I’m sending good thoughts.
[13:10] <Seanan> This is so…wrong.
[13:10] * Penfold hugs Seanan.
[13:10] <doc> yes, it is
[13:10] <Merav> We heard from Mike and Rennie?
[13:10] *** GEM changes topic to ‘Most NY AND DC filkers have checked in as OK. Still waiting on Marc Glasser. Ask “Flander’
[13:10] <GEM> rate
[13:11] *** alymid ( has joined #filkhaven
[13:11] * Seanan hugs Penfold. Hugs Terence, too, since he’s far away and needs hugging.
[13:11] *** Penfold changes topic to ‘Most NY AND DC filkers checked in OK. Still waiting on Marc Glasser. Ask “Flanders, ny an’
[13:11] * Merav waves to Alyse and offers a hug
[13:11] <doc> heya Alyse!
[13:11] * doc hugs Alyse
[13:11] <phydeaux>
[13:11] <ny> hi alyse *huggle*
[13:11] *** Penfold changes topic to ‘Most NY/DC filkers checked in OK. Still waiting on Marc Glasser. Ask “Flanders, NY and DC’
[13:12] * alymid hugs everyone!
[13:12] <Merav> president is on CNN
[13:12] * Katy hugs Alyse! didn’t see you til just now …
[13:12] *** Penfold changes topic to ‘Most NY/DC filx checked in OK. Still waiting on Marc Glasser. Ask “Flanders, NY and DC”‘
[13:12] <smac> hi sweetheart
[13:12] <Penfold> there
[13:12] <GEM> Hi Alyse
[13:12] <Penfold> ‘filx’. I LIKE that word.
[13:12] <phydeaux> Hey Alyse
[13:12] <Gary_PE> Just curious, can a broadcast message be arranged listing who’s checked in? Run at some reasonable interval?
[13:12] <Kim> prez also on fox news
[13:12] <ny> the Prez is on
[13:12] <GEM> Gary: that’s why I told Flanders – people can update his list
[13:12] <Seanan> It’s a good word.
[13:13] <Merav> Gary that’s what the header is for
[13:13] * KhaOS hugs Seanan
[13:13] <Penfold> Gary_PE: not without lashing up another bot
[13:13] <RachelWrk> yup, dubya’s pontificating
[13:13] <alymid> Hi honey
[13:13] <Merav> Then people can check in with the pre-programmed bot.
[13:13] <Seanan> Either we’ll all meet up at OVFF, or we’ll be having issues.
[13:13] <smac> nice to know you’re home… πŸ™‚
[13:13] <MartinGK> Logging off for now – filks gathering at our church to pray. Back later
[13:13] <MartinGK> NOt much else I can do…
[13:13] <Penfold> later, GK.
[13:13] *** MartinGK (gk@ Quit
[13:14] <ny> meravL do you mean Flanders or Dubya?
[13:14] <Shadowe_Lover> Bush appears to be hopping around to avoid any possible attacks…
[13:14] * Merav grins
[13:14] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Penfold
[13:14] *** Jodi ( has joined #filkhaven
[13:14] <SurrDave> Shadowe: SOP.
[13:14] * Merav hugs Jodi
[13:14] <Penfold> JODI!
[13:14] <doc> hi Jodi!
[13:14] * doc hugs Jodi
[13:14] <KhaOS> Jodi!
[13:14] * FilkFerret hugs Jodi
[13:14] <smac> is there anyone in the dc area we *haven’t* heard from?
[13:14] <GEM> Hi Jodi
[13:14] * KhaOS hugs Jodi
[13:14] * Chiefy hugs Jodi
[13:14] <Shadowe_Lover> THey are saying it is possible that as many as 50,000 have died
[13:14] <ny> hi jodi!
[13:14] <Jodi> Hi guys. WOW. Hugs all around!!
[13:14] * phydeaux huggles Jodi
[13:14] <phydeaux> Hi Jodi
[13:14] * Shadowe_Lover wanders around *HUGGING* Everyone
[13:14] <Kim> 50,000 work in the wtc
[13:14] <phydeaux> It’s not usually this busy
[13:15] <ny> ssome did get out
[13:15] <Kim> 80,000 in immediate area
[13:15] <doc> Jodi: sadly, we’re unsuually busy today
[13:15] <Seanan> Hi, Jodi.
[13:15] <GEM> Oh, man! they are water-bombing the area to try to keep the fire down? oh, dear…
[13:15] <Seanan> Good to see you.
[13:15] <phydeaux> obviously it’s a special day
[13:15] <Penfold> and I wish we weren’t
[13:15] <SurrDave> GEM: wow.
[13:15] <Penfold> at least, not for this reason
[13:15] <doc> yeah
[13:15] <Jodi> Yes, I figured you would be… Thanks for posting this url in blatherchat, Seanan. I appreciate it.
[13:15] <Katy> JODI!!!
[13:15] <GEM> hope like hell that we don’t get a firestorm there
[13:15] <ny> too goddamn special. *sigh*
[13:15] <Seanan> This is the day of ‘everybody come together to feel better.’
[13:15] <Katy> *hug*
[13:15] <Katy> Seanan: definitely!
[13:15] <SurrDave> I like the fact that we’re an international group here.
[13:15] <Seanan> Not a problem, Jodi — I’d rather be spammed and know everyone is okay and comforted than sitting alone and wondering. Thought others might feel the same.
[13:15] <Kim> gem, water-bombinb what area?
[13:16] * Penfold is Mike Whitaker, BTW, for the folkx who didn’t know.
[13:16] <Jodi> Oh definitely, Seanan. Definitely. I’m REALLY glad to hear that folks are ok… This is truly horrible. πŸ™
[13:16] <Gary_PE> smac: a fair number, but I’m limited in my ability to get in touch with folks from work. All my address books (and e-mailability to mailing lists) are at home
[13:16] <doc> sigh. ~/o if I could hold the world inside these arms. ~./o
[13:16] <SurrDave> not doc
[13:16] <Shadowe_Lover> From my feed, here are the flights confirmed involved AMerican FLight 11, firt to hit the WTC, 92 on board
[13:16] <SurrDave> doc: I mean, nod
[13:16] <Jodi> Ah. Thanks for the explanation, Mike. Hi!
[13:16] * Penfold nods to Seanan – also posted to r.m.f., filk-uk and filkbabies
[13:16] <Kirstin> Hi Jodi
[13:16] <Shadowe_Lover> American Flight 77 had 64 on board, second to hit WTC
[13:16] <Kim> this reminds me of challenger–i woke up to hear that news on the radio, as well
[13:16] <Penfold> someone on the yahoo filk list want to mail it?
[13:17] <FilkFerret> I can do that Mike
[13:17] <Penfold> thanks, Frank
[13:17] <Seanan> I’ll hit the FKO list.
[13:17] <Jodi> So who’s who? I don’t recognize a lot of these names… Hi to everyone I DO though! It’s really horrid that we have to get together under such circumstances though. :-/
[13:17] <Gary_PE> But…I can’t think of any filkers working in the Pentagon
[13:17] <Shadowe_Lover> United Flight 65 on board, missed the number, is down but not being told where
[13:17] * KhaOS is Terence Chua
[13:17] <Shadowe_Lover> Missed hte last one
[13:17] * FilkFerret is Frank parker
[13:17] <Jodi> Terence! Hi! πŸ™‚
[13:17] <Shadowe_Lover> but it was the one that hit near Pitts
[13:17] * ny is Ny Martin
[13:17] <Gary_PE> Hi Jodi!
[13:17] * kyttn is Maya Corbin
[13:18] * Chiefy is Simon Fairbourn
[13:18] * Gary_PE is Gary Ehrlich
[13:18] * adamselzer is adam selzer
[13:18] * RachelWrk is rachel silverman
[13:18] <smac> smac is Steve Macdonald
[13:18] * Shadowe_Lover is Rhainy…a newbie
[13:18] <doc> <– Rob Wynne
[13:18] * Merav is Merav Hoffman
[13:18] <Jodi> I recognize a lot of you from the chat boards and such. Hey, Gary. πŸ™‚ I know who YOU are, Steve. Like you’d use any other nickname.
[13:18] <doc> we met at Gafilk
[13:18] <smac> flanders is flanders
[13:18] <Flanders> I’m just a friendly local infobot.
[13:18] <Seanan> *is Seanan McGuire.*]
[13:18] <Kim> Kim is Kim as with rob wynne
[13:18] <Kim> i usually lurk
[13:18] <Seanan> Just in case you were confused. πŸ˜›
[13:18] <alymid> — Alyse Middleton
[13:18] * SurrDave is David Rood, Atlanta
[13:18] <Shadowe_Lover> Another bldg near the WTC has also fallen down….and they have lost *Many FireFighters* when the WTC collapsed
[13:18] <Kim> or not on at all
[13:18] * Katy is Kerstin Droege πŸ˜‰
[13:19] <FilkFerret> Damn, my mail is freezing on relply, Rob can you post to yahoo filk, I can’t get in
[13:19] <Jodi>Β Thanks, Seanan. Katy!! I miss you!! πŸ™‚
[13:19] <ny> shadowe: oh holy shit.
[13:19] <Kim> firefighters! oh no
[13:19] <doc> sure — what are we posting?
[13:19] * Kirstin is Kirstin Tanger
[13:19] <smac> shitshitshitshit…
[13:19] <Kim> palenstines are celebrating
[13:19] <Jodi>Β Geez…
[13:19] <ny> how are they ever going to sift through all that rubble?
[13:19] * Merav hugs Jodi
[13:19] <Shadowe_Lover> Yes, *Many* implying that *most* were in there when it came down
[13:19] * Seanan goes back to huddling in Penfold’s lap.
[13:19] <FilkFerret> URl or the IRC connect, I believe, right Mikie
[13:20] * Vila is the #Aphelion founder. Just doing a sanity check this tragic morning.
[13:20] <FilkFerret> oops Mike
[13:20] <Penfold> doc: I’ll msg you
[13:20] <doc> Penfold: ok
[13:20] <FilkFerret> Mike, please message me, I’m going to try massfilc also
[13:20] <Kim> 2 warships to nyc
[13:20] <Merav> lower manhattan is being evacuated. I can hear sirens from my window.
[13:20] * Jodi shudders
[13:20] <Kim> all skyscrapers in nyc to be evacuated
[13:20] <Seanan> People on one of my other chat groups are advocating bombing the Middle East as a precautionary measure. Has everyone gone insane?
[13:21] <Kim> dont get me started on the mideast
[13:21] <Seanan> Jodi? When I flee to Canada, can I use your couch?
[13:21] <Vila> The one in Penn. seems to have gone down short of a target. Heroic action on the pilot and crew’s part?
[13:21] <SurrDave> Seanan: It does seem a bit less than specific.
[13:21] <Merav> *sigh* No, people are just scared.
[13:21] <Kim> I will bite my tongue and be good
[13:21] <Shadowe_Lover> GreyHound has just annouced a shutdown in Most areas and Amtrak has basically shut down as well
[13:21] <Gary_PE> Just talked to Steven Joel Zeve. He hasn’t heard from anyone else around here
[13:21] <Jodi> It’s here, Seanan. It’s only a two-seater, but you’re welcome to it.
[13:21] <Merav> he and France are okay?
[13:21] <ny> seanan: yes. *sigh*
[13:22] * Merav goes AFK
[13:22] <Gary_PE> yep
[13:22] * Shadowe_Lover is sure the world has gone crazy…GreyHound and Amtrak shutdown and the world on the east coast falling apart
[13:22] <doc> Vila: we heard that one pilot did ditch his plane
[13:22] <Jodi> I only heard about this about an hour ago, unbelievably. That’ll teach me to watch my tv a little more often. :-/ I was blithely going about my usual internet marketing stuff when I saw a Yahoo! headline and freaked.
[13:22] <Vila> There was a car-bomb threat in Athens, Ga. about an hour ago. The stolen rental truck was cleared by the local bomb squad and the truck was towed off.
[13:22] <GEM> Kim: radio says that they need to dump huge amounts of water on the World Trade Center wreckage to keep the fires down
[13:22] <Seanan> Both my roommates have been evacuated. Management is still refusing to let us leave.
[13:23] * phydeaux is Dave Weingart
[13:23] <Jodi> DAVE!
[13:23] <SurrDave> I caught this in my daily check of stock market news. Took a while to find out what “WTC tragedy” really meant.
[13:23] <Kim> thanks gem for that info
[13:23] <Jodi> *hugs* Dave.
[13:23] <Katy> I was working when Anke sent me email asking whether I’d heard …
[13:23] * Seanan fluffles Dave. Jodi wuvs you.
[13:23] <Kim> i woke up to hear the news
[13:23] <doc> oh gods…..i know its an older proverb, but i just heard Dan Rather say “I’ve heard that revenge is best served cold”
[13:23] <Kim> just like challenger all those years ago
[13:23] <SurrDave> Yeah, heard that too.
[13:23] <Seanan> I got to work and got waylaid. I still can’t find Our Meg. She was flying home from Boston this morning.
[13:24] * phydeaux hugs Jodi
[13:24] <Kim> flying bad
[13:24] <doc> i’m trying not to be horribly amused by it, but i have this picture now of Dan Rather decked out in Kahn’s STWOK outfit
[13:24] <GEM> Shadowe: I have listed 65 on board UA flight 175 from Dulles to LAX
[13:24] <Jodi> She’ll likely get to you as soon as she can, Seanan. It’s pretty batty out there, understandably.
[13:24] * Shadowe_Lover is listening to the news that the local hospitals to the *Event* have lost ability to triage and are losing power
[13:24] <Kim> rob, you are too funny
[13:24] * SurrDave grins at doc.
[13:24] <GEM> Jodi: I am Greg McMullan
[13:24] <ny> -/me hugs seanan
[13:25] * Penfold hugs Seanan tight.
[13:25] <Kim> i am not surprised by the losing power in nyc
[13:25] <Jodi> Hi Greg.
[13:25] <Kim> major electric lines under wtc
[13:25] <ny> oh my god. I’d hate to be a unit coordinator in NYC today…
[13:25] <Vila> I heard about the first plane hitting the Tower in NY and turned on the TV. I saw the second plane hit, live. Then the rest of the hits as well.
[13:25] * GEM tries to imagine what good a mere 2 warships could do…Aegis ships to shoot down planes, maybe
[13:25] <Kim> 10,000 estimated dead
[13:26] <Vila> SOB *MUST* pay!
[13:26] <doc> also posted filkhaven pointer on the lois-bujold list, where a number of filkers hang out
[13:26] <Shadowe_Lover> Kim: That is about Horrendously low estimate
[13:26] <Kim> i bet it will go up
[13:26] <doc> Shadowe_Lover: those are CONFIRMED deaths, i believe
[13:26] <Seanan> I want Mars to get the hell home and let us know that she survived the Minnesota Morons. Traffic is hell, they closed the Great Mall.
[13:26] <Kim> sadly so
[13:26] <phydeaux> That’s decidely way low
[13:26] <Shadowe_Lover> ACK! I wonder if Mary Creasey made it home ok or hearing reports from LA that traffic is at a pretty near standstill
[13:27] <doc> Shadowe_Lover: people stuck in traffic will be ok
[13:27] <Shadowe_Lover> doc: ok…that makes sense then
[13:27] <Kim> lots of stuff in la getting closed down
[13:27] <SurrDave> Seanan: I’m online with a friend in Minneapolis. Did you need MN news?
[13:27] <Kim> lax is shut down with all other airports
[13:27] <ny> seanan: check your msg
[13:27] <SurrDave> Lots of public transportation also closed.
[13:27] <Seanan> No, I need my Mars back. I have fairly current news, but traffic there is apparently evil.
[13:27] <doc> Kim: all airports in the country are shut down
[13:28] <Seanan> Ny — I don’t have any msgs?
[13:28] <doc> CBS is now reporting that reports that the Canadian border was being closed were erroneous
[13:28] * Penfold hohums at Kevan.
[13:28] <GEM> If someone really wanted to make trouble for this country, they could probably have taken out our *whole* power network with the kind of effort that went into this
[13:28] <ny> seanan: you do now.
[13:28] <Penfold> The dear boy *does* take being a Klingon a bit FAR.
[13:28] <phydeaux> Kevan?
[13:28] <Shadowe_Lover> GEM I agree but I think they just wanted to shake us up first….
[13:28] <Seanan> Okay. *hugs Ny*
[13:28] <Penfold> indeed
[13:28] <GEM> note that three of the four planes hijacked were to LAX
[13:28] <Penfold> see rmf
[13:28] <doc> Penfold: yes, well…
[13:29] <doc> he’s.,….how can i put this nicely…..he has issues
[13:29] * Shadowe_Lover is actually *Waiting for the other foot to drop* and FEARING when it does
[13:29] <Kim> gem, that is why i posted that
[13:29] <RachelWrk> panix MOTD: “We have lost most of our NYC dialuos…”
[13:29] <Kim> panix is one of my email addys
[13:29] <GEM> Rachel: umm, yeah…
[13:29] <Shadowe_Lover> doc: It has been closed since about 845am..I live less than 5 minutes from it
[13:29] <RachelWrk> ditto
[13:29] <ny> seanan: anytime. *hug*
[13:30] <Jodi> Hi guys. Just got a call from Allison… She says that you’ve all been on her mind and she’s SO glad to hear that you folks are ok… She was really worried. She’ll likely be here when her teaching is done – in about three hours or so.
[13:30] *** Chiefy ( Quit (Off to talk to Talis.)
[13:30] <SurrDave> Shadowe: Note that they weren’t trying to kill many people. Could have been far worse. They were trying to be visible.
[13:30] <doc> Jodi: thanks!
[13:30] <doc> SurrDave: exactly. this was symbolic
[13:30] <Seanan> I’m glad she’s okay.
[13:30] <Seanan> I worry.
[13:30] <Shadowe_Lover> SurrDave: Yes I realize this in part, but am still waiting for *The rest* because I have a gut feeling about this…
[13:30] <Jodi> She’s ok. She has to deal with 30 kids trying to deal with this though…
[13:30] <Penfold> ooof
[13:31] <Penfold> send her hugs.
[13:31] <doc> i bet the ypicked the pentegon because it’s on the outskirts — you can reach it with a plane
[13:31] * Shadowe_Lover sadly is usually not wrong when she gets That kind of feeling
[13:31] <SurrDave> Which means that what they’re trying to accomplish relies on how the US *responds* more than on what they did.
[13:31] <doc> though i’m surprised they didn’t try for the capitol building
[13:31] <adamselzer> most blame still seems to be heading towards palestine and afghanistan…
[13:31] <Penfold> Kevin van Houten wrote:
[13:31] <Penfold> > I feel the need for writing songs of vengence and glory.
[13:31] <Penfold> I replied
[13:31] <Seanan> I think it was a domestic group.
[13:31] <Penfold> I feel the need for songs of shock, disbelief, sorrow and loss.
[13:31] <Penfold> Vengeance won’t restore any lives.
[13:31] <Kim> but of all the places in dc, one would think that the pentagon would have air coverage
[13:31] * phydeaux send hugs to Allison
[13:31] * Katy hugs Penfold πŸ™‚
[13:31] <adamselzer> first pro-war songs since ’45 are probably coming on, yeah.
[13:32] <Penfold> Kim: some reports say there was ground fire before the plane crashed into the Pentagon
[13:32] <doc> Penfold: nod. much like the people reacting to the Littlteon Massacre — vengence doesn’t solve anything
[13:32] <Kim> after the murray building bombing, we first that that mid-east was behind it
[13:32] <Vila> The fire might have been an aiming point for the plane’s pilot.
[13:32] <SurrDave> There were pro-war songs for the Iran Hostage Crisis and Desert Storm. Not many, but some.
[13:32] <Kim> we first thought, i should have said
[13:32] <KhaOS> According to a former Clinton adviser, since shooting at a commercial airliner is illegal, by the time they get authorisation to do so, it’d probably be too late.
[13:33] <Penfold> Vila: fire as in weaponry
[13:33] <ny> I knew people at Harvard who had names and trash and even rcks thrown at them just for being Middle Eastern. I would hate to see that and worse now…
[13:33] <Vila> Ah, sorry.
[13:33] <doc> nod
[13:33] <Penfold> KhaOS: yes, but…
[13:33] <FilkFerret> OK got it through to Mass Filc
[13:33] <doc> someone pointed out btw, that jet airliners are not very difficult to fly.
[13:33] <doc> they’re quite difficult to LAND, but…..
[13:33] <SurrDave> About two thirds of my coworkers are foreign. It’ll be interesting…
[13:33] <Gary_PE> Actually, the Pentagon ain’t on the outskirts…It’s across the river from downtown DC. And across the street (just about) from National Airport
[13:33] <Penfold> doc: a day with MS flight sim on a good computer would do
[13:33] <Penfold> and I don’t THINK I’m kidding
[13:34] <doc> yes, but i think directly over downtown is highly restricted airspace, yesno?
[13:35] <Penfold> doc, yes, but does that MATTER?
[13:35] <Vila> Penfold, Flight Instructors warn their students to avoid flight-sims to keep from crashing.
[13:35] <Seanan> Being evacuated.
[13:35] <Penfold> Vila: um…. and? *very wry smile*
[13:35] <doc> not sure
[13:35] *** smac changes topic to ‘Most NY/DC filx checked in OK.’
[13:35] <Gary_PE> doc: it is…but it’s only a few seconds of flight from the standard commercial path to any of the gov’t buildings. And remember, a small plane **did** crash land on the White House grounds a few years back
[13:36] <Shadowe_Lover> Finally Seanan?
[13:36] <doc> thats’ true
[13:36] <Penfold> Seanan: *hugs* See you when you get home?
[13:36] <GEM> OK, Fashion Square Mall is having ablood drive tonight…I will see if I can get there
[13:36] <doc> i wonder why they DIDNT target the captiol then
[13:36] <Vila> Flight sims don’t reproduce inertia and G-forces that throw off a pilot’s reflexes.
[13:36] <Shadowe_Lover> ***HUGS**** Seanan Be careful and hurry back
[13:36] <Jodi> Hope to see you from home, Seanan… Take care!
[13:36] <adamselzer> I’ve got to get back into school…fast…
[13:36] <Vila> Training by flight sim don’t work too good, in other words.
[13:36] <Seanan> Alarms are going off, and the lights are
[13:36] *** Seanan ( Quit (Leaving)
[13:36] <Jodi> Bye Adam!
[13:36] <doc> good idea, smac
[13:37] <smac> since it’s on andor, Mike can update as well
[13:37] <kyttn> when love? maybe I can go on my way home
[13:37] <Shadowe_Lover> Hmmm, do not like she got cut off like that…hopefully Seanan is ok
[13:37] <smac> for current list as I have it of filx status
[13:37] <Penfold> steve? do you mind if I move that to filknet’s space, so it gets mirrored to the US automatically?
[13:37] <Penfold> you’ll still be able to edit
[13:37] <smac> please do
[13:37] <adamselzer> no, not leaving, jsut planning…need to get re-enrolled, before I get drafted or something…
[13:38] <GEM> KhaOS: hmm. I’d be likely to take the risk, were it in my power (prosecution over illegally shooting at a plane vs not having done so)
[13:38] <Jodi> Ah… I see, Adam. πŸ™‚
[13:38] *** Penfold changes topic to ‘Most NY/DC filx checked in OK.’
[13:38] <adamselzer> heard another clip of Dubya saying he get the “folks responsible.” He’s really saying “folks.” G-d help us all.
[13:38] <Penfold> steve, rob
[13:38] <Penfold> mike@andor:~$ chgrp www-data /filknet/web/filx.html
[13:38] <Penfold> mike@andor:~$ groups smac
[13:38] <Penfold> smac : smac www-data
[13:38] <Penfold> edit as necessary
[13:39] <GEM> doc: most planes aren’t hard to fly…
[13:39] <doc> adamselzer: you know what. i think that bush is a moron. but this is no time to be hyper critical of him
[13:39] *** Guest (jicra@ has joined #filkhaven
[13:39] <Gary_PE> doc: actually, the Capitol’s not that inviting a target, other than symbolically. First, I’m not even sure Congress is back in session yet. And if so, the chambers usually aren’t very full. It would be shocking anyway…but unlike in Tom Clancy’s novel, you wouldn’t demolish that arm of government.
[13:39] <doc> ghiya guest — who goes there? πŸ™‚
[13:39] * doc hugs guest
[13:39] <Penfold> there’s a once every 5 mins mirror to the us page,
[13:39] <Guest> Brenda here.
[13:39] <Gary_PE> I’d figure the Pentagon’s far more important
[13:39] <Kim> but the congress is meeting tomorrow, supposedly
[13:39] <Penfold> Howdy, hon
[13:39] <doc> Gary_PE: but i think they ARE looking at symbolism
[13:39] * Katy hugs Brenda!!!
[13:39] <GEM> Vila: I doubt that there’s lots to feel in basic flying of a 7×7
[13:39] <ny> brenda!
[13:39] * kyttn nods and agrees with Rob. I think Bush is going to do the best he can to deal with this.
[13:39] <Jodi> Hi Brenda!
[13:39] <doc> heya Brenda
[13:40] <Kirstin> hi Brenda
[13:40] * Shadowe_Lover *HUGS* Everyone again..Just Cuz
[13:40] <SurrDave> Heya Brenda.
[13:40] * ny watched some of the coverage. my god.
[13:40] <doc> welcome to the Filk News Network.
[13:40] <Jodi> Thanks, Shadowe. WE need it.
[13:40] * Katy does, too *sigh*
[13:40] * ny hugs shadowe back
[13:40] * phydeaux hugs Brenda
[13:40] <Jodi> Uh… That should have been “We” – not “WE” πŸ™‚
[13:40] <GEM> adam: what’s wrong with saying “folks”? better than many ideas that one could use….
[13:40] <Guest> Huggin y’all back. Boy, did I need it!
[13:40] * KhaOS hugs Brenda!
[13:40] <adamselzer> something about it rubs me the wrong way.
[13:40] <Kim> ap london-based arabic newspaper got a warning from associates of bin laden the other day
[13:40] <Kim> but they ignored it
[13:41] <Shadowe_Lover> Yep I know we *All* need it…am still sitting here in shock
[13:41] <Katy> guess why we are all here … πŸ˜‰
[13:41] * FilkFerret hugs Brenda
[13:41] <Vila> You’ve got me. I’ve been in airplanes and felt the things fly, but I’m no pilot. My brother-in-law is the pilot in the family.
[13:41] <Shadowe_Lover> Katy Yep…is why I am here..Hubby went to work, and the boy is home, but he is only 8 and just doesn’t get it….sniff
[13:42] <Penfold> there’s some force feedback in the stick of a big airliner, apparently, but not a heck of a lot.
[13:42] <Katy> Shadowe: I rushed home, switched telly on and logged on …
[13:42] <Jodi> All of my co-workers are in the States – though they’re in New Mexico.
[13:42] <SurrDave> Another window pointed me to this minute-by-minute livehournal.
[13:42] <Kim> an associate of bin laden would have senteneced tomorrow at a court building across from the wtc
[13:42] <Guest> Heard the Canadian borders are closed.
[13:42] <Guest> And the Mexican.
[13:42] <FilkFerret> Mexaican is also
[13:42] <GEM> I’ve flown several small planes that friends have taken off – I doubt that a commercial plane would be any harder to crash into something like that
[13:42] <Shadowe_Lover> Katy: I wouldn’t let the boy go to school, we are 5 minutes from the Canadian border at home, but his school is only 1 minute away
[13:42] <Guest> The Governor of NY has told folks to walk out.
[13:43] <doc> actually, i heard CBS say the Canadian border is open
[13:43] <SurrDave> Brenda: Mexican. The Canadian border is not really closable due to size/resource ratio.
[13:43] <FilkFerret> No, A plane is quite easy to fly once airbourne
[13:43] * Shadowe_Lover also realizes she is less than 5 minutes from 3 of the largest Oil Refineries on the west coast…and <Shudders>
[13:43] <Kim> brenda, the mayor asked that of people in nyc
[13:43] <doc> there’s a lot of raw data flowing in though — will take a while to sort what’s reliable
[13:43] <Shadowe_Lover> SurrDave I would beg to differ, our part of the Canadian BOrder is Locked Down Tight
[13:43] <Kim> cabs have disappeared off nyc streets
[13:43] <GEM> Hah! ops are using wallops to share info on flights, blood donation and such
[13:44] <FilkFerret> But if there are 2 other planes reported down, the crew may have kept the terreorists from taking over
[13:44] <Shadowe_Lover> They may not be able to close the *Whole* border but it sure is closed ehre
[13:44] <doc> sure, this is obviously the work of those devilish Canadians.
[13:44] <Kim> doc is silly
[13:44] <Guest> We’ve got one of our companies that was having its convention in Vancouver.
[13:44] *** MikeDetroit ( has joined #filkhaven
[13:44] <Guest> He can’t leave.
[13:44] <Shadowe_Lover> I think it is more to keep travel to a minimum til thigs calm down
[13:44] <doc> greetings MikeDetroit!
[13:44] <Penfold> Which Mike’d that be?
[13:44] <Jodi> Hi Mike.
[13:44] <GEM> Hi Mike
[13:45] <Vila> Actually Penfold, I was more concerned with the natural movements of the plane as it bulls its way through the air. I know small planes sway and buck a bit, but larger planes weigh enough to be relativly more stable. But I guessed that the *feel* of the flying would be somewhat similar.
[13:45] <Gary_PE> Also, re the Capitol, it’s 2-3 miles from the flight paths, across the restricted space. There **might** be just enough reaction time that a plane headed for the capitol could be shot down
[13:45] *** Guest1 (jicra@ has joined #filkhaven
[13:45] <MikeDetroit> Hiya to all.
[13:45] <Shadowe_Lover> Brenda, my hubby’s company has a lot of emplowyees in BC
[13:45] *** Guest1 (jicra@ Quit (Leaving)
[13:45] <Penfold> GEM: we’d do the same if we weren’t a one channel site
[13:45] <MikeDetroit> I lurk on the filk ML, and saw the note about the web IRC thingy.. .figured I’d get some news… πŸ™‚
[13:45] <Jodi> Welcome. πŸ™‚
[13:45] <GEM> Gary: yeah, but where would the wreckage come down? it’d likely be worse to shoot it down than to not try
[13:45] <SurrDave> Shadowe: I defer re: Canadian border–all I know is what I saw around Vancouver.
[13:45] <FilkFerret> Welcome
[13:46] <Shadowe_Lover> Guest, Brenda…if you enter the slash mark and then the word nick and a space then enter Brenda you will show up as yourself πŸ™‚
[13:46] *** FilkFerret is now known as AFK-Ferret
[13:46] <doc> Shadowe_Lover: that doesnt work on the java client
[13:46] <Shadowe_Lover> SurrDave Are you in BC then?
[13:46] <doc> she’d have to log off and relog on
[13:46] <Shadowe_Lover> Ah didn’t realize she was on JAVA doc Thanks
[13:47] <Penfold> Jicra’s not the world’s best IRC client, but it does…
[13:47] <SurrDave> No, but I lived in Seattle a few years.
[13:47] <AFK-Ferret> LOL the Guest is a good indication, Shadow πŸ™‚
[13:47] <Shadowe_Lover> I am in Blaine SurrDave
[13:47] <Shadowe_Lover> Ok SurrDave I was wondering because our local TV station is AT the Peace Arch border and they are closed
[13:47] *** Guest (jicra@ Quit (Ping timeout)
[13:48] <SurrDave> I’m thinking of wilderness places like Montana.
[13:48] <MikeDetroit> BRB
[13:48] <MikeDetroit> AFK
[13:48] <Gary_PE> GEM: the wreckage would land smack in the middle of the Mall, i’d gather. Minor damage to buildings, but I wouldn’t want to be a pedestrian…
[13:48] * Shadowe_Lover is thinking of Northwest Territories….
[13:48] *** Penfold changes topic to ‘Most NY/DC filx checked in OK.’
[13:48] <Vila> Dave, you forgot the wilderness places like Georgia, LOL!
[13:48] <ny> one of my favorite coworkers and my fiance were on the Mall one week ago. meep.
[13:48] <SurrDave> We don’t have wilderness, but I-16 is Limbo.
[13:49] <MikeDetroit> Are you talking about a possible attack on the White House? Isn’t it protect by SAMs?
[13:49] <SurrDave> I mean, like, the road appears out of nothingness in front of you and vanishes behind you.
[13:49] *** Penfold changes topic to ‘Most NY/DC filx checked in OK | | 1-800-GIVE-LIFE’
[13:49] <Vila> Ah, Atlanta has Purgatory… er, I-285.
[13:49] <Penfold> that number correct, yes?
[13:49] <doc> MikeDetroit: we were speculating on crashing a plane on the capitol
[13:49] <MikeDetroit> Doc – Aha.
[13:49] <GEM> Gary: OK, I was not sure what all of the routes would be like. looks like the Pentagon plane may have been from Newark
[13:49] <SurrDave> Vila: That would be the First Circle.
[13:50] <phydeaux> I’ve heard from Danny Lieberman, who works at thge same company as marc Glasser
[13:50] <Penfold> the first WTC plane was from boston
[13:50] <Vila> Ask Doc, he has to fight it each workday.
[13:50] <doc> no i dont
[13:50] <phydeaux> He said that they were evaced, but no damange or injuries there, so I think we can assume marc is OK
[13:50] <GEM> no, CBS is saying that the PA plane is the one from Newark
[13:50] <doc> i dont go NEAR atlanta interstates during rush hour πŸ™‚
[13:50] <Penfold> Fox had a route dioagram for it, showing a 90 deg turn over upstate NY to head for WTC
[13:50] <SurrDave> On Friday we move to an office at Perimeter. I live by Cumberland. HellOOOOOO, top-end!
[13:51] <Kim> oh yes, surrdave, we were talking about I-16 at the housefilk!
[13:51] <SurrDave> TOTAL nothingness.
[13:51] <Jodi> Guys, I need to take a break here. I’ll be back soon though, promise. Take care, ok?
[13:51] <Vila> Last time I was on 285, I was on my mororcycle. Hellooooo warp 7.9!
[13:51] <Penfold> Erica Neely:
[13:51] <Penfold> For those of you who know that my family lives right outside of Washington
[13:51] <Penfold> D.C. (and, in fact, my mom and one of my sisters and her partner work in
[13:51] <Penfold> D.C.), they just got home to Virginia okay.
[13:51] * phydeaux hugs Jodi
[13:51] <Shadowe_Lover> bye Jodi *HUGS*
[13:51] * phydeaux didn’t know that Mike, but….good, glad they’re safe!
[13:51] * ny hugs jodi and hugs mike and yays for him
[13:51] <RachelWrk> bllod shortage in DC area, according to radio
[13:51] <Jodi> Glad to hear about Erica’s folks! Take care all. I’ll be back soon.
[13:51] <KhaOS> Good to know.
[13:51] <Shadowe_Lover> Relieved sigh, to hear of Erica’s family
[13:52] <doc> Penfold: wonderful
[13:52] *** Bruce_Adelsohn ( has joined #filkhaven
[13:52] <doc> bruce!
[13:52] <Penfold> Now THAT’s a sight for sore eyes.
[13:52] <Shadowe_Lover> We have 5 battle ships being deployed along hte east coast…
[13:52] <Penfold> Hi Bruce! Mike Whitaker…
[13:52] <Shadowe_Lover> Bruce_Adelsohn *HUGS*
[13:52] <phydeaux> Hey Bruce
[13:52] <smac> hey, bruce!
[13:52] <RachelWrk> bruce! *hug*
[13:52] * phydeaux <- Dave Weingart
[13:52] <Bruce_Adelsohn> Yep! We’re okay. Was getting up to go to work when we hear news
[13:52] * Merav hugs Bruce
[13:53] * Shadowe_Lover is now wondering what they are doing for the West Coast…kinda leaving us wide open here it seems to me
[13:53] <GEM> Gary: any contact info for Keith Glass?
[13:53] <Bruce_Adelsohn> *hugs* to all
[13:53] <GEM> Bruce!
[13:53] <Bruce_Adelsohn> Dave! All okay?
[13:53] *** Joey ( has joined #filkhaven
[13:53] <phydeaux> Bruce: yeah, so far
[13:53] * ny is going to go do some actual work
[13:53] <doc> hi joey
[13:53] * phydeaux hugs Joey!
[13:53] <Merav> Bruce: any word from Abby?
[13:53] <KhaOS> Hey, Joey.
[13:53] * Merav hugs Joey
[13:53] * Katy hugs Joey!!!
[13:53] <Bruce_Adelsohn> All okay.
[13:53] <Bruce_Adelsohn> Rennie checks in okay
[13:53] <Kim>
[13:53] <GEM> Shadowe: I’m thinking that they may not have anything else available, given how long it has been
[13:54] <Kim> b&w pic of the wtc
[13:54] <doc> has she made contact with Mike yet? kathy mar was asking me
[13:54] <MikeDetroit> Whoops, I’ve just been told that Ford Motor Company is closing the World Headquarters building (where I am now)… gonna jet. Hugs to all from a Lurker on the list. πŸ™‚
[13:54] <doc> thanks for checking in, Mike
[13:54] <Shadowe_Lover> Ok just heard an update on the Pitts crash
[13:54] <Merav> safe home Mike
[13:54] <Gary_PE> Greg: Nope, I don’t have contact info for Keith. Maybe through SteveB
[13:54] *** MikeDetroit ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2 [EOF])
[13:54] *** ny ( Quit (Leaving)
[13:54] <GEM> Erica posted asking about him on rmf
[13:54] <Joey> First time user here – just read Seanan’s note.
[13:54] <Kim> tell abt pitts crash
[13:54] * Kirstin hugs Joey
[13:54] * Shadowe_Lover says it was said a passenger locked himself into the restroom on the plane and used his cell phone to call 911 on the ground…
[13:55] <GEM> Hi Joey!
[13:55] <GEM> Shadowe: are you listening to CBS? I just heard that one
[13:55] * Shadowe_Lover continues, they have not released all the transpcripts but the man repeatedly said, We are being hijacked, this is not a hoax
[13:55] <phydeaux> What’s the update, Rhauiny
[13:55] <Penfold> Joey!!!
[13:55] <Bruce_Adelsohn> I think she said yes and all was okay. Trying to figure out how to pick Liam up from daycare without regular trains
[13:55] <Penfold> <– Mike Whitaker
[13:55] *** Penfold is now known as Mike_Whitaker
[13:55] <Mike_Whitaker> I think, for today…
[13:55] *** Mike_Whitaker is now known as MikeWhitaker
[13:55] <Shadowe_Lover> I have about 4 feeds going in the house…3 radio stations and the Canadian TV broadcast
[13:56] *** doc is now known as RobWynne
[13:56] <RobWynne> good idea
[13:56] *** GEM is now known as GregMcMullan
[13:56] <GregMcMullan> yup, very good
[13:56] *** KhaOS is now known as TerenceChua
[13:56] *** Shadowe_Lover is now known as Rhainy
[13:56] *** Katy is now known as KatyDroege
[13:56] *** AFK-Ferret is now known as Frank_Parker
[13:56] <Bruce_Adelsohn> How’s all of Boston — nobody on planes, I hope?
[13:56] *** BrendaS (jicra@ has joined #filkhaven
[13:56] *** phydeaux is now known as DaveWeingart
[13:56] * TerenceChua rehugs Brenda
[13:56] *** Vila is now known as Dan_Hollifield
[13:56] <GregMcMullan> Hi Brenda
[13:56] <Merav> Hi Brenda
[13:56] <RobWynne> Rachel said a friend of a friend was on one of the UA flights πŸ™
[13:56] <Rhainy> BrendaS *HUGS*
[13:57] <Rhainy> Oh No….
[13:57] *** SurrDave is now known as DavidRood
[13:57] <RobWynne> re Brenda
[13:57] <MikeWhitaker> I’d change Flander’s nick, but he’s just … Flanders…
[13:57] * Rhainy is still hoping to hear her Uncle was NOT at work at the pentagon today
[13:57] <Joey> Hi and hugs to all! For interested parties, I checked w/Julia Ecklar in Pittsburgh (I stayed with her after MilPhil) and she’s okay.
[13:57] <Dan_Hollifield> NP, Mike.
[13:57] <Merav> Mike: and that’s reassuring.
[13:57] <TerenceChua> Good, Joey.
[13:57] <Merav> Joey: thank you
[13:57] <RobWynne> Joey good!
[13:57] <KatyDroege> good πŸ™‚
[13:57] <Rhainy> Oh GOOD! thanks Joey
[13:57] <MikeWhitaker> *smile* This is true.
[13:57] <Merav> Randy Hoffman is fine too
[13:57] <Dan_Hollifield> What possible target was in Penn.?
[13:57] *** smac is now known as SteveMac
[13:57] <Merav> as are the members of ILK at Swarthmore
[13:58] <Dan_Hollifield> Any speculation, folks?
[13:58] <Rhainy> We think maybe CERT at CMU
[13:58] <Frank_Parker> I have to get going to work, I’ll try to get back on. Rob or Mike, PLEASE keep me posted e-mail and larissa is at
[13:58] <Dan_Hollifield> Maybe the Liberty Bell?
[13:58] <RobWynne> its also possible that that plane didn’t get to wherever it was going
[13:58] <Rhainy> Frank_Parker ***HUGS**** Hurry back and Be Careful
[13:58] <RobWynne> from pittsburgh, either NYC or WashDC is a possible flight path
[13:58] * Rhainy thinks this is no where near over….<shuddering in fear still>
[13:58] <Bruce_Adelsohn> Heard it was failed; that it was supposed to be 2nd shot at DC area
[13:59] <Frank_Parker> Probably the white house
[13:59] <Dan_Hollifield> Rob, I think the pilot crashed the plane rather than submit on that one.
[13:59] *** Simon ( has joined #FilkHaven
[13:59] <RobWynne> nod
[13:59] <TerenceChua> I’m going to go to bed, now.
[13:59] <MikeWhitaker> Heya.
[13:59] <Rhainy> nite TerenceChua **HUGS**
[13:59] *** kyttn is now known as MayaCorbin
[13:59] <RobWynne> night Terence!
[13:59] <KatyDroege> good night Terence
[13:59] <TerenceChua> I’ll check back when it’s dawn…
[13:59] <MayaCorbin> goodnight Terence *HUG*
[13:59] * Frank_Parker sends hugs and love to all of you.
[13:59] <Bruce_Adelsohn> Goodnight, Terence
[13:59] *** TerenceChua is now known as Terence_Asleep
[13:59] *** Simon is now known as SimonFairbourn
[13:59] *** Kirstin is now known as KirstinTanger
[13:59] *** Frank_Parker ( Quit
[14:00] <Dan_Hollifield> It would depend upon where the flight originated, I guess.
[14:00] * Merav hugs Terence
[14:00] <SimonFairbourn> Terence: to think we joked how quiet today was…
[14:00] <MikeWhitaker> Erica asking about keith Glass…
[14:00] <BrendaS> Hey, bro… what’s the take in the UK?
[14:00] <Kim> hi, brenda
[14:00] <SteveMac> where is keith located?
[14:01] * MikeWhitaker smiles. President… ahem.. Prime Minister Blair is giving the obvious ‘supportive, outraged’ speech right this minute
[14:01] <SteveMac> filx.html updated
[14:01] <DaveWeingart> confirmed, marc glasser is OK
[14:01] <RobWynne> MikeWhitaker: just heard it
[14:01] <SimonFairbourn> The Queen was one of the first to send messages of condolance
[14:01] <RobWynne> excellent!
[14:01] <MikeWhitaker> I dunno – East Coast is all.
[14:01] <Joey> Signing off to go to work meeting. Be back later. Take care all!
[14:01] <Bruce_Adelsohn> Cool. Vijay Bowen also confirmed okay
[14:01] <RobWynne> thanks for the update, Joey
[14:01] <MikeWhitaker> Take care, Joey
[14:01] *** Joey ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2)
[14:01] <Rhainy> take cae Joey
[14:02] <SimonFairbourn> Sky are showing lots of pictures.
[14:02] <SteveMac>
[14:02] <MikeWhitaker> tell you what, Rob….
[14:02] <RobWynne> the Neilson Haydens have reported in on SMOF-L
[14:02] <Gary_PE> Steve: Keith lives in Manassas, VA. Worked in Centerville, VA, private company last I heard, that puts him away from the action
[14:02] <SimonFairbourn> General chat is – don’t know who – isn’t it terrible
[14:02] <MikeWhitaker> #define NAMELEN 14 was a REALLY GOOD CALL when we compiled these servers…
[14:03] <KirstinTanger> have to log off, because the baby is hungry. Will come back later…
[14:03] <SteveMac> *giggle*
[14:03] * MikeWhitaker thinks on the next rebuild a bigger value for TOPICLEN might be in order
[14:03] *** adamselzer is now known as AdamSelzer
[14:03] <Rhainy> **HUGS** KirstinTanger Hurry bacl
[14:03] <RobWynne> MikeWhitaker: no kidding!
[14:03] <GregMcMullan> I doubt CERT was a target; if the PA plane was aiming for the Liberty Bell, it was way the hell off course
[14:03] *** KirstinTanger (kirstin@ Quit
[14:03] *** BrendaS (jicra@ Quit (Ping timeout)
[14:03] <GregMcMullan> Sleep well Terence
[14:03] *** Sheryl ( has joined #filkhaven
[14:03] <AdamSelzer> and what good would hitting hte liberty bell do? It’s already broken.
[14:03] <MikeWhitaker> *chuckle*
[14:04] <Rhainy> Damn 125 firefighters are most likely inside and casualties
[14:04] <RobWynne> hi Sheryl!
[14:04] <Dan_Hollifield> It might have been the plane from Texas, but my grasp of Penn. geography is very limited.
[14:04] <MisterFive> I heard it was aiming for the capitol or whitehouse, but there was a struggle.
[14:04] <Rhainy> And there was a bunch more that were sent in…and they believe they are dead as well
[14:04] <Bruce_Adelsohn> Anyone heard from Matt Leger?
[14:04] <RobWynne> he was here earlier
[14:04] <MikeWhitaker> Bruce_Adelsohn: yes
[14:04] <Rhainy> Matt was here earlier
[14:04] <MikeWhitaker> he’s fine
[14:05] <Bruce_Adelsohn> Thanks
[14:05] * Merav hugs Sheryl
[14:05] <Gary_PE> Hi Sheryl!
[14:05] * Gary_PE hugs Sheryl
[14:05] *** MikeWhitaker changes topic to ‘Most NY/DC filx checked in OK | | 1-800-GIVE-LIFE’
[14:05] <GregMcMullan> the reports I’ve gotten indicate that the PA plane may have been from Newark – flew way past Philly
[14:05] * MikeWhitaker refreshes the /topic just in case.
[14:05] <GregMcMullan> Rhainy: I suspect way more than 125 dead firefighters, given the crash πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™
[14:05] * GregMcMullan is from Philadelphia.
[14:06] * DaveWeingart hugs Sheryl
[14:06] <Bruce_Adelsohn> calling now
[14:06] <GregMcMullan> Dan: there was a plane from Texas? I’ve heard Newark, Boston, and Dulles (DC)
[14:06] <Rhainy> Yes…adn I am also hearing hte Main Fire Station HDQTRS was near the WTC and they have been unable to reach anyone with the NY Fire Dept
[14:06] * Rhainy heard from WOlrd Org of Fire Fighters spokesman
[14:06] <RobWynne> i suspect the NYFD is rather…..out of the office at the moment
[14:07] <Dan_Hollifield> OK, I’ve heard no announcement of which plane was from where. just that 2 from boston, 1 from newark, and 1 from texas.
[14:07] <Rhainy> RobWynne Yes, but they have not been able to reach anyone since the final collapse
[14:07] <Dan_Hollifield> No notice of which plane went where.
[14:07] <Bruce_Adelsohn> no answer, lots of messages on maching (LONG beeps). Gotta go — need phone. Back later
[14:07] <Rhainy> hurry back Bruce_Adelsohn
[14:07] * Merav hugs Bruce
[14:07] <Merav> best to Maya and family
[14:07] <Bruce_Adelsohn> yep. Picking her up for company now
[14:07] <SimonFairbourn> UA flight 93 is the one that crashed near Pittsburg.
[14:07] <Merav> good
[14:08] <Dan_Hollifield> Simon, where did it take off from?
[14:08] <MikeWhitaker> Rhainy: remember the WTC basement has a bigass telecomms hub in it
[14:08] <MikeWhitaker> (if you remember from the car park bomb)
[14:08] <DaveWeingart> OK
[14:08] <DaveWeingart> I’m going home
[14:08] * Merav hugs Dave
[14:08] <Bruce_Adelsohn> bye, all Be well. Big hugs from all. How do we explain this to Zander
[14:08] <DaveWeingart> seeya later
[14:08] <AdamSelzer> going to check tv for anything new…
[14:08] <Merav> slowly
[14:08] *** DaveWeingart ( Quit (ircII2.8.2-EPIC3.004 — Bloatware at its finest.)
[14:08] *** Bruce_Adelsohn ( Quit (Leaving)
[14:08] <Rhainy> MikeWhitaker Yes I do…but the FDs USUALLY have *Other* communications means not relying on phone ans such…
[14:09] * Rhainy used to dispatched for several FDs
[14:09] <SimonFairbourn> It’ll come back in a minute.
[14:09] <MikeWhitaker> MLB has cancelled all games today.
[14:09] <Merav> Steve: Add Lyrra to the okay list.
[14:09] <Kim> the plane crashed in western pa about an hour se of pitts
[14:09] <Dan_Hollifield> Runners and bike messengers, right Rhainy?
[14:09] <Rhainy> And the Emmys have been canceled indefinitely
[14:10] <RobWynne> going to grb some ramen from the car. brb
[14:10] <Rhainy> No, radio systems, that run on battery or gen ops
[14:10] <GregMcMullan> bloody hell! check out
[14:10] <Dan_Hollifield> Ahh. Thanks, R.
[14:10] <Rhainy> Using repeater technology to reach far distances
[14:10] <Kim> greg, what is at that link?
[14:10] <Rhainy> Used to talk to Canada when I worked for CDF on the Fire lines
[14:11] <GregMcMullan> Kim: radar map of the smoke over NYC
[14:11] <Dan_Hollifield> Ah! Good show!
[14:11] <MikeWhitaker> yeesh
[14:11] <GregMcMullan> time
[14:11] <Flanders> Tue Sep 11 18:10:24 2001 GMT
[14:12] <KatyDroege> ok guys, going for now … will probably be back later, but need to get a few thing done. THANKS for being here, everyone. *hug*
[14:12] <Rhainy> Live broadcast from the WTC area…from ABC…will update if I have anything new
[14:12] * Merav hugs Katy
[14:12] <Rhainy> 50 hospitals and running out of resources
[14:12] * KatyDroege hugs Merav
[14:12] <Rhainy> KatyDroege *HUGS* take care
[14:12] <Merav> there’s a three hour wait to give blood at ST. Luke’s around the corner
[14:12] <Dan_Hollifield> Our local radio has gone to normal addverts.
[14:12] * KatyDroege hugs everyone goodbye
[14:13] <SteveMac> most recent update to is timestamped 2:10.
[14:13] <SteveMac> if you have an earlier timestamp, reload- it may take some time to come through.
[14:13] <GregMcMullan> Merav: Yay! (That’s such good news that there are people wanting to give blood)
[14:13] *** MikeWhitaker changes topic to ‘NY/DC folks OK – check | Give blood – 1-800-GIVE-LIFE’
[14:13] * KatyDroege waves
[14:13] <MikeWhitaker> there – just fits
[14:13] *** KatyDroege ( Quit
[14:13] <Rhainy> Good! Wish I could give blood…maybe Hubby will be able to
[14:14] * Rhainy has such a phobia about needles she passes out, they won’t let her give :o(
[14:14] <Merav> People are crossing the brooklyn bridge on foot
[14:14] <Merav> and the 59th st.
[14:14] <Rhainy> OMG! On Foot?
[14:14] <Merav> on foot
[14:14] <GregMcMullan> Huh. blood drive previously scheduled at MIT for today has been cancelled
[14:14] <SimonFairbourn> OK, got the details…
[14:14] <Rhainy> Why???? Why would they cancel?
[14:15] <SimonFairbourn> American Airlines – flight 11 Boston to LA
[14:16] <GregMcMullan> because the people involved in the red cross are doing other things…they’ve rescheduled for tomorrow and Thursday
[14:16] <SimonFairbourn> American Airlines – Wasington Dullas to LA
[14:16] <DavidRood> I would think that colleges would be among the best places to do a blood drive.
[14:16] <Dan_Hollifield> I feel like the people who got frightened by Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds program. My granfather got his army pistol and ran out in the yard to defend his wife and 6 kids from the *martians*.
[14:16] <SimonFairbourn> United – 175 Boston to LA
[14:17] <GregMcMullan> David: yes, the MIT ones happen regularly…when I wasw an undergrad there, a significant fraction of the elective surgery in New England was done following one of our drives
[14:17] <SimonFairbourn> Flight 93 Newark to San Francisco
[14:17] <SimonFairbourn> Source SKY news UK.
[14:17] <AdamSelzer> back later…I need a break…
[14:17] <GregMcMullan> Simon: the AA Dulles-LAX was number 77
[14:18] *** AdamSelzer is now known as AdamSel_afk
[14:18] <SimonFairbourn> Oddly enough, the most extensive coverage I’ve seen or heard is BBC Radio 4. Hurrah for Aunty.
[14:19] *** NYCajun ( has joined #filkhaven
[14:19] * Rhainy had to go check on her sick kitty…am praying he is getting better…
[14:19] <GregMcMullan> Hey Matt
[14:19] <NYCajun> hi y’all
[14:19] <Rhainy> wb Matt
[14:19] * MikeWhitaker smiles a touch. And my favourite line of all is still that ,masterly piece of understatement from Brian Hanrahan on the BBC
[14:19] <Merav> Matt: Bruce checked in.
[14:20] <Merav> they’re all fine
[14:20] <NYCajun> glad to hear it…I called Donna Glasser and annoyed hell out of her trying to check on Marc.
[14:20] * Rhainy hopes to find the dosing for her kitty so she can medicate him….sigh
[14:20] <Merav> but he’s okay?
[14:20] <Dan_Hollifield> So what target that could demoralize americans is located on or near a line from Newark to Suffolk Co. Penn.?
[14:20] <RobWynne> back
[14:20] <Rhainy> with the traffic as it is up here, do not want to have to drive ANYWHERE
[14:20] <NYCajun> it was surreal reading the Daily News and seeing all the stories and columns written before anyone knew of this…
[14:21] <NYCajun> Merav: Donna said she had heard from Marc. No word on where he is exactly.
[14:21] <Dan_Hollifield> Military, industrial, financial?
[14:21] <MikeWhitaker> Dan_Hollifield: remember, the pilot may have wised up and flown away from the desired destination…
[14:21] <MisterFive> I heard they think it might have been intended for the capitol or white house.
[14:21] <Kim> greg, thanks for radar map–that is just horrible to look at
[14:22] <NYCajun> All citywide subway service is shut down – hundreds were walking up Queens Blvd. along the #7 line finishing interrupted or prevented trips.
[14:22] <Kim> that pilot is a hero!
[14:22] <MayaCorbin> Radar Map? Somehow I have missed something
[14:22] <Dan_Hollifield> Mike, I’m betting he threw the plane to the ground as soon as he relized what the hijackers really wanted.
[14:22] <RobWynne> ok, here’s what was bing reported
[14:22] <GregMcMullan> Dan: I would think that that plane was intended to be a second hit on DC somewhere
[14:22] <RobWynne> that plane was flying from Newark to SF when it suddenly diverted couarse towards the washington DC area
[14:22] <RobWynne> then it suddenly crashed
[14:22] <NYCajun> I suspect the hijackers would have anticipated pilot intransigence and trained to pilot the plane themselves to the target after shooting the pilot.
[14:22] <Kim> american airlines 93 crahsed in pa
[14:23] <Dan_Hollifield> OK, my geography is slim outside the SE US.
[14:23] <MisterFive> Sounds like the pilot crashed it on purpose, yeah.
[14:23] <GregMcMullan> NYCajun: yes, but what if the pilot was brave enough to crash the plane before they could fix it?
[14:23] <Kim> ap says that a person on the plane on a cell phone told an emergecny person that they were being hijacked
[14:24] <Rhainy> They are now saying that not only the Fire Fighters, but the *Other* Emergency responders are lost when the WTC collapsed
[14:24] <Kim> dan, pitts is in southern western pa
[14:24] <NYCajun> Greg: I would expect the pilot to have tried to ditch in the river rather than crash it into the WTC.
[14:24] * Rhainy wonders why no one else bothered to mention this yet in the news
[14:24] <Kim> somerset, where plane crashed is abt an hour se of pitts
[14:24] <RobWynne> Rhainy: um, not to be grim, but it’s pretty much a given
[14:25] *** Sheryl ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2 [EOF])
[14:25] <Rhainy> RobWynne I know, but no one seems to bother to mention them…
[14:25] <Kim> john mccain on abc
[14:25] * NYCajun says a prayer for the souls of the firefighters lost, brothers to his father and younger brother in the IAFF
[14:26] <GregMcMullan> NYCajun: I am guessing that the PA plane is the only one where the original pilot got to do something, since the others seem to have hit their targets
[14:26] <Dan_Hollifield> Cajun, we’re guessing that the hijackers killed the pilots of the other 3 planes and took over successfully, and that the crew of the 4th plane resisted and sacrificed themselves.
[14:26] * Rhainy also adds her prayers also to all the other responders lost as well…
[14:27] <SimonFairbourn> No pilot would willingly crash those planes there. It must have been a question of where to die.
[14:27] <Dan_Hollifield> Want to bet there’ll be a movie of the week about this before Thanksgiving? Hollywood won’t worry that its disrespectful and morbid- as long as it makes money.
[14:27] <NYCajun> wonder if the black boxes have been found yet?
[14:27] <MikeWhitaker> NYCajun: I was wondering that
[14:28] <MikeWhitaker> and if they survived
[14:28] <Rhainy> Matt, they haven’t even been able to get *close* to the sites really yet
[14:28] <Dan_Hollifield> Only the Penn. one would be at all easy to get to.
[14:28] <SimonFairbourn> I’m put in mind of the French pilot of Concorde who managed to avoid hte suburbs of Paris despite having no engine power.
[14:28] <NYCajun> I’m reminded of a joke someone made: if the black boxes are made of stuff that can survive the worst disasters, why don’t they make the whole plane out of that stuff?
[14:28] <Dan_Hollifield> ‘Cause it’d be too heavy to fly?
[14:28] <SimonFairbourn> Weight?
[14:29] * Rhainy thinks the rescuers first priority will be to see *IF* by the grace of TPTB Anyone is alive….
[14:29] <AdamSel_afk> heard something about a recording of a plane just saying “we’re being hijacked” over and over
[14:29] <NYCajun> ghods, this will be worse than OKC as far as digging people out…
[14:29] <Dan_Hollifield> Much worse.
[14:29] <Rhainy> Matt…OKC doesn’t even come close…sadly
[14:30] <Dan_Hollifield> WTC is 10 times taller, or more.
[14:30] * NYCajun contemplates 96 stories of debris in two piles and shudders
[14:30] <Dan_Hollifield> From what I saw, the debris took out about 4 city blocks around the base of the towers.
[14:30] <Rhainy> And Matt, there was for certain at least 1 other Large bldg next to the WTC that also collapsed
[14:31] <NYCajun> There was some collateral damage in the immediate vicinity.
[14:31] <Rhainy> Dan_Hollifield That sounds about right
[14:31] <NYCajun> I worked down that way for awhile a couple of years ago – in the World Financial Center down the street.
[14:31] * Rhainy has worked rescue and fire before as well..when she was younger and more able bodied
[14:31] <Dan_Hollifield> I was watching it on CNN and caught it live. The debris cloud was about a block on all sides.
[14:32] *** SimonFairbourn ( Quit
[14:32] <GregMcMullan> Simon: I don’t think that the official pilots of any of those planes would willingly do so, but I can easily see that sick souls would do so
[14:32] <Dan_Hollifield> The pile of rubble ought to be about 3 to 7 stories tall.
[14:32] <NYCajun> these days if you work anywhere in that part of NYC you take your life in your hands.
[14:32] <GregMcMullan> Dan: I would think at least that
[14:33] <Dan_Hollifield> I’m only guessing.
[14:33] <Dan_Hollifield> I’m got a good sense of spacial relationships.
[14:33] <NYCajun> Colin Powell is making a statement as SecState now
[14:33] <Kim> faa wont let any more planes in air until noon tomorrow
[14:34] <NYCajun> CBS 2 reports the UN has been evacuated.
[14:34] <Dan_Hollifield> And I’ve been wired to my peak since the first news came in.
[14:34] * Rhainy has been wired and shaken…damn nast combination…bp is through the roof as well…sniff
[14:35] <Rhainy> Does Not help I am fairly empathic either…no help at all…
[14:35] <AdamSel_afk> my sister’s work just called to say they’re closed for two days…I hope it’s with-pay.
[14:35] <NYCajun> make that 110 stories of debris…
[14:35] <Dan_Hollifield> Rhainy, I find that fear tends to focus the mind wonderfully.
[14:35] <Kim> hugs to rhaniny–me too–that is why i keep shields up
[14:36] <Rhainy> Kim and Dan_Hollifield I know…I am trying to shield but it is SO Strong…
[14:36] <NYCajun> the Daily News website is up to speed – their afternoon Express edition will probably be a bit late today
[14:36] * Rhainy is Good at shielding, but the force is just way too high and some leaks thru
[14:36] <GregMcMullan> Oh, man….with all planes grounded, the local hospitals report having trouble getting blood
[14:37] <Dan_Hollifield> What’s really weird, my girlfriend acts like its all just another daytime soap and bitched about it covwering all the radio and TV channels.
[14:37] <NYCajun> the News says some people jumped out of WTC windows as high as the 80th floor when they saw the planes coming
[14:37] <RobWynne> Dan_Hollifield: in the interest of continued peace between us, i won’t react to that at all.
[14:38] <Dan_Hollifield> I crawled her butt about being self involved when thousands of people have just been murdered.
[14:38] <Rhainy> Dan_Hollifield I wont respond either…but will say I know people like that as well
[14:38] <Rhainy> ***HUGS*** Dan_Hollifield
[14:38] <Dan_Hollifield> It shames me.
[14:39] * Rhainy reminds Dan_Hollifield it is not *His* karma but hers *HUGS*
[14:39] <DavidRood> I guess the good news is, it’s out of our hands. The bad news is, it’s out of our hands.
[14:39] <Rhainy> DavidRood Yes that is the case all the way around…sigh
[14:39] <Kim> fox news is reporting that fires could spread in nyc
[14:40] <DavidRood> Other than donating blood, pretty much all I can do is resist the terror by continuing with life as normal.
[14:40] <NYCajun>
[14:40] <Kim> yep, rhaniny and davidrood, it is hard to let go of the bad feelings
[14:40] <DavidRood> Kind of a “don’t give them the satisfaction” response. Best I’ve come up with so far.
[14:41] <Rhainy> I am not able to actually *realize* the whole thing right now…I am kind of numb at some things
[14:41] <GregMcMullan> Huh. Akamai CTO dead. He was in the Boston to LA plane
[14:41] <NYCajun> I feel anger more than grief at this point – and frustration as we have no way as yet of knowing who did it.
[14:41] <DavidRood> Rhainy: Me too. The collapse of the buildings keeps looking like a demolition exercise to me. Don’t like that.
[14:41] <Rhainy> GregMcMullan Um I may be dense, but who is Akamai CTO?
[14:41] <NYCajun> God forgive me, hearing about Palestinians dancing in the streets over this makes me want to bomb them into the Stone Age.
[14:42] <DavidRood> It’s easy to forget, though, that virtually every country in the world has been through worse.
[14:42] <MikeWhitaker> Akamai provide a very very sophisticated network of web servers that provide graphics and a lot of content for a whole bunch of the major big sites
[14:42] * Rasilio agrees with NYCajun
[14:42] <Rhainy> Ahhhh ok thanks MikeWhitaker
[14:43] <MikeWhitaker> they’re on my list of ‘people who’s technical excellence I really respect’
[14:43] <NYCajun> I worry that the government may use this as an excuse to round up everyone of Arab origin and detain them.
[14:43] <MikeWhitaker> being in the big-ass-web-servers business
[14:43] <Rasilio> They won’t do that
[14:43] * GregMcMullan knows people who were involved in Akamai early on
[14:43] <Rhainy> Matt I feel the same, but remember they feel we are the enemy, whether rightly or no
[14:43] * RachelWrk returns from lunch & chatting with kids
[14:43] <MikeWhitaker> GregMcMullan: JennV’s husband did a year’s contract for them
[14:43] <Rhainy> Matt, I do not think we will do that sort of thing again…at least I Pray we have more smarts and heart than that
[14:43] <Dan_Hollifield> Rasilio, they did that to the Japaneese in America after Pearl Harbor.
[14:44] <Rasilio> It is a different world now Dan
[14:44] <NYCajun> They feel we are their enemy because in their eyes we side with Israel and they want the Jews exterminated.
[14:44] <GregMcMullan> hmm. “NYC has 170 hospitals, so we have a lot of them”
[14:44] <DavidRood> I hope it’s a different world.
[14:44] <RobWynne> it certainly seems less safe
[14:44] <Rhainy> I *Pray* it is a different world
[14:44] <NYCajun> at the very least we can expect vigilantes shooting Arabs within a day or so.
[14:44] <Rasilio> It is, no Politician would be stupid enough to even try that
[14:44] <Rhainy> Yes Sad but true NYCajun
[14:44] <Dan_Hollifield> *WE* live in a different world, our politicians are still living in the past.
[14:45] * GregMcMullan divides 50,000 by 170 and comes up with terrible numbers
[14:45] <Rhainy> Yes GregMcMullan It is A Horrible thougth isn’t it
[14:45] <NYCajun> at least one exec managed to get down from the 101st floor of Tower Two alive after a plane hit it.
[14:45] <Rasilio> Dan politicians would recognize just how stupid a move that is, at best it would just serve to confirm that we are a police state while not actually accomplishing anything
[14:45] <RobWynne> well, a large number of those 50k people no longer have any real need for a hospital πŸ™
[14:45] <Rhainy> ANd they already have 50 Totally Overwhelmed
[14:46] <MikeWhitaker> NYCajun: that;’s faintly amazing
[14:46] <NYCajun> and the bridges to Brooklyn and Queens are probably clogged with ambulances for the overflow from the Manhattan hospitals.
[14:46] <Kim> rob, i had thought that but did not want to say it
[14:46] <Kim> gas has been turned off in nyc
[14:46] <Rhainy> True RobWynne but there are even more casualties that most will not realize, the people who are *Walking WOunded* emotionally or even with small or hidden injuries EI High BP and Shock
[14:47] <Kim> mayor of nyc and gov of ny on fox news
[14:47] <GregMcMullan> Rob: I’m assuming that there are more injuries among the people in the neighborhood
[14:47] <NYCajun> whoever gets elected mayor in Nov. will have the financial calamity this has caused to deal with first thing.
[14:47] <Rhainy> They will need medical attention, but will most likely not get it because they are not avaiable to tend to them and many are invisible problems
[14:48] <Kim> rhainy, you are so right *sigh*
[14:48] <Dan_Hollifield> Rasilio, I realize that its paranoid to think this way, but my life has been such that I can’t help but wonder if there is the smallest possibility that this outrage has been perpetrated by some sector of oue government as the first step to creating a police state.
[14:48] <NYCajun> I had it pointed out to me that NASDAQ was in one of the towers – that exchange has been permanently closed.
[14:49] <Dan_Hollifield> I know that its crazy, and I appologise. But I have to think it.
[14:49] <Rhainy>
[14:49] <Gary_PE> NASDAQ’s gotta have a backup somewhere. Heck, they’v got a three-building complex down the street from my condo development
[14:49] <GregMcMullan> Hm. excellent coverage
[14:49] <GregMcMullan>
[14:49] <Rhainy> Callie has Updated the OKC site with an MP3 of the Dirge
[14:49] <NYCajun> The Daily News says the Space Station’s commander reported being able to see the column of smoke rising from NYC in orbit.
[14:49] <MikeWhitaker> OW.
[14:50] <Rasilio> It is crazy, it is a well proven axiom od the intelligence field that if more than 3 or 4 people know of a plan then it will be leaked
[14:50] <Rasilio> Something like this would have required dozens to hundreds
[14:50] <RachelWrk> rhainy: oh goodness
[14:50] <GregMcMullan> the stock exchanges have to have multiple backups in multiple time zones
[14:50] <RachelWrk> matt: oh GOD
[14:50] <Dan_Hollifield> I think 15 to 20 people could have pulled it off.
[14:50] <RobWynne> Rasilio: two people can keep a secret, as long as one of them is dead.
[14:51] <Rasilio> No there would have had to have been nearly that many hijackers
[14:51] <Dan_Hollifield> Exactly.
[14:51] <MikeWhitaker> RachelWrk: not surprising if you look at the radar map
[14:51] <Rhainy> Yes she just posted it to an email list I am on..I hope she doesn’t mind, my email is being spotty
[14:51] <NYCajun> The News reports an expert saying that only a handful of organizations would have been able to pull this off, and bin Laden’s is at the top of the short list.
[14:52] <Dan_Hollifield> The hijackers themselves, the person that planed it, the person that paid for it, and maybe the people who paid the necessary bribes to get weapons aboard the planes.
[14:52] <Kim> on the latest bujold digest, there was an idea for all american hackers to go after the terroists’ computers
[14:53] <NYCajun> imagine if this had happened during Worldcon…in Philly?
[14:53] <Rhainy> Here is what Callie of Echo’s CHildren had to say
[14:53] <Rhainy> Feel free to share this URL as you see fit. The page I’ve just created
[14:53] <Rhainy> contains both the lyrics and an MP3 audio file, for the song
[14:53] <Rhainy> that Cat wrote after the events in Oklahoma City in 1995.
[14:53] <Rhainy> We had hoped it would never be “current” again, and it is with
[14:53] <Rhainy> great regret that we reprise it now.
[14:54] <Dan_Hollifield> Since there weren’t any plastic explosices or nukes on the planes when they blew, then it would have been easy to get people into the country and buy workers to allow weapons aboard the planes somehow. No big imports needed to nahe been made.
[14:54] * Rhainy had never heard it before and am now sitting here teary eyed
[14:55] <DavidRood> nod Rhainy
[14:55] <Dan_Hollifield> We get illegal aliens and drugs into the country without much real difficulty.
[14:55] <Dan_Hollifield> Weapons and explosives would be no harder.
[14:56] <RobWynne> Dan_Hollifield: they didnt need wepaons. they had the only one they needdd already on board
[14:56] <RobWynne> the plane itself
[14:56] <MikeWhitaker> still need to coerce crew
[14:56] <MikeWhitaker> that requires something at least convincingly real
[14:56] <Dan_Hollifield> It would seem that organization, timing, and a little cash seemed to be the terrorists major weapons.
[14:56] <MayaCorbin> *sigh* unfortunately, having worked airport security screening before, I can t ell you that it isn’t that hard to sneak weapons onto a plane, especially if the components are brought on board in multiple pieces of hand luggage
[14:57] <Rhainy> MikeWhitaker Not necesarily, just wait and then take over the cockpit
[14:57] <MikeWhitaker> Dan_Hollifield: you forget very very large testicles.
[14:57] <NYCajun> all they’d have had to do is gas the flight deck crew and then barricade themselves in the cockpit.
[14:57] <Dan_Hollifield> I forget them because I posses them myself, and anything I can do, any other person on Earth can also do.
[14:58] <MikeWhitaker> *nod* The point I was making was that someone had to dream *big* to do this…
[14:58] <NYCajun> 150 patients at Bellevue, hundreds more at St. Vincents
[14:58] <Dan_Hollifield> Imagination is not a limited resource.
[14:59] *** MartinGK (gk@ has joined #filkhaven
[14:59] <MikeWhitaker> fair enough
[14:59] <NYCajun> the latest casualty figures from CBS 2
[14:59] <NYCajun> they also point out that anyone wishing to donate blood must have a donor card – I don’t.
[14:59] <Kim> they want the prez to go to norad, but he is in nebraska
[14:59] <Dan_Hollifield> This was done; planed, paid for, assigned by a real nutcase that hates everything that the US stands for.
[15:00] <Dan_Hollifield> I pray that its a forigner rather than one of our own nuts.
[15:00] <MikeWhitaker> and costs a handful of airline tickets and some time
[15:00] <Dan_Hollifield> 6 months of training, tops.
[15:01] <Dan_Hollifield> On airliners on the ground, I’d bet on it.
[15:01] * MikeWhitaker still contends that 48 hours with FLight Sim will get you enough to target a 767 that;’s in the right general area
[15:01] <NYCajun> Naval aircraft carriers are headed to NY Harbor
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> ooo
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> Rachael Glass on r.m.f
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> The Price of Revenge
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> This is my heart’s farewell
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> to our broken winged friends
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> Their voices are all silent
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> and anger finds no end
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> Our lives are the price of revenge
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> I’ve seen the trumpet call
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> to our warriors brave and true
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> This is a mere beginning
[15:02] <Dan_Hollifield> No, the pilots would have been MIG pilots that had gone mercenary. They could easily step into the pilot’s seat of an airliner and kamakazi into the target.
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> Then War will have it’s due
[15:02] <Rasilio> Much more training than that, it takes a lot of investigation and research to figure out how to get weapons through security at an airport
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> Their lives are the price of revenge
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> Brothers, wives, and children
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> Lie in the Towers’ fall
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> But more will follow after
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> and pain will touch us all
[15:02] <MikeWhitaker> Thus lies the price of revenge
[15:02] *** SimonFairbourn ( has joined #FilkHaven
[15:03] <Kim> i never liked being in tall buildings or on jet planes and this all makes it worse
[15:03] <NYCajun> Mike: Please do not post entire song lyrics here – an URL will do.
[15:03] <Merav> Abby just checked in. She and Galana are fine.
[15:03] * Rasilio thinks you are not going to find too many Kamakazi Mercenary pilots
[15:03] <NYCajun> or a reference to the newsgroup.
[15:03] <MikeWhitaker> NYCajun: if I *had* a URL,. I would.
[15:03] <MartinGK> Still catching up – finally got through to BBC site
[15:03] *** Jacob ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:03] <SteveMac> updated
[15:03] <NYCajun> should be sufficient for those not having a newsreader.
[15:03] <RobWynne> i’ve been working on a song
[15:03] *** Sheryl ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:03] <RobWynne> NYCajun: we post song lyrics here all the time
[15:03] <RobWynne> welcome to our group
[15:04] <Sheryl> Hi all. Just thought I’d drop in to see how everyone is.
[15:04] <NYCajun> glad to know you are okay, Sheryl.
[15:04] <Merav> thanks Steve
[15:04] * Rhainy is starting to worry, her hubby has not called her at all yet…he normally calls a couple times a day from work
[15:04] * Merav hugs Sheryl
[15:04] <MikeWhitaker> Rhainy: where is he?
[15:05] <Sheryl> I’m a little new to irc, so be gentle with me
[15:05] <Kim> i just realized that diane duane’s first magician book had the wtc as important focal points in the plot
[15:05] <Rhainy> Oh he is here, and ok, I think at least…he is at work but he was very upset this morning
[15:05] <Merav> Sheryl: we’ll be nice
[15:05] <MartinGK> I think a few of us are
[15:05] <MikeWhitaker> no kidding, GK
[15:05] * Merav thinks she’s going to go try to nap
[15:05] * Rhainy ‘s hubby is ex military and more empathic than she is, but Refuses to admit it…sigh
[15:05] <NYCajun> I recall another book that had the Twin Towers as a focal point – can’t remember the title but it was about a boy who called himself Ermine Bandicoot.
[15:05] <Sheryl> In fact I just downloaded the irc program a few minutes ago…
[15:06] <Dan_Hollifield> Sheryl, we’re just freaked out about the news. Other than that, no one here is unkind or nasty.
[15:06] <MartinGK> snap!
[15:06] * Merav notes that critical scenes in many movies including AI are now inaccurate.
[15:06] <Kim> the lettered lines of nyc subway are now working
[15:06] <Rhainy> Ok just heard the Rail Road police are using *AutoMatic* weapons to keep people away from the train stations
[15:06] *** Merav is now known as Merav_nap
[15:06] <NYCajun> for those who need to vent, a Patron of #callahans has established an IRC channel called #WTC-screamers on Undernet
[15:06] <Rhainy> Sheryl We are not meanies *HUGS* Welcome
[15:06] <Kim> something abt bridges and tunnels crossing are closed?
[15:07] <Sheryl> Y’know, it didn’t start getting freaked about the news until I logged on and saw everyone else getting freaked
[15:07] <Dan_Hollifield> I only visit here occasionally, and I have to say that this channel has the nicest people of any I’ve ever seen.
[15:07] <NYCajun> Wow. Even Google has a blurb on its front page and links to stories.
[15:07] <Sheryl> Er, that’s =I= didn’t start getting freaked
[15:07] <MikeWhitaker> Google are I believe actively (rather than passively) caching important news site pages
[15:07] <MartinGK> I don’t know about anyone else, but it takes a while to sink in
[15:07] <Rhainy> Sheryl I am very empathic so I get stuff I don’t want a lot of time…
[15:08] <MartinGK> My wife Andy is flying to New York in 3 weeks
[15:08] <Sheryl> yeah, while the evacuation of my building was occurring, and during the (long) drive home it didn’t really hit me
[15:08] <RachelWrk> there’s a prayer vigil happening in Jamaica Plain (a Boston neighborhood) tonight
[15:08] <MartinGK> …or at least she was. Dunno how this will affect things
[15:08] <Rhainy> MartinGK Yes…the reality of the *Whole* thing is slowly penetrating as I sit here over time…it is just Too big to take in at first
[15:08] <MartinGK> 10,000 people is the size of the town I live in
[15:08] <Dan_Hollifield> I gotta confess… I live 20 miles out in the middle of nowhere Georgia, and I’m frightened for our country.
[15:09] <Rhainy> I think we are ALL frightened for our country Dan_Hollifield
[15:09] * Rhainy has to go check on her sick kitty…brb
[15:09] <Kim> from cnn
[15:09] <Kim> Officials in Washington said a “Continuation of Government”
[15:09] <Kim> plan had been activated.
[15:09] <AdamSel_afk> my sister just got back from school…says they wouldn’t let them watch the news there…what a bunch of bullshit.
[15:10] <Dan_Hollifield> I think I’m beginning to grok some of my ancestors now.
[15:10] <Sheryl> I was worried for my brother, who lives and works in NYC(though I don’t know where his workplace is) until I spoke to my mom who had spoken to his wife
[15:10] <NYCajun> My folks in Louisiana called worrying about me this morning – I waited until after my show was over as I didn’t even know what had happened.
[15:10] <Kim> The activation involves a fortified
[15:10] <Kim> facility at Mount Weather, Va.
[15:10] <MartinGK> Blair was just on UK pointing out that this isn’t US vs terrorism, its civilised world vs terrorism
[15:10] <Kim> There was no word whether any of
[15:10] <Kim> the U.S. leadership or ranking military officers had been taken
[15:10] <Kim> to the facility, but Congressional leaders were said to be
[15:10] <Kim> assembling outside Washington.
[15:10] <Jodi> Hi guys. Back… Just listening to NewsWorld (CBC) reporting on the airport situation here in Canada. It turns out that there are about 50 planes landing at both Pearson in Toronto or in Vancouver’s airport – planes that have been diverted from their original destinations in the States.
[15:10] <MikeWhitaker> 50,000 is about a third of the populatoipn of Peterborough, where I live
[15:10] <NYCajun> NYC’s total pop is around 10 million.
[15:11] <Sheryl> And I’m supposed to be flying on Monday evening….sigh
[15:11] <MartinGK> SOrry – obviously behind on guesstimates of death toll
[15:11] <Kim> 50, 000 is the population of athens, ga, where i used to live (that’s when uga is not in session)
[15:11] <MikeWhitaker> MikeWhitaker: no, 50k is the working population of the WTC, was my point
[15:11] *** Guest ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:11] <RobWynne> hi guest
[15:11] <MartinGK> sorry, i’d heard 10
[15:11] <MikeWhitaker> howdy Guest – care to introduce yourself?
[15:11] <MikeWhitaker> welcome to Filkhaven
[15:13] *** Guest ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2 [EOF])
[15:13] <SimonFairbourn> Oh well.
[15:13] *** Jodi ( Quit (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
[15:13] <Kim> eyewiteness saw a jet plane close to capitol building this morning
[15:13] <Dan_Hollifield> At 8 AM, I would guess that less than 30k people would be at work yet.
[15:13] <Dan_Hollifield> In the WTC.
[15:14] <MikeWhitaker> 8.45, though
[15:14] *** bnewman (bnewman@ has joined #filkhaven
[15:14] <MartinGK> IMpossible to picture that sort of number
[15:15] <MikeWhitaker> GK, no. Horribly easy
[15:15] *** MisterFive ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2 [EOF])
[15:15] <MikeWhitaker> Remember the Freddie Mercury tribute concert?
[15:15] <MikeWhitaker> that was about 80,000
[15:15] <Kim> boeing 767s –the 2 from logan–they think that these are the ones that crashed into wtc
[15:15] <NYCajun> the people on the West Coast were still asleep by and large when this happened…imagine waking up to that
[15:15] <MartinGK> I wish you hadn’t said that
[15:15] <MikeWhitaker> 50,000 is everyone from about where we were sat back to the back of the arena
[15:16] * MayaCorbin looks back in, slowly catching up, and thanks Mike for sharing the song lyrics by Rachel Glass
[15:16] <RobWynne> rough copy of new song:
[15:16] *** RickH ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:16] *** Guest ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:16] <MikeWhitaker> Hi Rick, hi again, Guest.
[15:16] <SimonFairbourn> Hello Rick. Hello guest.
[15:16] <RobWynne> re guest!
[15:17] *** RickH is now known as RickHewett
[15:17] <MartinGK> didn’t know this was a re-guest slot…
[15:17] <MikeWhitaker> *groan*
[15:17] <MikeWhitaker> *smile* Thanks, Rich
[15:17] * Rhainy is back now, kitty still not much better, but do not want to drive anywhere
[15:17] <MikeWhitaker> rick, even
[15:18] *** Guest ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2)
[15:19] <MikeWhitaker> nice song, Rob…
[15:19] <Dan_Hollifield> RE, Rhainy
[15:19] <RobWynne> thanks. wish i hadn’t been insprired ot write it
[15:19] <Kim> why all the planes flying to la? here is a idea
[15:19] <RickHewett> Not a night for obscure nicks, Mike, even if my client does struggle with more than 8 characters…
[15:20] <Kim> flying east to west, fighting headwinds all the way
[15:20] <RobWynne> RickHewett: thats why we’re all expanded
[15:20] <Kim> must take on extra fuel
[15:20] <RachelWrk> rob: good song
[15:20] <Kim> made those planes excellent flying bombs *sigh*
[15:21] <Dan_Hollifield> I see Kim, extra fuel = extra damage on impact.
[15:21] *** bnewman is now known as BenNewman
[15:21] <SimonFairbourn> All long haul. Oh Sh** of course.
[15:21] <Kim> this came from a plane expert on fox news
[15:21] <RobWynne> sigh
[15:21] <NYCajun> nice lyrics on short notice, Rob…but I hope you’ll understand if mercy is not on my mind right now.
[15:21] <RobWynne> hi Ben
[15:21] * RobWynne smiles sadly.
[15:21] <SimonFairbourn> All internal flights too. Less security checks I presume.
[15:21] <RobWynne> It isn’t for them
[15:22] <Dan_Hollifield> Yes, no need for extra explosives. Kerosene goes boom just fine if you put it under pressure.
[15:22] <RobWynne> It is for us
[15:22] <Kim> rob, that is a good song
[15:22] <Kim> another pearl harbor
[15:22] * MayaCorbin hugs Rob tightly. Very nice lyrics, a typo of tomrrow instead of tomorrow in the last line. It is a beautiful song and a good reminder
[15:22] <NYCajun> I have the beginning of a lyric of my own – anyone wanna see?
[15:23] <MikeWhitaker> paste away
[15:23] <Dan_Hollifield> Go for it Cj.
[15:23] <MayaCorbin> have a url for it?
[15:23] <NYCajun> You cannot run, you cannot hide
[15:23] <NYCajun> You will soon find time is not on your side
[15:23] <NYCajun> You who have done this, know we will not rest
[15:23] <NYCajun> Until you are found and have paid
[15:23] <NYCajun> You have no heart, you have no soul
[15:23] <NYCajun> Civilians and children, all dead for your goal
[15:23] <NYCajun> But if you seek terror, you wonΒΉt have it now
[15:23] <RobWynne> small change in chorus
[15:23] <NYCajun> A creature of vengeance youΒΉve made
[15:23] <NYCajun> that’s all I have at the moment
[15:23] * RobWynne doesnt like repeating words
[15:23] <RachelWrk> my family is OK– my sister just called and we will talk more later tonight
[15:24] <RobWynne> RachelWrk: thank goodness
[15:24] <MikeWhitaker> RachelWrk: *good(
[15:24] <Dan_Hollifield> Yes, it needs editing a bit.
[15:24] <NYCajun> Dan_H: this is a given.
[15:24] <Dan_Hollifield> I understand.
[15:24] <RobWynne> maya: thanks for the typo alert πŸ™‚
[15:24] * MayaCorbin smiles at Rob. I have a dislike for repeating words in my own songs too. Can drive me crazy at times.
[15:24] <MayaCorbin> You are welcome
[15:24] <Dan_Hollifield> The muse strikes suddenly and must be preserved for later.
[15:24] <NYCajun> I repeated some words on purpose – for rhythmic effect.
[15:25] <MikeWhitaker> songwriting is often a process of successive approximation
[15:25] <RobWynne> NYCajun: i meant mine, sorry
[15:25] <DavidRood> Well put.
[15:25] <Kim> mike, rephrase please
[15:26] <Dan_Hollifield> I’m afraid that I use the H.P. Lovecraft method and tailor the words to match the rythym.
[15:26] * MayaCorbin winces slightly at NYCajun’s song. I understand your anger, but admittedly, I hate the thought of more killing of more parents being without their children as a result of what happened today. Sure, we can go out and crush whoever did this, but that is only going to hurt more people, not stop the problem.
[15:26] <MikeWhitaker> Kim: you get somewhere close, then you tweak, then you tweak again, until you’re close enough…
[15:26] <NYCajun> right now all I can hear in my head is a relentless drumbeat and an A minor progression
[15:26] *** Merav_nap (merav36@ Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[15:27] <NYCajun> Maya: I was not speaking of killing, only finding them and trying them.
[15:27] <Kim> thanks mike, i guess that’s how i edit on my poems–though they are mostly there to start with
[15:27] <Kim> i just polish as it were
[15:27] <Dan_Hollifield> The rule of law must prevail.
[15:27] <NYCajun> though I admit slow torture would not be beyond my tolerance for the perps right now.
[15:27] <MikeWhitaker> *nod*
[15:27] <MartinGK> there’s a term for it in maths. A line you are always moving towards, fast at first and then slower and slower, and never quite reach – that’s songwriting for me
[15:27] <MikeWhitaker> asymptotic
[15:27] <MikeWhitaker> *grin*
[15:27] <MikeWhitaker> There is, thank heaven, the concept of ‘close enough’
[15:28] *** Merav_nap (merav36@ has joined #filkhaven
[15:28] <MartinGK> agreed
[15:28] <MikeWhitaker> and sometimes the effect you want *is* raw.
[15:28] <Kim> of course all writing is perfect in our heads, but getting it down on paper is another thing
[15:28] <RobWynne> re-merav
[15:28] <Kim> close enough-chuchill had a comment on that
[15:28] <Merav_nap> [This is really Jon; Merav is still napping.]
[15:28] <MayaCorbin> ahh. It seemed more vengeful than looking for justice, so I got an impression of violence
[15:28] <RachelWrk> hi Jon *hug*
[15:29] *** Merav_nap is now known as Jon
[15:29] <Jon> Hi.
[15:29] <RobWynne> hiya Jon
[15:29] <MikeWhitaker> churchill had many comments
[15:29] <Sheryl> I’m heading out now.(well, elsewhere online) Now that I know how to get here, I’ll be back
[15:29] * MayaCorbin soft of thinks that killers should be locked in a morgue with the dead bodies of people they have killed, for a few hours if possible.
[15:29] <MikeWhitaker> some of which are utterly wondeful.
[15:29] <MayaCorbin> er soft=sort
[15:29] <RobWynne> we’ll be happy to see you on a less traumatic occassion, sheryl
[15:29] <MikeWhitaker> Sheryl = take care
[15:29] <NYCajun> someone at #callahans has put up a really ingenious webpage for people checking in to report themselves alive/unhurt
[15:29] <Dan_Hollifield> The masterminds need to be exicuted not for revenge, but to keep them from doing it again.
[15:29] <NYCajun> the URL is
[15:29] <Jon> If someone could mail the backlog from here for the past hour or so to Merav, that’d be good…I know she wanted to read it when she got back.
[15:29] *** Sheryl ( Quit
[15:29] <NYCajun> it seems to be a CGI script – wish I had thought of it for our channel.
[15:30] * Jacob heads out to eat
[15:30] *** Jacob ( Quit (purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
[15:30] <NYCajun> any killing done by the state is purely motivated by vengeance lust on the part of the people who elect it.
[15:31] <Dan_Hollifield> Not necessarily.
[15:31] <SimonFairbourn> Ooh that’s a deep one.
[15:31] *** Jodi ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:31] <RobWynne> NYCajun: we could discuss how i feel about the death penalty, but i dont know that this is the time or place
[15:31] <Jodi> Hi everyone. God… I’ve been listening to CBC… It just makes me want to cry. πŸ™ This is so horrible.
[15:31] * MikeWhitaker hugs Jodi tightly.
[15:31] <Dan_Hollifield> Or I, but pointless argument is not necessary here and now.
[15:32] <NYCajun> any pretense of deterrence is not borne out by history, and the “deterring the criminal” argument leaves no room for possible innocence or rehabilitation.
[15:32] *** Icewolf ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:32] * MayaCorbin hugs Jodi
[15:32] <Jodi> Apparently, there are about 50 planes being diverted to both Vancouver airport and Pearson International in Toronto. All other flights out of those airports are suspended.
[15:32] * Rhainy still cannot understand why they haven’t put forth preventative measures for hte West Coast
[15:32] <RobWynne> hiya Icewolf
[15:32] <Jodi> Thanks, Mike & Maya. Greatly needed. Even virtually. But I feel for the folks in the immediate areas of the attacks, the most.
[15:33] <BenNewman> The death penalty is purely vengeance, because it is applied to people who are already at the state’s mercy, who are in no position to commit further crimes. If the perpetrators of this mess end up being killed by agents of the US govt. in a surgical military operation, that could be genuine expedience.
[15:33] * RobWynne shivers
[15:33] <Icewolf> Hey Rob…
[15:33] <NYCajun> CBS 2 reports that subway service has been restored on lettered lines and the 5 and 7 lines
[15:33] <Jon> Merav and I were just in the WTC concourse last night.
[15:33] <Dan_Hollifield> Our opinions are beside the point today. Only the events matter right now. What lives can be saved today matter more than trying criminals tomorrow.
[15:33] <RobWynne> aileen just says to me “can you imagine the damange if someone hijacked ajet and flew it straight into the hoover dam”
[15:33] <RachelWrk> Lyrra is fine, she checked in with vonnie
[15:33] <RachelWrk>
[15:33] <MartinGK> Dan: Hear hear
[15:34] <Jodi> I was listening to the mayor of New York and he said that the children should be able to take public transit home from school. He indicated things were running as normally as they could be.
[15:34] <Rhainy> I have friends in New Zealand who just heard reports locally that one of thier commercial planes was just hijacked
[15:34] <MartinGK> Dipping out again – back later.
[15:34] * NYCajun hugs Jodi
[15:34] <SimonFairbourn> Dan: Absolutely agree.
[15:35] * MayaCorbin grumbles as she tries t o find out guidelines for giving blood
[15:35] <GregMcMullan> Friends of mine were to be flying from NYC to Ireland today…not sure where they are, but they should be OK
[15:35] <NYCajun> didn’t know you were here, UT-lady…welcome
[15:35] <MayaCorbin> Greg, the Madaras?
[15:35] *** MartinGK (gk@ has left #filkhaven
[15:35] <Icewolf> GregMcMullan: *if* the plane got off the ground, they were rerouted to Canada
[15:35] <Jodi> Hey Matt. πŸ™‚ I was here earlier. Passed on a message from Allison too. She’s thinking of you all. She called me from school. We were severely worried about Debbie as she was supposed to be flying home from Japan today.
[15:35] <RobWynne> you know, this is what i love about fandom (posted in rassf):
[15:35] <RobWynne> If you have been stranded in the Boston area because of today’s tragedies,
[15:35] <RobWynne> please feel free to contact me. We can house several people at our home north
[15:35] <RobWynne> of the city, and we will try to help others find places to stay, too.
[15:35] <RobWynne> Regards,
[15:35] <RobWynne> Deb Geisler
[15:36] <Dan_Hollifield> How does one seperate vengance from justice? ‘Tis a difficult question.
[15:36] <Rhainy> MayaCorbin You must not be anemic, and not have had sex with *Anyone who is a possible HIV risk group*are the only ones I know
[15:36] <MayaCorbin> anyone know what medications are ok for people giving blood?
[15:36] <RachelWrk> there’s been a bunch of that on the suspects & technofandom lists too
[15:36] <GregMcMullan> Huh. Mt Weather might be near the Pittsburgh crash site….
[15:36] <RobWynne> nod
[15:36] <RachelWrk> maya: should have the list
[15:36] *** BruceAdelsohn ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:36] <NYCajun> what about that donor card? I hear you’re supposed to have one to donate.
[15:36] <AdamSel_afk> no controlled substances.
[15:36] <RobWynne> its just part of fannish culture, and its one of the reasons i’m proud to be a part of one
[15:36] *** Yulia ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:36] <NYCajun> is overloaded and not responding.
[15:36] <RobWynne> NYCajun: have to give for the first time sometime
[15:36] <Dan_Hollifield> RE, BruceAdelsohn
[15:36] <RobWynne> hiya Yulia
[15:36] <Yulia> Hello.
[15:36] <MayaCorbin> Rhainy, I take an antihistamine regularly, and my mom is on several meds for Parkinson’s disease, and we both want to give
[15:36] <NYCajun> Rob: how do you get one? Just go?
[15:36] <MayaCorbin> hi Yulia !
[15:37] <NYCajun> Hi Bruce – so glad you are okay.
[15:37] <MayaCorbin> thanks Rachel
[15:37] <Icewolf> They’ve told us in NYC (or, at least on SI) that they can’t handle all the donors, and to give tomorrow
[15:37] <Jodi> Hi Bruce.
[15:37] <RobWynne> NYCajun: presumably. i dont know — they’ve been pushing blood drives here, and no one’s said anything
[15:37] <Dan_Hollifield> I just donated blood two weeks ago, they won’t let me donate again so soon.
[15:37] <Rhainy> You wil most likely be ok MayaCorbin but not sure aobut your mom..depends on the actual meds
[15:37] <Yulia> πŸ™‚ My dad just got home from NY.. he was in the basement of the Center…
[15:37] <RobWynne> Dan_Hollifield: well, that’s your part then. at least you’ve given to the pool
[15:37] <BruceAdelsohn> Yo, Matt! Galaina says to call her
[15:37] <RachelWrk> oh my. I’m glad he’s okay
[15:37] <Jodi> This is weird. The premier of New Brunswick is actually IN NY today.
[15:37] <Dan_Hollifield> Yeah, but I wanna do more Rob.
[15:38] <Jodi> He says they were about 50 miles away.
[15:38] <NYCajun> Bruce: tell her I won’t be calling anyone for awhile – I am planning to stay online for the time being.
[15:38] <BruceAdelsohn> Yo, Matt! Galaina says to call her
[15:38] <RobWynne> who’s Yulia, btw? have we met? πŸ™‚
[15:38] <Yulia> Er, possibly? πŸ™‚ I’m on the bujold list?
[15:38] <Rhainy> Ok the president is in Nebraska at the Dooms Day Plane complex…in case anyone missed that update
[15:38] <RobWynne> cool πŸ™‚
[15:38] <RobWynne> we’re having lots of new folks in here, or the obvious reason
[15:38] <Dan_Hollifield> Thanx Rhainy.
[15:38] <RobWynne> thats’ why you see all the unimaginative nicks πŸ™‚
[15:38] <Jodi> He was north of where the attack took place.
[15:38] <Rhainy> np Dan_Hollifield
[15:38] * NYCajun is just sorry it took something so horrific to bring so many new people into channel
[15:38] <GregMcMullan> Rob: *nice*! (yes, I am slow)
[15:39] <RobWynne> GregMcMullan: glad you liked
[15:39] <Yulia> Er, yes, that’s basically just my name. πŸ™‚ Sorry about that..
[15:39] <BruceAdelsohn> Another URL folks may want to check in at is; it’s a general fan check-in site
[15:39] <Jodi> Thanks, Bruce.
[15:39] <RobWynne> Yulia: please don’t apolgize — just making sure to welcome the new faces πŸ™‚
[15:40] *** SimonFairbourn ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[15:40] <Yulia> ok, thank you. πŸ™‚ My mom is still in NY, but we’ve heard from her, so she’s ok. πŸ™‚
[15:40] * Rhainy hopes many of the new faces and old names will return after the crisis is over as well
[15:40] <Dan_Hollifield> I do think its a bit odd that we all dropped our nick personas to use our given names. Feels sort of family. Thank you for the trust, ya’ll.
[15:40] <Jodi> I didn’t realize there was an easy-to-use Java chat thing or I would have been here before.
[15:40] <Rhainy> well Jodi be sure to keep coming πŸ™‚
[15:40] <RobWynne> indeed. love to have you here!
[15:41] <Jodi> What time do you usually meet?
[15:41] * Rhainy admits liking mIRC over JAVA tho..more options
[15:41] <Dan_Hollifield> Jodi, the java freezes up a lot, be forwarned.
[15:41] <RobWynne> we’re in here all the time
[15:41] <RobWynne> we have no lives
[15:41] <BruceAdelsohn> What a day. And it’s my brother’s birthday on top of it all.
[15:41] <Jodi> I use MushClient, actually. If I could find a way to make it work with the IRC channel…
[15:41] *** Guest ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:41] <Dan_Hollifield> Good, Cindy just got home OK.
[15:41] <RobWynne> happy f***ing birthday *sigh*
[15:41] <Jodi> Yeah, Dan. That already happened to me once.
[15:41] <RobWynne> heya guest!
[15:41] *** Guest ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2 [EOF])
[15:41] <RickHewett> International phone lines are jammed. The Newt still seems to be working, mostl
[15:42] <Icewolf> RobWynne: What, you don’t spend all your time posting to the Bujold list? πŸ™‚
[15:42] <BruceAdelsohn> Yeah. At least he lives way out on LI, so I wasn’t too worried about him
[15:42] <RobWynne> Jodi: i recommend getting a native irc client. it’s worthwhile. πŸ™‚
[15:42] <MikeWhitaker> supper – back in about 15
[15:42] <RobWynne> Icewolf: um, i try really hard to keep up with the bujold list, but it’s not easy for me
[15:42] <Rhainy> Oh great, getting word from my NZ friends that they are saying *War has been declared* already….
[15:42] <BruceAdelsohn> It feels really eerie to have F-16s in the sky over NY
[15:42] <RobWynne> i’ve also not been able to buy Curse of chalion yet, so i’ve been avoiding a lot of posts
[15:43] <Jodi> MushClient is actually pretty good, Rob – but I don’t know how to get it working with this place. I got the address and port… but I have to have already signed up for an account?
[15:43] <BruceAdelsohn> Rhainy: Declared on and by whom (other than the U.S.)?
[15:43] * Rhainy needs to go light her altar….brb
[15:43] <Jon> Jodi: Mush and IRC are different protocols…
[15:43] <Rhainy> BruceAdelsohn It is just a rumor floating on email list in New Zealand
[15:43] <BruceAdelsohn> Feels a little like _Friday_’s Black Thursday
[15:44] <Jodi> Really? Ugh. Ah well. I thought I could give it a try that way. It let me log on. It just didn’t let me DO anything. I tried it out before using the java chat.
[15:44] *** Cosmo ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:44] <Yulia> Feels like “Independence Day”, actually, no? Those pictures from NY…
[15:44] <Icewolf> Um, we’re not even sure who to declare war *on*, yet.
[15:44] <RobWynne> nod. what platform are you on? mac or windows?
[15:44] <Cosmo> Hello all. I am in dispair…
[15:44] <RobWynne> Cosmo: welcome to the club
[15:44] <Yulia> Hello
[15:44] <Flanders> hello, Yulia
[15:44] <GregMcMullan> Maya: yes, it’s the Madaras who were to travel. I spoke to Mom on the phone a while. She’s sure that they are fine, but incommunicado
[15:45] <MayaCorbin> Cosmo, give us some good news now. How is the baby?
[15:45] <Jodi> The Afganistan leader was quoted as saying that he couldn’t possibly have orchestrated this. That it would have taken too much careful planning and MONEY to pull off. They just don’t have the means.
[15:45] <NYCajun> Hiya Ben
[15:45] *** Jodi1 ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:45] *** Jodi1 ( Quit (Leaving)
[15:45] <Icewolf> Please, folks, don’t despair. That’s what they *want*.
[15:45] <NYCajun> If we give in to fear and despair, they win.
[15:45] <Dan_Hollifield> Gotta go take a short break. Back in about 30 minutes.
[15:46] <GregMcMullan> Maya: I don’t believe that you are taking any meds that would disqualify you from donating blood
[15:46] *** Jodi1 ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:46] <Jodi1> Arg. Got frozen out.
[15:46] * NYCajun wishes he could remember whether the bloodwork he had done last year indicated his type
[15:46] <Jodi1> I should say that it’s actually the Taliban saying that Bin Laden couldn’t have been responsible.
[15:46] <Cosmo> I despair at seeing evidence of man’s continued inhumantiy to man. It turns my stomach.
[15:46] *** Jodi1 ( Quit (Leaving)
[15:46] <BruceAdelsohn> No despair. Anger, maybe. And a willingness to put things right again, better
[15:47] *** Jodi ( Quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[15:47] <Yulia> Just some men. A very very small percentage, isn’t it? More than enough, unfortunately…
[15:47] <MayaCorbin> Greg, do you know what time the drive starts at the mall?
[15:47] <RobWynne> Cosmo: since you missed it earlier:
[15:47] *** Jodi ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:47] <Jodi> ARG.
[15:47] <BruceAdelsohn> As far as planning and $, I don’t buy it. It would take a great deal of both, but not as much as a real military strike would have
[15:47] <Jodi> Ok. Yes, I see what you mean about the java freezing.
[15:48] <RobWynne> jodi, are you on a mac or windows?
[15:48] *** JonBaker ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:48] <Jodi> Well Bruce, it seems that there were a *lot* more planes being hijacked than actually did the damage. So… I don’t know.
[15:48] * Cosmo hugs Doc. Great song.
[15:48] <BruceAdelsohn> Oops. Got to run — Zander (3 yrs old) needs to go to the playground and to be told about this day
[15:48] <Jodi> I’m on a Windows machine, Rob. I know what the problems are with Mac, yes.
[15:48] * Rhainy is back now…just heard many of the original firefighters *DID* get out…but didn’t hear how many
[15:48] <JonBaker> Hi Bruce.
[15:49] <JonBaker> We see & smell the smoke here in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
[15:49] <RachelWrk> rob: you misspelled strength in the 3rd line of the chorus, BTW
[15:49] <RachelWrk> hi jon
[15:49] <Jodi> Just makes me… shudder.
[15:49] <BruceAdelsohn> odi — but that’s still a lower cost operation than acquiring real military hardware
[15:49] <RobWynne> RachelWrk: thanks πŸ™‚
[15:49] <GregMcMullan> Maya: 5PM is the start of the blood drive
[15:49] <BruceAdelsohn> Jon — Good to see you. We were worried
[15:49] <Icewolf> I’m entirely torn between being proud my bf is at his hospital making sure everything runs smoothly…
[15:49] <Jodi> True enough, Bruce. True enough. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the findings are when it’s been investigated in greater detail.
[15:49] <Yulia> anyone know how old you have to be to donate blood?
[15:49] *** Callie ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:49] <RobWynne> Jodi: go to
[15:49] <Icewolf> …and wanting him HOME.
[15:50] <GregMcMullan> Hi Jon! Yikes!
[15:50] <MayaCorbin> want to meet me there? I could use a hug. Do you know where at the mall it is?
[15:50] <Jodi> Hi Callie!
[15:50] <Rhainy> They are presently *Trying* to stage the recovery effort as we are speaking
[15:50] <RobWynne> that’s the best clietn for windows boxen
[15:50] <GregMcMullan> Hi Callie!
[15:50] <RobWynne> hi Callie
[15:50] <BruceAdelsohn> Yep. Off to try to explain to a 3-year-old.
[15:50] <Callie> hi folks
[15:50] <JonBaker> My brother-in-law was flying from Israel to the US today on business. My sister emailed to find out what happened. I called Lufthansa, and it was diverted to Gander, NF.
[15:50] <RachelWrk> hi callie!
[15:50] <MayaCorbin> Yulia, I believe you have to be at least 18, possibly 21
[15:50] <GregMcMullan> Callie: been hearing a song by you folks today lots
[15:50] * NYCajun hugs Callie
[15:50] <Cosmo> Good luck Bruce
[15:50] <Icewolf> 17 or 18 to donate blood, I believe.
[15:50] <Jon> Hi Callie!
[15:50] <BruceAdelsohn> Bye all
[15:50] <Rhainy> ***HUGS***** Callie
[15:50] <Jodi> Bye Bruce!
[15:50] *** BruceAdelsohn ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2)
[15:50] <Yulia> Oh, thank you. Well, I can’t yet, then, but my family, maybe…
[15:50] <GregMcMullan> Used to be that you could donate blood at age 17
[15:50] <BenNewman> I thought the minimum age to donate blood was 16.
[15:50] * NYCajun wonders if little Zander will remember all this years from now
[15:51] <GregMcMullan> with parental approval
[15:51] <Jodi> How are you doing, Callie?
[15:51] <Rhainy> In this situation, they *Might* be making exceptions..with the need so great, on the age allowed
[15:51] <Callie> everything is OK in Portland OR so far as I know – business as usual
[15:51] <JonBaker> The local hospital had a sign “we are full, we cannot accept more blood today. if you want to donate blood, try tomorrow.” Methodist Hosp., in Brooklyn.
[15:51] <Jodi> Glad to hear it. Toronto is … well. I think the downtown core is mostly shut down. And the airport is entirely in use for diverted aircraft.
[15:51] <Rhainy> Callie We have all kinds of things Shutdown up here in Washinton….
[15:52] <Yulia> Ok… I’ll find out, thank you.
[15:52] <Jon> Three hour line for blood at St. Luke’s here near Columbia.
[15:52] <Callie> from what i understand most of the federal gov’t everywhere is shut down
[15:52] <Jon> (NYC, Upper West Side)
[15:52] <RobWynne> btw, how’s Cat doing, Callie?
[15:52] <JonBaker> Have the Felds checked in at all?
[15:52] <Rhainy> They are now saying they are *Regulating all vessels in US Waters*
[15:53] <Callie> So far as I know Cat’s doing fine. I expect to see her Thurs
[15:53] <Rhainy> Yes Callie How is Cat doind?
[15:53] <Rhainy> OK Good
[15:53] <Icewolf> Yep. They’re bringing two aircraft carriers to New York.
[15:53] <Callie> She’s now down in Eugene, will be getting chauffered up here for her 1-mo post-surgical followup, on Thurs
[15:53] *** Cosmo ( Quit (The World has gone mad…)
[15:54] <Rhainy> Wonder when they are going to realize the West Coast is now WIDE WIDE Open to any attack….
[15:54] <RobWynne> nod. hope all is well
[15:54] <Kim> hey rob, marcus from norfolk just called–i am glad he is not in dc anymore
[15:54] * Rhainy wonders if that may be part of the terrorist’s plan
[15:54] <MikeWhitaker> back
[15:54] <JonBaker> Welcome to Gilo, USA.
[15:54] <RobWynne> Kim: oh, good! i didn’th ave a number to call him, or i would have already
[15:54] *** shmi ( has joined #filkhaven
[15:54] <Callie> somebody here at work said, the US wakes up to a third world kind of day πŸ™
[15:54] <Icewolf> You’re not the only one, Rhainy…
[15:54] <shmi> wow.
[15:54] <Rhainy> BRB Propane is being delivered….
[15:54] <Kim> rob–he had to ring off, but he will call back–do you have his home phone #?
[15:55] <GregMcMullan> *grin* “The President is in ‘a secure location'” Uhh, yeah…
[15:55] *** Rhainy is now known as Rhainy-brb
[15:55] *** shmi is now known as ny
[15:55] <JonBaker> Israel is hardly third-world, but they’ve been waking up like this for a year.
[15:55] <ny> re me, hi callie, hi everyone
[15:55] * RachelWrk hugs ny
[15:55] <Jodi> Hi ny.
[15:55] * ny hugs rachel
[15:55] <RachelWrk> ny: shira finally called back, everyone is fine
[15:55] <GregMcMullan> Rhainy: the whole US is wide open to an attack of many sorts
[15:55] <ny> rachel: yay!
[15:56] <Callie> JonB – ouch. No wonder they’re evacuating all their embassies.
[15:56] <ny> yeah, but in the end, where do we evacuate *to*?
[15:56] <RobWynne> Kim: i don’t think so
[15:56] <ny> hi jodi *wave*
[15:56] <Jodi> Guys, I’m going to try and connect via mIRC… I’ll be back in a bit.
[15:57] * Jodi waves
[15:57] <Callie> bye Jodi!
[15:57] *** Jodi ( Quit (Leaving)
[15:57] <Kim> rob-when he calls back i will get it then
[15:57] <RobWynne> ok
[15:58] <RachelWrk> rob: I just showed your lyric to the assistant headmaster
[15:59] <Callie> Lyric? what Lyric?
[15:59] <Kim> i need to get some food-brb
[15:59] *** JodiMuse ( has joined #FilkHaven
[15:59] <Callie> i’ve put our “terrorist dirge” song on a web page:
[15:59] <MayaCorbin>
[15:59] <JodiMuse> There we go…
[16:00] <RobWynne> re jodi
[16:00] <RobWynne> MayaCorbin: thanks
[16:00] <RobWynne> RachelWrk: thanks also
[16:00] * MayaCorbin nods at Callie. I’ve been listening to your mp3
[16:00] <JodiMuse> Thanks, Rob. Using mIRC. I see what you mean. It’s a bit different than I’m used to. Getting into this place was … interesting. πŸ™‚
[16:00] <JodiMuse> *hugs* all around.
[16:00] <MayaCorbin> You are welcome Rob. *hug* I am sending your song to my Mom via email too
[16:00] <Callie> Hey, Jodi, welcome back
[16:00] <Callie> Rob – well said (written, whatever)
[16:00] <RobWynne> when i get home tonight and get my hands on my guitar, i’ll see if i can work out the music
[16:00] <NYCajun> New version of lyric TTTO “Temper of Revenge”
[16:00] <JodiMuse> Thanks, Callie. Are you and Cat going to make it to OVFF?
[16:01] <NYCajun> You cannot run and you cannot hide
[16:01] <NYCajun> You will soon find time is not on your side
[16:01] <NYCajun> We will scour all the world that lies under the sky
[16:01] <NYCajun> And weΒΉll drag you from hiding, wherever you lie
[16:01] <NYCajun> You have no heart, you have no soul
[16:01] <NYCajun> Civilians and children, all dead for your goal
[16:01] <Callie> i will – Cat, if she’s cleared for travel, yes
[16:01] <NYCajun> We shall not rest until you are found and have paid
[16:01] <NYCajun> A creature of vengeance youΒΉve made
[16:01] <NYCajun> A creature of vengeance youΒΉve made
[16:01] * GregMcMullan wonders why the President is at Offut, not Colorado SPrings
[16:02] <RickHewett> Where’s Offut?
[16:02] <RachelWrk> matt: you’re pasting from M$ Word, aren’t you
[16:02] <JodiMuse> What’s happened with Cat? Why wouldn’t she be cleared? (Have I missed that she was sick?)
[16:02] <NYCajun> Rachel: no, actually I use Tex-Edit Plus.
[16:02] <GregMcMullan> Offut is SAC headquarters near Omaha
[16:02] <RachelWrk> ny: ah, because you have curly quotes on
[16:02] <ny> you mean matt. πŸ™‚
[16:02] <RachelWrk> er, matt
[16:03] <Callie> Jodi – medical problems culminating in back surgery last month, one week before wedding. Info was emailed to most of the filk lists
[16:03] <NYCajun> yeh…I keep forgetting about that dang default
[16:03] <GregMcMullan> When I say “Colorado Springs”, I mean the underground base that we sort of saw in “War Games” πŸ™‚
[16:03] <JodiMuse> Ahhh. I see. I did miss it, Callie. I’m really sorry to hear that though. πŸ™ Hope she recovers quickly!
[16:03] <Callie> if anybody cares, I have this secondhand: add DC folks Lee Morey, Marc Gordon and Jeff Olhoeft to “OK” list
[16:04] <NYCajun> anyone who is stranded in NYC due to the airports shutting down is welcome to crash with me.
[16:04] <RachelWrk> I didn’t know you knew Marc
[16:04] <JonBaker> And in Stargate SG-1.
[16:04] <GregMcMullan> Thanks for the update, Callie
[16:04] <RickHewett> Ah. Yeah, report here said Strategic Air Command in Nebraska, and speculated…
[16:04] <Jon> SMac’s been keeping a filker OK list…
[16:04] <RobWynne> Callie: i dont know if i’ll be at OVFF. we’re certainly looking forward to having you down at Gafilk though
[16:04] <GregMcMullan> Jon: *grin* I haven’t watched it, so I didn’t know that it was there – thanks!
[16:04] <AdamSel_afk> gotta go clean my car out…orders received via phone…let me just say how great this group is once before I go.
[16:04] *** Spiritdancer ( has joined #Filkhaven
[16:04] <JodiMuse> I’m hoping to make it to both OVFF & GaFilk at this point, actually.
[16:04] *** Jon is now known as JonLennox
[16:04] *** Spiritdancer is now known as Filker0
[16:04] <GregMcMullan> Have fun Afdam
[16:04] <GregMcMullan> Hi Daniel!
[16:04] <Callie> RobW – thanks! We’re looking forward to being there.
[16:05] *** Filker0 is now known as DanielGlasser
[16:05] <JodiMuse> I look forward to seeing you at OVFF, Callie. Unfortunately, Debbie and I will be sans Allison. πŸ™
[16:05] <DanielGlasser> Seems that everyone’s removed their aliases…
[16:05] <JodiMuse> DANIEL! Hi!
[16:05] <Callie> Daniel! Hi!!Β Tell Melissa hi too!
[16:05] * DanielGlasser hugs Jodie and Callie
[16:05] <ny> hi dan πŸ™‚
[16:05] * ny hugs dan hi
[16:05] <DanielGlasser> I will… Lots of new people, it seems…
[16:05] <Callie> Jodi – will be great to see you and Debbie. But why sans Allison?
[16:05] *** NYCajun is now known as MattLeger
[16:06] <JodiMuse> She can’t make it this time around. Expenses. I know what she means. Not too long ago, I’d have been in her position. I just started a new job about two months ago that’s working out really well so I’m able to make it.
[16:06] *** RachelWrk is now known as RachelSil
[16:06] <RobWynne> hi dan *HUG*
[16:06] <DanielGlasser> I’ve been unable to keep a connection up all day (and most of yesterday). I’m using Melissa’s ISP.
[16:06] <RachelSil> silly ircii, not letting me have a long nick
[16:06] <GregMcMullan> Jodi: aww πŸ™
[16:06] *** KatyDroege ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:06] <JodiMuse> I know, Greg. We’ll miss her tons. πŸ™
[16:06] * DanielGlasser hugs everyone… Too many to list!
[16:06] * MattLeger has a feeling he is going to need to be at OVFF more than ever
[16:07] <KatyDroege> rehi
[16:07] * DanielGlasser hugs Katy
[16:07] * KatyDroege hugs Daniel
[16:07] <JodiMuse> *hugs Matt
[16:07] <Callie> Jodi – glad to hear about the new job! Hope it keeps working out well.
[16:07] <Callie> – hugs! good to “see” you.
[16:07] *** ny is now known as nymartin
[16:07] *** nymartin is now known as nymar
[16:07] <JodiMuse> I hope so! I’m actually supposed to be going to visit my co-workers in New Mexico next Monday.
[16:07] <Callie> Ny – did you get your CD yet? Hope so…
[16:07] * DanielGlasser hugs Callie — I look forward to seeing you at OVFF…
[16:07] *** nymar is now known as nymartin
[16:07] * MattLeger hugs Jodi back
[16:07] <nymartin> callie: I did. thanks. πŸ™‚
[16:07] <BenNewman> Matt: Oh, you’re *you*. Glad to hear you’re okay.
[16:07] <JodiMuse> Ok. I’m having a hard time emitting here. Can someone explain how that works? πŸ™‚
[16:07] <Callie> hugs back, Daniel!
[16:07] * KatyDroege hugs Ny again … just needed to πŸ˜‰
[16:08] <RobWynne> JodiMuse: use /me
[16:08] <MattLeger> guess everyone didn’t make the assumption from my nick…sorry Ben
[16:08] <RobWynne> so /me hugs JodiMuse resolves to “RobWynne hugs JodiMuse”
[16:08] <JodiMuse> I’m actually around on OVFF until Monday morning so FINALLY going to be participating in dead dog activities at an OVFF. πŸ™‚
[16:08] * JodiMuse tests it out. πŸ™‚
[16:08] <GregMcMullan> Have people seen the timeline/info page at ?
[16:08] <JodiMuse> ooo! Cool.
[16:08] <MattLeger> By George, I think she’s got it! πŸ™‚
[16:08] <Callie> you lucky girl!! Dead dog died and gone to heaven, for ConChord last month…. (happy sigh)
[16:09] <DanielGlasser> Greg: No, I’ve not.
[16:09] <JodiMuse> We’ll be at Conchord next year! Woohoo! Really looking forward to that
[16:09] <JodiMuse> Oh – cool item, guys. I have to share. πŸ™‚ The Muse’s Muse was mentioned in Billboard Magazine’s September 8th issue. Pretty cool, huh?
[16:09] * nymartin hugs katy back and smiles
[16:10] *** JonLennox is now known as Merav
[16:10] <nymartin> yay jodi!
[16:10] <MattLeger> congratulations, Jodi!
[16:10] * Merav hugs Callie
[16:10] <JodiMuse> Hi Merav!
[16:10] <nymartin> hi merav *hug*
[16:10] * Icewolf going to go try downloading mIRC..brb (hopefully)
[16:10] * DanielGlasser hugs Merav
[16:10] <Callie> Jodi – great! hope you’re planning to stay for Sunday night – both years i have, it’s been SO worth it!!
[16:10] *** Icewolf ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2)
[16:10] * Merav hugs Daniel and Ny
[16:10] <Callie> hugs Merav back
[16:10] <BenNewman> Hi Merav! *hug*
[16:10] * Merav hugs Ben
[16:10] <JodiMuse> Thanks, guys! I was pretty pleased. πŸ™‚ And yes, Callie, I’m definitely planning to stay for Sunday night. I’m not leaving for the airport until Monday late morning.
[16:11] * Merav tried to nap, but the phone kept ringing
[16:11] * JonBaker looks awkwardly at Merav in lieu of hug.
[16:11] <MattLeger> one good thing about dialup Net access…nobody bugs you with phone calls πŸ™‚
[16:11] * Merav smiles at JonBaker
[16:11] <Kim> i’m sorta back with food
[16:11] * DanielGlasser hugs Kim
[16:12] <MattLeger> not that I could sleep even if all were quiet at this point…
[16:12] <JonBaker> But most of Panix’s dialups are down. So my mom can’t get on. I’m on here with DSL, as is Debbie at the office.
[16:12] <JodiMuse> Agreed, Matt…
[16:12] <RachelSil> btw, if anyone was worried about zem being a light-brown-skinned person in Texas during this, he is fine
[16:12] <Kim> hugs daniel
[16:12] <Merav> things are quieting down
[16:12] <Kim> i use panix shell and pop
[16:13] * JodiMuse sighs. Still getting pretty horrid reports from the news. :-/
[16:13] * RachelSil is telnetting to panix
[16:13] <MattLeger> I still can’t quite believe the Towers are gone…the city skyline will look so wrong without them.
[16:13] <DanielGlasser> My ISP is using a WorldCom POP here, but it drops the connection after about 45 seconds. It’s been doing this since yesterday, so it’s not related to the events of today.
[16:13] <nymartin> rachel: oh, good. because I was. I hope my friend Mary writes me back…
[16:13] <nymartin> matt: yeah…
[16:13] <JonBaker> I remember them being built. We have a picture of me & my brother visiting the Fire Department practice area at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, with the Towers going up in the background, about 1972.
[16:13] <MattLeger> hard to believe construction only started on them in 1973.
[16:14] <JodiMuse> The Pentagon won’t look the same for quite some time either, I’m sure.
[16:14] <Kim> i will never complain abt harstfield security again
[16:14] <MattLeger> gonna be real weird seeing all those movies and TV shows with the Towers as backdrop from now on
[16:14] * DanielGlasser is glad that Merav and Matt are ok… Has anyone heard from Dave W?
[16:14] <Merav> he’s fine
[16:14] <JodiMuse> Dave’s been here already, Daniel. He’s fine.
[16:14] <Kim> yep all dated
[16:14] <AdamSel_afk> he was here for a minute.
[16:14] <JonBaker> If the Reeves-Stevens’ book on the Pentagon was even close about describing its defensive and fire-control systems, we can hope that most of the building, and its occupants, were safe.
[16:14] <DanielGlasser> Good.
[16:15] <MattLeger> All NYC filk types except Deb Wunder have been accounted for.
[16:15] <Merav> daniel check the header for the list
[16:15] <nymartin> Froim what I can read it fared ok. although I haven’t seen numbers.
[16:15] <DanielGlasser> Ah.
[16:15] <JonBaker> Not to mention taking the bus into NY, where you see a terrific skyline just before entering the Lincoln Tunnel.
[16:15] <DanielGlasser> Melissa just got here.
[16:15] <MattLeger> kind of ironic – the Port Authority just finished unloading the WTC on a private company in a recent sale.
[16:15] <Yulia> Yeah… they’re sure to make movies about this, but hopefully not for many years to come… my father survived the bombing a few years back, too. He’s had some amazing luck… or bad luck, depends on how you think about it…
[16:16] <Callie> Hi Melissa
[16:16] <JodiMuse> Hi Melissa!
[16:16] <Kim> Two aircraft carriers — the USS George Washington and the USS
[16:16] <Kim> John F. Kennedy — are headed for the coast off New York.
[16:16] <JonBaker> Or the view from my office, for that matter. 2 Penn is among the southernmost tall buildings in the midtown cluster; everything is short from there south to about Canal.
[16:16] <Merav> I’m just glad Jon took a long shower this morning or we would have been under the WTC in the PATH train.
[16:16] <Kim> ho melissa
[16:16] <Kim> hi melissa
[16:16] <DanielGlasser> Melissa says “Hi”. We’re going to drop the connection down here and bring it up upstairs. BRB.
[16:16] *** Rhainy-brb is now known as Rhainy
[16:16] <nymartin> Merav: me too.
[16:16] * Merav sends a hug to Melissa
[16:16] <Kim> hugs to merav
[16:16] <Callie> Merav – yes, i’m glad too… glad that all of “us” are safe… but what of others???
[16:16] * JodiMuse waves.
[16:17] <Rhainy> back now…Propane tank is having 100 gallons pumped int
[16:17] <GregMcMullan> I heard that they were sending 8 special search and rescue teams to NYC and 4 to the Pentagon…
[16:17] <Merav> lots of others down
[16:17] * DanielGlasser hugs evreyone.
[16:17] *** DanielGlasser ( Quit
[16:17] <Merav> we’re probably going to go give blood tonight.
[16:17] <JonBaker> I heard the explosion this morning, shortly after waking up. I thought “Artillery, explosions, like the beginning of the war of Vordarian’s Pretendership. Naah, must be a truck backfiring a few blocks away.”
[16:17] <nymartin> jon: heh.
[16:17] <GregMcMullan> Hmm. Let’s hear it for high fighter cover
[16:17] <Merav> You can tell it’s bad, because the lens on the camera of the newscast is full of soot.
[16:18] *** SimonFairbourn ( has joined #FilkHaven
[16:18] <KatyDroege> hi again … we don’t manage to stay away, do we? *hug*
[16:18] * Merav hugs Simon
[16:18] <GregMcMullan> JonBaker: an interesting choice of comparison
[16:18] * Rhainy is glad to now have propane…and thankful to local companies who will work with ya on payemnts
[16:18] <nymartin> I still can’t comprehend….the World Trade Center gone and stuff. all those thousands of people.
[16:18] * Merav goes AFK
[16:18] * nymartin hugs simon hi
[16:18] <Yulia> oh yes, my dad’s lungs are filled with smoke and he’s been coughing… won’t see a doctor, though, till my mom gets home at least.
[16:19] <SimonFairbourn> Sorry, I got kicked off somehow, so I did some errands.
[16:19] *** Spiritdancer ( has joined #FilkHaven
[16:19] <MayaCorbin> Today is a day that we all cling to each other Katy. I can’t imagine what this would have been like before w e had the internet to help us keep contact
[16:19] * MayaCorbin hugs Melissa
[16:19] * KatyDroege hugs Spiritdancer
[16:19] * Spiritdancer hugs all those here
[16:19] <MattLeger> on top of all this I spoke to Anne Zieger today – she says she and Darren can’t make their mortgage payment this week for a week’s delay in a paycheck.
[16:19] <JodiMuse> Hi Simon!
[16:19] <Rhainy> Spiritdancer *HUGS* back
[16:19] <KatyDroege> Maya: was terrified at the office when I first heard of it … came home, logged on immediately!
[16:19] * JodiMuse hugs Spiritdancer.
[16:19] * Rhainy quickly runs to check on sick kitty again
[16:20] * JodiMuse hugs Katy.
[16:20] * Spiritdancer ‘s cd player is playing Wednesday, April 19, 1995, which has been running thru her head for about 6 hours now
[16:20] <MattLeger> between the hospitalizations and the economic downturn they have been really up against it lately.
[16:20] *** Seanan ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:20] * SimonFairbourn hugs everyone
[16:20] <RobWynne> re seanan!
[16:20] <nymartin> re seanan *hug*
[16:20] <RobWynne> glad you’re down and safe!
[16:20] <MayaCorbin> wb Seanan. How is Nyssa?
[16:20] <JodiMuse> HI again, Seanan!
[16:20] <KatyDroege> rehi Seanan πŸ™‚
[16:20] <Callie> hugs Seanan
[16:21] * Seanan hugs those she knows, waves to those she doesn’t, pauses and peers at Callie.
[16:21] <Seanan> Callie?
[16:21] <Seanan> Two hours on the damn bus to go EIGHTEEN MILES. Rey gave me a ride from the station.
[16:21] <Callie> yes, dear?
[16:21] * MikeWhitaker hugs Seanan.
[16:21] * Rhainy is back now…kitty not much better but Thankfully not worse
[16:22] * Seanan is going to assume that this is Callie Hills, from the lack of contradiction. Yay, Callie.
[16:22] * Seanan hugs Callie, and resumes her normal place in Mike’s lap.
[16:22] <Callie> heh…
[16:22] <JodiMuse> πŸ™‚
[16:22] <Kim> maya, some of us remember challenger, and there wasn’t much of a net to keep in touch with
[16:23] <Callie> yes, Seanan, c’est moi
[16:23] *** jeffo ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:23] <Rhainy> Kim I Remeber CHallenger…was watching it on the tv when it happend…am in the same kind of shock now, but worse
[16:23] <JodiMuse> I’ll tell you – being able to log on here and in Blatherchat and to find out that folks were ok almost up to the moment… That was wonderful.
[16:23] <MattLeger> Kim: yep – I was in New Orleans at work when Challenger blew up.
[16:23] <GregMcMullan> Kim: yeah, and that was when I was in a semi-hermit mode, too
[16:23] <MattLeger> The boss of the sign shop where I worked brought a TV into the office to see the news reports.
[16:23] <RobWynne> ok, file under “black humor”: co-worker just said “i keep thinking about some poor guy ina lear jet running drugs from columbia and hasn’t heard the news yet…..
[16:23] <nymartin> Where Were You When The President—I mean When The Space Shuttle Blew Up?
[16:24] <Kim> expert on tv has stated the obvious, if the hijackings had not taken place, none of the rest of this would have happened
[16:24] * Merav [er, Jon] got on Compuserve chat back when Challenger blew up. Very similar to this, in a lot of ways.
[16:24] <Seanan> The Internet: it’s like back fence gossip, only faster, cheaper and more hugging.
[16:24] * Merav is AFK again, this is Jon talking.
[16:24] * nymartin was home sick from school.
[16:24] * MayaCorbin nods. I remember Challenger from High School. It wasn’t as bad for me then because the people I cared about were all local. I hadn’t discovered the joys of having long-distance friends
[16:24] <RobWynne> JodiMuse: this is part of the filk community — and it’s one of the few parts of the filk community where we can overcome geography
[16:24] <Rhainy> Ed Koch is saying we have a *Right to shoot Bin Laden* because he has attacked us
[16:24] * nymartin watches Jon and Merav morph πŸ™‚
[16:24] <Seanan> Everyone is always totally welcome here. Even my cats, when they walk across the keyboard.
[16:24] <RobWynne> hi there Jeffo!
[16:24] <JodiMuse> True enough, Rob. True enough. I have mIRC now. I’ll be back. πŸ™‚
[16:24] <Callie> Yeah, Rob, and right now am I ever grateful this is here!!!
[16:25] * RickHewett remembers the Nairobi bomb, and the difficulty in confirming his family hadn’t been hurt by it.
[16:25] <GregMcMullan> Huh. is up and happily running
[16:25] * Seanan makes a note: next time, hit Blatherchat sooner.
[16:25] <Kim> i cried all day at challenger, since i had had a bad feeling the night before when i saw the ice on the shuttle
[16:25] <nymartin> kim: they shoulda listened to you (and their engineers)
[16:25] <MattLeger> this is one of those times I would give all I own for a small time machine
[16:25] <Kim> abc stayed all day with the challenger accident, when other networks went on to their soaps
[16:26] <Callie> sigh… she got the copy of the URL of the reprise page I just made, so she’ll know
[16:26] * Rhainy wonders how soon they will *Decide who is responsible* and tell us?
[16:26] <Kim> matt, i am with you on that! where is my tardis!
[16:26] <GregMcMullan> Rhainy: I’d like to see, when we find the perople responsible for this, that we could get them tried fairly and executed as common murderers, not war criminals
[16:26] <Rhainy> Like we do not have a GOOD Idea already
[16:26] <RobWynne> Callie: this isn’t precisely the way we wanted to double our population, but we’re glad you’re here
[16:26] * MattLeger wonders if the Village Voice had time before its print run to change its front page
[16:26] <Callie> Thanks, Rob (callie hugs Rob)
[16:26] <Rhainy> GregMcMullan That would not be allowed by the American people overall…they will want vengance
[16:26] <Rhainy> but I agree to a point
[16:26] <Kim> i got a lot of respect for tom jennnings and abc news on that day
[16:26] <Seanan> I think there’s still a lot of discussion, Rhainy. I mean, I tend to think that this was domestic in origin — but I’m withholding judgement until we have more data.
[16:27] <MattLeger> Kim: you mean Peter Jennings, don’t you?
[16:27] <GregMcMullan> Rhainy: we have ideas, but we need to *know*
[16:27] <MattLeger> I can understand the major net anchors do kinda run together in the mind… πŸ™‚
[16:27] * RachelSil gets a student call “are we still supposed to do our homework?”
[16:27] <RobWynne> Peter Ratherkow?
[16:27] <Kim> yeah, who trained those pilots? i dont think that on the 3 planes that hit their targets that those were the orignal pilots
[16:27] <RachelSil> “yes, if you got homework, you are still supposed to do it”
[16:27] <Rhainy> I know GregMcMullan, that was my point :o)
[16:27] <GregMcMullan> I would like it if we could convince the American public that that is the best way to handle it…
[16:28] <RobWynne> Kim: doesn’t take a lot to fly a jumbo jet
[16:28] <Yulia> Did Guiliani (sp) say in his press conference that they have news about the terrorists but are going to let the federal government decide when to announce it? I could have misheard, it was quiet…
[16:28] *** Spiritdancer is now known as MelissaGlasser
[16:28] <Kim> matt-thanks-you are right!
[16:28] <RobWynne> the hard part is takeoff and landing
[16:28] <Merav> Kim: supposedly 767s are pretty easy to fly once they’re in the air.
[16:28] <MattLeger> Kim: I think we can safely assume the authorized pilots were NOT in charge of those three planes when they hit.
[16:28] <Merav> Matt: though it’s possible that they were for the fourth one.
[16:28] <JodiMuse> Hi Melissa. Yes. They’re saying that the pilots didn’t have time to push the “panic” buttons they have in the event of a hijack. They were taken out before they could – which would have been quickly.
[16:28] <Kim> but the bad guys would have still had to have had some training
[16:28] *** jeffo ( Quit (Leaving)
[16:29] * Seanan sighs. This is so…urgh.
[16:29] <SimonFairbourn> A few hours practising on a flight simulator and…
[16:29] <GregMcMullan> Kim: I am pretty sure that if you put me into the cockpit of one of those planes, I could have done the flying necessary to do it – *flying* planes is not hard…landing and taking off is
[16:29] * MikeWhitaker hugs.
[16:29] * RachelSil debates whether to walk home (2 miles) or see if the buses are running
[16:29] *** c ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:29] * MikeWhitaker is with greg on this one, actually.
[16:29] <RobWynne> who the fsck is Andrew Stephenson?
[16:29] <MikeWhitaker> Howdy, C….
[16:29] <RobWynne> heya C
[16:29] * Seanan AFKs.
[16:29] <RachelSil> greg: kinda like driving standard is not hard once you’re only shifting between the high gears…
[16:30] *** MelissaGlasser ( Quit (poof!)
[16:30] <nymartin> Rachel: buses are running and free
[16:30] <MattLeger> I never thought I’d be glad I lost that East Village sublet last year…
[16:30] *** MelissaGlasser ( has joined #FilkHaven
[16:30] <Kim> still think that it would have taken some training, though
[16:30] <RobWynne> some, but not much
[16:30] <MattLeger> but if I hadn’t I’d be a few blocks north of Canal Street and locked into Manhattan right now.
[16:30] <JodiMuse> They’ve been saying that on the news, too.
[16:30] *** MartinGK (gk@ has joined #filkhaven
[16:30] <Rhainy> I am hearing that they have a Korean plane surrounded and it had been hijacled
[16:30] <RobWynne> and learning to fly isn’t a hard skill to pick up
[16:30] *** MelissaGlasser is now known as D
[16:30] * MikeWhitaker hahas. There.
[16:30] <MikeWhitaker>
[16:30] <Rhainy> didn’t hear *Where* they had it surrounded tho
[16:30] <MikeWhitaker> I rock.
[16:30] <MattLeger> probably no debris would have hit Maya’s building but…
[16:30] *** c ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2)
[16:31] *** D is now known as D_M_Glasser
[16:31] <Kim> trade center buidling # 7 is on fire and may collapse
[16:31] <GregMcMullan> Mike: *grin*
[16:31] <RachelSil> ny: I just checked the site, so I see
[16:31] <nymartin> mike: whoohoo!
[16:31] <Rhainy> Ok Kim Where is that in relation to the other site
[16:31] <SteveMac> better idea than mine, mike
[16:31] <SteveMac> back…
[16:32] <nymartin> ok, steve, now you can put your list on there….
[16:32] <RachelSil>
[16:32] <SteveMac> but probably disppearing soon for a bit.
[16:32] <Kim> rhainy i have no idea-just saw it on a news scroll on fox
[16:32] *** AdamSel_afk is now known as AdamSelzer
[16:32] <Rhainy> Ah ok… will listen for it… Kim
[16:32] *** RachelSil ([ Quit (Leaving)
[16:32] <Kim> will do
[16:32] <MattLeger> you Bostonians are getting free subway rides outta this…heh
[16:33] <Kim> nyc stock markets closed tomorrow as well
[16:33] <Kim> w back to dc, soon
[16:33] * MayaCorbin snugs Mike. Great!
[16:33] * Rhainy listens as her local radio lists Every church being open late for vigils and special services in many languages
[16:34] <RobWynne> Kim: Joy White reports she got back into NJ yesterday. thank goodness she didn’t flyl today
[16:34] <Callie> hugs SteveMac
[16:34] <Kim> the financial district is a mess! very bad for economy
[16:34] <Kim> rob-oh good was worried abt joy
[16:34] <nymartin> just what we need during a recession. yeep.
[16:34] * Rhainy looks in wonder at the list of folks visiting here today….
[16:35] <RobWynne> nymartin: oh, i dunno. MIC is probably going to start hiring *sigh*
[16:35] <Kim> texas prez, bad economy, time for a war–sound familiar?
[16:35] * nymartin is exhausted and wishes she could sleep. I felt awful last night and couldn’t sleep.
[16:35] *** jsl ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:35] <MattLeger> The website has posted emergency information at this URL:
[16:35] <MattLeger>
[16:35] <MikeWhitaker> note that if you try and connect to the US version of the page, it now redirects you to the UK version, so it always updates the master copy of the data
[16:35] <nymartin> rob: heh. πŸ™‚ kim: *shudder*
[16:35] * KatyDroege hugs Spencer!
[16:35] *** mneme ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:35] * Merav hugs Spencer
[16:35] <MikeWhitaker> thank Matt for pointing me at the callagans version
[16:36] * Merav hugs Josh
[16:36] <Rhainy> Ok I just heard the *Wole* Country is now at Threat Level Delta…not just the East Coast
[16:36] <Rhainy> WHOLE even
[16:36] <JodiMuse> Truly frightening. :-/
[16:36] <MikeWhitaker> Howdy, spencer
[16:36] <SimonFairbourn> Spencer!
[16:36] <Callie> Threat level delta/??
[16:36] <MikeWhitaker> wow. 33 people
[16:36] <nymartin> hi, spencer! hi mneme!
[16:36] <RobWynne> Rhainy: the whole country has been at Threat Level Delta for 6+ hours
[16:36] <SteveMac> war standing
[16:36] <Rhainy> that many MikeWhitaker
[16:36] *** ccrazy ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:36] <RobWynne> Callie: that means that the military is acting as if we are in a state of war
[16:36] <MattLeger> Mike: you’re welcome…thank you for picking up the hint
[16:36] *** jeffo ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:36] <Callie> turns pale
[16:37] <SimonFairbourn> Just as well we still don’t know who the enemy is.
[16:37] <Rhainy> Ok, missed that, our local feed was saying we were at Charlie and that is also what hubby hear dtrhu his ANG former Unit as well
[16:37] * MikeWhitaker smiles wryly. Sad it takes today to get this many folks.
[16:37] <SteveMac> weddings and funerals…
[16:37] * Merav hugs Callie
[16:37] <RobWynne> Rhainy: i heard that teh entire US Armed Forces were at Threat Level Delta around 11am eastern, IIRC
[16:37] <Callie> might as well be here, can’t concentrate on work worth a damn
[16:37] <MikeWhitaker> SteveMac: *wry grin*
[16:37] <SteveMac> same here.
[16:37] <nymartin> callie: my office shut for the same reason.
[16:37] <MikeWhitaker> nor most folk, I’ll bet, Callie
[16:37] <RobWynne> heya spencer. heya ccrazy
[16:37] * Seanan sighs.
[16:37] *** Umbran (arnis_publ@ has joined #filkhaven
[16:37] *** Umbran (arnis_publ@ Quit
[16:37] <MikeWhitaker> the business plan I’m working on is pretty much toast for today
[16:38] <Rhainy> Ah ok RobWynne I had heard that it was the East Coast, and that we were at Charlie…I stand corrected…sorry for mis informing folks
[16:38] <Seanan> They evacuated my building.
[16:38] *** Umbran ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:38] <MattLeger> Hi Spencer…nice to see you
[16:38] <RobWynne> no misinforming — we’re getting raw news at such a speed its hard to know what’s real
[16:38] <nymartin> Seanan: took them long enough.
[16:38] <Seanan> The fast way: they set the alarms off, cut the lights, and then cut our Internet connection.
[16:38] * D_M_Glasser was in surgery when everything hit (literally) this am … finished up surgeries, rescheduled most everything else
[16:38] <SteveMac> they finally let you go home, seanan?
[16:38] <mneme> Hi!
[16:38] <Seanan> They killed our Internet!
[16:38] <KatyDroege> I think noone can concentrate today … oh, btw, Yooh sends hugs and thoughts as well (phoned her)
[16:38] <Callie> seanan – yipes! sorry to hear that
[16:38] <RobWynne> Seanan: yeah, we were worried about the speed you dropped off
[16:38] <RobWynne> KatyDroege: thanks!
[16:38] <MartinGK> Seanan – so if the first two didn’t get you out of there, the third would?
[16:38] <MattLeger> according to the website, Manhattan is pretty much on lockdown – nobody in, outbound only on upper and midtown bridges/tunnels.
[16:38] <Callie> hugs to Yooh, and Thea, and all you over there in Germany…
[16:39] * mneme hugs Merav
[16:39] <KatyDroege> oh, you’re in contact with Thea?
[16:39] <nymartin> there are at least 2100 wounded people in the NYC area hospitals
[16:39] *** SteveMac changes topic to ‘Add your status’
[16:39] <Seanan> Pretty much. If you wanted to work in the dark with bleeding ears, the lack of Internet would chase you off.
[16:39] *** jsl ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2 [EOF])
[16:39] *** jeffo ( Quit (jeffo has no reason)
[16:39] *** Spencer ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:39] <RobWynne> respencer
[16:39] *** jeffo ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:40] <mneme> smac: is there a typo in that URL?
[16:40] <MattLeger> Mike: if you can, you might want to color-code your page the way the #callahans one is with a button for “OK” or “Not OK”
[16:40] <JodiMuse> Thanks, Katy! If you speak with her, send hugs back, hmm? I know Debbie and Allison would want to send hugs too. We miss you guys.
[16:40] <SimonFairbourn> Following Katy’s lead. The entire Gravesend crowd send hugs and best wishes to everyone.
[16:40] <JodiMuse> And we miss the Gravesend crowd too!
[16:40] *** DavidRood is now known as ErrandDave
[16:41] * Rhainy is trying to read around and try to type with Furry Fish Kitties wandering all over her
[16:42] <MikeWhitaker> MattLeger: not without reimplementing it. It’s a hack!
[16:42] *** Seanan ( Quit (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
[16:42] *** D_M_Glasser is now known as MelissaGlasser
[16:42] *** Seanan ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:42] *** Gary_PE (gehrlich@ has left #filkhaven
[16:42] <Umbran> Oh, Hello Melissa.
[16:42] <MelissaGlasser> Daniel’s off to see if he can get his connection to stay up
[16:43] <MikeWhitaker> we are talking icky crufty hack city here.
[16:43] <Callie> i’m going to sign off for a bit. take care, everyone! *hugs*
[16:43] <MikeWhitaker> it works, and that in and of itself is a miracle
[16:43] <MelissaGlasser> as far as I can tell, you can’t have & in your nick
[16:43] <Seanan> That was annoying.
[16:43] *** Callie ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2)
[16:43] * nymartin hugs callie on her wayt out
[16:43] *** Rasilio ( has left #Filkhaven
[16:44] * Merav hugs Seanan
[16:44] * Seanan hugs Merav.
[16:44] <MattLeger> I just heard Home Shopping Network has given their cable broadcast over to CBC coverage of the attacks – awfully civic-minded of them.
[16:44] *** Spencer ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2 [EOF])
[16:44] * Rhainy sighs in fuzzie pinpoker off the shoulders
[16:44] <Kim> rob just heard back from marcus-got phone # and address–our friend used to work near the pentagon until he just moved to norfolk
[16:45] <Umbran> I’ve gotten reports that some German radio networks are turning over to news, or turning off music in respect…
[16:45] <SimonFairbourn> Struth, I just saw the FTSE100 numbers. Byebye pensions.
[16:45] <Rhainy> Umbran I am not suprised
[16:46] <Kim> qvc is showing helpful stuff like red cross ads
[16:46] <Rhainy> the Canadian radios are mostly news now…
[16:46] <Umbran> Not surprised, but rather good to see.
[16:46] *** DanielGlasser ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:46] <MikeWhitaker> everything just dived at about 2pm UK time: the day graphs of all the stock trackers are the same
[16:46] <DanielGlasser> We’ll see how long this connection lasts…
[16:46] <Umbran> Hullo Daniel
[16:46] * Seanan re-curls in Mike’s lap.
[16:46] <RobWynne> Kim: yeah, i thought of that — he worked at national airport
[16:46] <AdamSelzer> new info on bin Ladin about to come in on radio…
[16:46] * Rhainy tosses DanielGlasser a rope to tie down his conection
[16:46] <Kim> shop at home is also not showing shopping stuff
[16:47] <SimonFairbourn> Kim: Our QVC is on nail-care. Hmm…
[16:47] <MattLeger> now there’s an idea for a memorial song – the whole day seen through the eyes of a cat.
[16:47] <Rhainy> AdamSelzer: Keep us aprised
[16:47] <JodiMuse> You should write it, Matt. πŸ˜‰
[16:47] <Umbran> WBOS here in Boston has been playing CNN and MSNBC audio all day…
[16:47] <AdamSelzer> I plan on it, naturally.
[16:47] <JodiMuse> Hi again, Adam.
[16:47] * Rhainy smiles speaking of cats..better go check on my sick kitty again…,<worried frown>
[16:47] <MattLeger> Jodi: if no one else can do it better, I shall.
[16:47] <Kim> even the product information network is off (the 1/2 hour infomercials)
[16:48] *** ccrazy ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2 [EOF])
[16:48] <JodiMuse> Oh phoo. You would do a great job with it.
[16:48] <Seanan> Leela has her claws jammed into my leg.
[16:48] <MikeWhitaker> Erica Neely wrote:
[16:48] <MikeWhitaker> >
[16:48] <MikeWhitaker> > Keith Glass and Steve Brinich have checked in; they’re okay.
[16:48] <MikeWhitaker> Serves me right for not finishing reading my mail; Crystal and Gary
[16:48] <Kim> tlc is showing bbc america news
[16:48] <MikeWhitaker> Ehrlich are fine too, according to Steve.
[16:48] <Umbran> CUtting off makes economic sense. How many people would be watching? Cheaper to not broadcast…
[16:48] *** MayaCorbin is now known as Mayahome
[16:48] <Rhainy> back now
[16:49] * Mayahome hugs Greg and every one else who wants a hug
[16:49] <Merav> public transit is back in NYC
[16:49] *** MartinGK (gk@ has left #filkhaven
[16:49] * MattLeger blushes
[16:49] <SteveMac> sure as shooting HOPE that Gary Ehrlich is ok, since he was online here for awhile…
[16:49] * SimonFairbourn accepts gratefully
[16:49] * JodiMuse hugs a Matt. πŸ™‚
[16:49] * Seanan hugs the Maya.
[16:50] * Rhainy sighs…kitty not better yet..but still not worse..<crossing fingers tomorrow morning is more stable so we can go to vet>
[16:50] <MikeWhitaker> SteveMac: heh
[16:50] * MattLeger hugs a Jodi back…she’s so cuddly
[16:50] * JodiMuse laughs.
[16:50] <Kim> sad to report that debris is keeping rescue workers away from wtc
[16:50] <SimonFairbourn> The Israeli government are pointedly not accusing anyone specifically. ‘Terrorism is global’
[16:50] * DanielGlasser hugs everyone…
[16:51] * Merav wonders how long that will last
[16:51] * Rhainy hugs everybody too
[16:51] * Merav hugs Daniel
[16:51] * JodiMuse accepts hugs gratefully.
[16:51] <Umbran> Even debris wasn’t an issue, fire would be…
[16:51] <RobWynne> Erica Neely is reporting on Filk_UK that Ketih Glass is ok
[16:51] * KatyDroege hugs Daniel back.
[16:51] <MattLeger> thank the gods and goddesses above and below I’m a morning sleeper and don’t go into Manhattan for anything usually until after noon!
[16:51] <nymartin> matt:: yay late sleeping!
[16:52] <MattLeger> and then usually only a couple of times a week.
[16:53] *** Umbran ( Quit
[16:54] *** RobWynne changes topic to ‘Add your status’
[16:55] <BenNewman> Take care, all. I’m going to try to get home (to Philadelphia suburbs from Philadelphia), I should be back online within an hour or so.
[16:55] * Merav hugs Ben
[16:56] <DanielGlasser> Good luck, Ben
[16:56] <Merav> safe home
[16:56] <Rhainy> ***HUGS*** BenNewman Take Care be careful
[16:56] * DanielGlasser hugs Ben
[16:56] <SteveMac> take care, ben
[16:56] * nymartin is going to try lying down, but hugs ben before she does
[16:56] * nymartin hugs everyone else too
[16:56] *** nymartin ( Quit (Leaving)
[16:56] <BenNewman> Thanks, all. I’ll check back as soon as I can.
[16:56] *** BenNewman (bnewman@ has left #filkhaven
[16:56] <MattLeger> somehow I was awake at 8:30 this morning for no reason after only having gone to sleep around 1:30
[16:56] <RickHewett> Seems a third building has collapsed…
[16:57] *** Volker (volker@ has joined #filkhaven
[16:57] <JodiMuse> Hi Volker!
[16:57] <KatyDroege> hi Volker *hug*
[16:57] <MattLeger> I was awake enough to have breakfast by 9 AM but didn’t know anything had happened until 10.
[16:57] <RobWynne> heya volker
[16:58] *** Allison ( has joined #filkhaven
[16:58] <JodiMuse> Allison! Hey there.
[16:58] <MattLeger> I was watching an old L.A. LAW rerun and tuned to the local CBS station planning to watch THE PRICE IS RIGHT at 11. The news broadcast had begun by then.
[16:58] <Volker> Greetings all!
[16:58] * MattLeger waves to the redheaded guitar lady
[16:58] * Rhainy welcomes all the new and returning folks
[16:58] <KatyDroege> Allison!!! *HUGS*
[16:58] <Allison> Hi Jodi. Just checking in to make sure everyone’s OK…
[16:58] * Merav hugs Allison
[16:58] <MikeWhitaker> ALLISON!
[16:58] *** KatyDroege is now known as Katy
[16:59] <MikeWhitaker> *hug*
[16:59] * SimonFairbourn sidles over and hugs Allison.
[16:59] <JodiMuse> It seems that everyone is. Can folks pass on that url to check up?
[16:59] <MattLeger> amazingly, no one in the NYC filk community seems to have been harmed.
[16:59] *** MikeWhitaker changes topic to ‘Add your status’
[16:59] <Seanan> ALLISON!!!
[16:59] <MikeWhitaker>
[16:59] <RobWynne> heya Allison!
[16:59] * RobWynne hugs allison
[16:59] * SteveMac hugs allison
[16:59] * Seanan tackles and hugs Allison.
[16:59] <JodiMuse> Thanks, Mike.
[16:59] * DanielGlasser sends hugs to Allison
[16:59] <Rhainy> MattLeger Thanks to TPTB!
[16:59] <Allison> one back, but I’m not too familair with this chat system. Virtual hugs!
[16:59] * Seanan watches Allison be buried beneath the flood of hugs.
[16:59] * MelissaGlasser hugs Allison
[16:59] <JodiMuse> πŸ™‚
[17:00] <mneme> Matt: amazingly (so far), yes. Including stories like Christine Q. being uncharacteristically late to work, likewise at least one LARPer I know.
[17:00] * MattLeger grins…he was smart enough to avoid being at the bottom of the pile
[17:00] <JodiMuse> Beat the rush, eh Matt? πŸ˜‰
[17:00] <Katy> flood of hugs is good on such a day *sigh*
[17:00] * Seanan hugs Katy.
[17:00] <MattLeger> Jodi: yeh…and avoid getting flattened πŸ™‚
[17:00] <Merav> It occurs to me, has anyone heard from Eyal Moses?
[17:00] <Kim> 266 people killed in the 4 plane crashes
[17:01] <MattLeger> Mike Stein has reported to Suspects that he is okay and taking in strandees in the DC area.
[17:01] <Allison> The flood of hugs is nice. It’s good to be here with everyone.
[17:01] <mneme> Merav: I haven’t, either on larpa-gen or the filk things; anyone have his number?
[17:01] * Seanan curls up in Katy’s lap for a while, just for variety’s sake, and shares her current reading material — ‘Finn Family Moomintroll’ and the new issue of ‘Finder’.
[17:01] <Kim> alan greenspan was on his way back from europe, and his plane is now in swiss air space
[17:01] <Merav> Josh: Not that I know of. I only ever see him at cons.
[17:01] <RobWynne> Seanan: mmm. Moomin books
[17:02] <Merav> Josh: any word from Zev?
[17:02] <RobWynne> i want a new copy of what was once called “The Adventures of Moominpapa” but has since been retitled, apparently
[17:02] <Seanan> Moomin books goooooood.
[17:02] <RobWynne> that was my favourite of all the Moomin books
[17:02] * Katy cuddles Seanan
[17:02] <MattLeger> JonBaker: Zev used to live near you guys – have you moved yet?
[17:02] <mneme> Merav: nor.
[17:03] <Kim> american airlines were just fined 2 mths ago $90,000 for failing to follow security measures
[17:03] * MattLeger wishes he could remember the name of that book that had “Ermine Bandicoot” in it
[17:03] <Kim> i see lawsuit city
[17:03] <JodiMuse> This is weird. My email on a weekday is usually HUGELY busy. It’s a uncharacteristically quiet.
[17:03] <MikeWhitaker> they have graphiocs on CNN which that siuggest the plane that downed north of pittsburgh was on a course for DC
[17:03] <AdamSelzer> some officials (names I didn’t catch) say they have no doubt that bin Ladin was involved
[17:04] <MattLeger> and “Mazes & Monsters” by Rona Jaffe used the Trade Center towers as a focal point.
[17:04] <MikeWhitaker> haveing turned back somewhere near the S end of the great lakes
[17:04] <RobWynne> JodiMuse: it hink everyones preoccupied with the news
[17:04] <JodiMuse> The Taliban are denying it, Adam. But who knows?
[17:04] <DanielGlasser> Mike: I figure the plane that went down near Pittsburgh was disabled by the pilot before he was disabled himself.
[17:04] <JodiMuse> I can well imagine, Rob, yeah.
[17:04] <Rhainy> AdamSelzer the newsfeeds I am hearing right now are *All* saying it is Bin Laden
[17:05] <SimonFairbourn> At least the Pittsburg plane should have its Black box easily findable. That should tell us something.
[17:06] <Kim> tnn is showing the cbs newsfeed
[17:06] <Kim> i want to hear that black box
[17:06] <RobWynne> i hope they can find the black boxes from the two WTC planes
[17:07] <RobWynne> the PA and the DC one should be easy to recover (assuming the DC plane HAD a black box — it was a smaller commuter plane, i think
[17:07] <MattLeger> Rob: may take days – those black boxes in Manhattan are buried under 110 stories of rubble.
[17:07] <RobWynne> MattLeger: oh, i know it’ll take days — iw as expressing hope they can find them at all
[17:07] <MikeWhitaker> well, about 40, actually
[17:07] * Seanan shivers, and goes back to preparing this submission package, since she doubts sincerely that a British anthology will give her more time due to an American tragedy.
[17:08] <Volker> From the pictures it looked like a standard in-country plane (size 737 or A320 or so)…
[17:08] <Kim> 757 acutally
[17:08] <Kim> the ones that crashed into the wtc
[17:08] <Kim> espn is showing abc news, of course
[17:08] <Volker> …the Pittsburg plane.
[17:08] <RobWynne> ah. i heard it was a 767, but either a 757 or a 767 would be huge
[17:09] <Rhainy> Avctually all 4 planes were either 757 OR 767s according to the airlines they belonged to
[17:09] *** Guest ( has joined #filkhaven
[17:09] <Kim> mtv is showing cbs feed
[17:09] <MikeWhitaker> howdy guest
[17:09] <RobWynne> heya guest
[17:09] * DanielGlasser is listening to NPR… I don’t want to see the pictures anymore.
[17:10] <SimonFairbourn> So we’re talking serious planage then. Bound to have a black box.
[17:10] * Merav hugs Daniel
[17:10] <RobWynne> SimonFairbourn: yes, but the one that went down on the pentagon was a smaller plane
[17:10] * Rhainy is thankful she is not seeing pictures…cannot see the tv from where she is sitting
[17:10] <RobWynne> that’s the one i wasn’t sure might have one
[17:10] <RobWynne> i’d be on NPR if i could tune it in — i’ve got a local station that’s rebroadcasting CBS-TV
[17:11] <Rhainy> RobWynne Actually the one that hit was one of hte four and *SHould* have a box
[17:11] <RobWynne> Rhainy: ok. i heard earlier it was a smaller plane
[17:11] <Merav> Jon and I are going to go out and find food. We promise to be careful.
[17:11] <JodiMuse> Take care, Merav!
[17:11] <RobWynne> please do. grab something fo rme, willya
[17:11] <DanielGlasser> I believe that all commercial planes, whether large or smaller, have black boxes.
[17:11] *** Merav is now known as Merav_AFK
[17:11] <Merav_AFK> will do.
[17:11] <SteveMac> yes, they do
[17:11] <Rhainy> I heard from the APP newsfeed, a couple of minutes ago…
[17:12] *** jsl (J.@Firewall.LoveSong.Com) has joined #filkhaven
[17:12] <RobWynne> re spencer
[17:12] <SimonFairbourn> So what about the one shot down near Chicago that Talis mentioned to me earlier?
[17:12] <Allison> This is a test. I’m curious to see if this message goes just to Jodi (who’s sending me private notes). Um, hi, Jodi!
[17:12] <RobWynne> nope. got us all
[17:12] <Rhainy> No Allison it went to us all
[17:12] <JodiMuse>Β Nope. It didn’t work, Allison. You need to double click on my name in the java window, I think. πŸ™‚
[17:12] <DanielGlasser> I know of no planes shot down.
[17:12] <Rhainy> you on the Java client?
[17:12] <MikeWhitaker> which client are you using, Allison
[17:12] <MikeWhitaker> ?
[17:12] <Allison> OK, so that didn’t work. I feel badly trying to figure out this system at such a difficult time…
[17:12] <MikeWhitaker> no sweat
[17:12] <MikeWhitaker> we’re here to help
[17:12] <JodiMuse> I think she’s using the java chat, Mike.
[17:13] <Rhainy> Allison don’t worry about it…it is ok
[17:13] <SimonFairbourn> Apparrently it was on Sky earlier, but has not been repeated since. Curious…
[17:13] <JodiMuse> Rob, can you pass on the url of the mIRC client you passed on to me?
[17:13] <MikeWhitaker> “To talk to someone privately, highlight their name in the right hand pane by clicking on it. To return to talking to the channel, click on their name again”
[17:13] <Allison> Jodi’s probably right. I have no idea what client I’m on, Mike…
[17:14] *** PenfTest ( has joined #filkhaven
[17:14] <RobWynne> Allison: together, we may endure even the end of the world.
[17:14] <Allison> Hmmm, that is what I tried to do. I must have clicked something wrong.
[17:14] <Seanan> If you click too many times, you lose the private discussion.
[17:14] <Volker> The Pennsilvania plane (! hearsay, take with a BIG grain) was said to be shot down by F18s after not responding.
[17:15] <Rhainy> BUsh is ladning at Andrews…and will motorcade to the white house
[17:15] <Allison> Testing, testing, Jodi.
[17:15] <MikeWhitaker> actually,. you’re using the CGI client, Allison. Hang on a sec
[17:15] <Rhainy> Volker I have not heard that…where did that report come from?
[17:15] *** MikeTest ( has joined #filkhaven
[17:15] <Kim> volker–the pa plane crashed itslelf
[17:15] *** MikeTest ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2 [EOF])
[17:15] <RobWynne> Volker: well, i did hear that 2 F-16s from Andrews scrambled shortly before that plane went down
[17:16] *** PenfTest ( Quit (Read error: 0 (Success))
[17:16] *** Eloise ( has joined #filkhaven
[17:16] <Allison> That’s OK. I’m quite content talking to everyone. That’s why we’re here, right?
[17:16] <RobWynne> but i have not heard anything to the effect that it was shot down
[17:16] <RickHewett> Simon: There was a rumour earlier in the afternoon that one airliner had been shot down, but I think that report owed more to speculation than fact…
[17:16] <Volker> A colleague who had heard it from his wife citing some TV
[17:16] <Rhainy> wb Eloise *HUGS*
[17:16] <Kim> it did a big turn around in cleveland and flew back towareds dc and then crashed in pa
[17:16] <JodiMuse> I was just passing on hugs from Merav and such, Allison. πŸ™‚
[17:16] <Volker> So nothing really to count on.
[17:16] <JodiMuse> Hi Eloise.
[17:16] <SimonFairbourn> Fair enough
[17:16] <Kim> just got the pa plane info from cbs
[17:16] <RobWynne> Volker: could be speculation. there’s been a LOT of raw news coming in almost faster than can be assimilated
[17:16] <Eloise> Any updates from the Filknet News Network?
[17:16] *** Guest ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2 [EOF])
[17:16] <Eloise> And what’s with all the real names, just out of curiosity?
[17:17] <Allison> Hi Eloise!
[17:17] <MikeWhitaker> Courtesy to newcomers
[17:17] <AdamSelzer> “US officials now have specific information linking the attacks to Osama bin Ladin” says the radio
[17:17] <Rhainy> Eloise with all here who are new we thought would be easier
[17:17] <MikeWhitaker> and to save my typing ‘Penfold <-=– Mike Whitaker’ a lot
[17:17] <RobWynne> but i did hear that andrews scrambled two fighter jets prior to that plane going down, so that may be where the speculation came from
[17:17] <MikeWhitaker> however.,,
[17:17] *** MikeWhitaker is now known as Penfold
[17:17] <Kim> would be good idea to scramble
[17:17] <Penfold> I feel better now
[17:17] <RickHewett> Yeah, and ‘cos the schedules have gone to chaos there’s much less rigorous checking going on…
[17:18] * Seanan returns to the familiar comfort of Penfold’s lap.
[17:18] <Kim> history channel showing cnn
[17:18] * Penfold laughs.
[17:18] <MattLeger> Eloise: Real names are being used so that those new to channel can know the people they are worried about are okay.
[17:18] <DanielGlasser> What’s the SciFi channel showing?
[17:18] * Eloise has just spent three hours asleep sitting on the floor with her head on a rolly office chair in John’s office.
[17:18] <Penfold> Do remember, dear, I can’t play guitar while you’re sat there.
[17:18] *** Anke (Anke@ has joined #filkhaven
[17:18] <Penfold> heya, Anke
[17:18] <Katy> Anke!!!
[17:18] <Anke> Hi there!
[17:18] <Eloise> After giving blood in a really, really swamped very small hospital blood bank room.
[17:18] <Katy> *hugs* *cuddles*
[17:18] <Kim> hgtv has no programming
[17:18] * DanielGlasser hugs Anke
[17:18] <Allison> Hello, Anke!
[17:18] * JodiMuse hugs Anke. πŸ™‚
[17:18] * Anke hugs Katy
[17:19] *** Yulia ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2)
[17:19] <Katy> have you been to the Dom?
[17:19] <Anke> Hi Jodi, DAniel – good to see you all!
[17:19] <Kim> checking on Sf channel now
[17:19] <Anke> Yes, I’ve been…
[17:19] <RobWynne> ack. i have to scramble.
[17:19] * SimonFairbourn can’t miss an opportunity to hug Anke and so does.
[17:19] <JodiMuse> Bye Rob!
[17:19] <RobWynne> car ins is due today — i’ve been so caught on news i lost track of time
[17:19] <MattLeger> Sue and John Cochran live in Lorton – I don’t think they would have need to be in DC today but I could be wrong.
[17:19] <Rhainy> bye RobWynne
[17:19] <RobWynne> back in an hour
[17:19] <RickHewett> Bye Rob
[17:19] * Katy waves Rob goodbye
[17:19] * RobWynne hugs everyone, especially the newcomers, and hope to see you ALL later
[17:19] *** jsl (J.@Firewall.LoveSong.Com) has left #filkhaven
[17:19] <MattLeger> Lorton, VA is a DC exurb.
[17:19] <Kim> bye rob
[17:19] * Seanan blinks innocently at Penfold. Your point?
[17:19] <Eloise> Bye, Rob.
[17:20] <Katy> later … hm, probably not *sigh*
[17:20] * DanielGlasser hugs Rob
[17:20] <RobWynne> oh, speaking of Zev Sero, he’s just checked in on FKOFilk
[17:20] <Penfold> Youi get to meet me for real in February. At a con where I’ll probably be playing guitar. *grin*
[17:20] <Seanan> And?
[17:20] <Kim> sf channel has regular programming–its star trek and the trouble with tribles
[17:20] <Seanan> Awwwwww, you mean I can’t spend the entire convention in your lap?
[17:20] <Anke> How long have you been here, Katy?
[17:20] <Penfold> *grin*
[17:21] <Penfold> My wife would object to me strumming a strange woman.
[17:21] *** RobWynne ( has left #filkhaven
[17:21] <Seanan> I’m not a strange woman.
[17:21] <DanielGlasser> Ah… the SF channel offices are in NYC, I figured they might be down.
[17:21] <MattLeger> wow…would you call this VirtualDisasterCon?
[17:21] * JodiMuse grins. You’re not, Seanan? πŸ˜‰
[17:21] <Eloise> They might be on autopilot.
[17:21] <Katy> for around 1 hour now, and earlier around 1,5 hours (just when I came home at 6)
[17:21] <Allison> You are so a strange woman, Seanan.
[17:21] <Seanan> Ayup, Matt. Welcome to DeafCon I, the first Emergency Filk Con.
[17:22] <Kim> looks like cartoonnetwork, tvland, disney, nick, all have usual programmming
[17:22] <Katy> (after phoning my parents and Yooh) … just being here *wry grin*
[17:22] * Seanan blinks innocently at Allison. I am not. I’m as normal as the day is long.
[17:22] * Katy hugs Anke again
[17:22] <Penfold> …in Norway. In winter.
[17:22] * JodiMuse GUFFAWS.
[17:22] <Anke> Hey Katy – something positive: Moving completed, online from the new appartement! *tatatata*
[17:22] * Seanan pokels Penfold. You’re bein’ MEAN to me.
[17:22] *** Hillary ( has joined #filkhaven
[17:22] * JodiMuse ahems. Sorry, Seanan. Let me take a moment to recover myself…
[17:22] * MattLeger wonders what it must feel like to be a programming exec at one of those cable channels having to decide to run such frivolous programming right now…
[17:22] * Seanan hugs Hillary.
[17:22] <Katy> now, at least *some* good nes …
[17:22] <Katy> news
[17:22] <Anke> Oh – btw – I moved!
[17:22] * DanielGlasser cheers Anke’s news
[17:22] <Anke> Thanks, Dan!
[17:23] <Anke> πŸ™‚
[17:23] <Seanan> Actually…that’d be a good name for a filk con. ‘DeafCon’.
[17:23] * DanielGlasser hugs Hilary
[17:23] * Penfold stgill wants Airport Convention.
[17:23] <Kim> The National Guard is mobilizing all troops
[17:23] <Kim> in the New York City area.
[17:23] <MattLeger> I figure I should probably wait till tomorrow to give blood when they won’t be so swamped.
[17:23] <Volker> Seanan: guest starts: Phoenix? (obviously)…
[17:23] <Allison> Airport Covention. I like that one.
[17:23] *** Hillary ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2)
[17:23] <Rhainy> McCord AFB is sending troops to NYC and DC
[17:24] * SimonFairbourn grins remembering Fairbourn Convention.
[17:24] * DanielGlasser agrees… Airport Convention…
[17:24] * Penfold always wanted to do a Fairport tribute band called Fivepart Invention.
[17:24] <Anke> Hi Volker!
[17:24] *** JonBaker is now known as DebBaker
[17:24] <Penfold> But I’ll settle for the Fleetwood Mac tribute band – Fleetfoot Mike
[17:24] <Katy> Fairbourn convention was *wonderful*
[17:24] <RickHewett> Some parents will likely _want_ some programming the kids can watch without being traumatised….
[17:24] <DebBaker> heillo.
[17:24] <MattLeger> Penfold: how about Five Parts Perspiration? πŸ™‚
[17:24] <Penfold> MattLeger: doesn’t scan
[17:24] <Seanan> I used to get LIVID when they cancelled cartoons.
[17:25] <DanielGlasser> Hello, Deb
[17:25] <Volker> Hi Anke! Einweihungsparty?
[17:25] * MattLeger hugs DebBaker
[17:25] <Allison> Spent the day helping a classroom of Gr. 5’s deal with the news. It was hard, but the kids were OK.
[17:25] * DebBaker hugs Matt.
[17:25] <DebBaker> just got home from work.
[17:25] <MattLeger> working where Deb?
[17:25] * Eloise can’t think. John’s going to coddle my ‘I don’t want to be alone!’ wimpiness and go to guitar class with me.
[17:25] <Anke> Buuuaaaah – nach der Con, okay?
[17:25] <Katy> Volker: yep, ruining her new carpet πŸ˜‰
[17:25] <JodiMuse> Glad the kids were able to deal with it… Must have been hard to spend the day acting like everything was “normal”.
[17:25] <Seanan> Good boy John.
[17:25] <Anke> *grin* What carpet?
[17:26] <Katy> no carpet???
[17:26] <Anke> No carpet. Wooden floor all over!
[17:26] <Rhainy> Allison How do you explain the magnitude to a kid of 8? Even a Bright kid….
[17:26] * Rhainy is trying to explain to the boy
[17:26] <Anke> Beautiful!! Like liquid or velvet gold!
[17:26] <Eloise> I just keep thinking … it would have been worse, if the system DIDN’T work. I can’t believe that the grou pthat did this wouldn’t have tried for more.
[17:26] <Katy> ah ..ok. very nice to look at, for sure. but cold for sleeping there *sigh*
[17:26] <Allison> -Very- tough. The strange thing was that being in class was a bit comforting, normal. It’s once I left class I found things harder to deal with.
[17:26] <Anke> Katy: You can have my bed! I have a new one! πŸ™‚
[17:27] <Katy> oh πŸ™‚
[17:27] <Eloise> bye
[17:27] *** Eloise ( Quit
[17:27] <JodiMuse> I know, Allison. I was watching the news and just getting… sick to my stomach. πŸ™
[17:27] * DanielGlasser notes that a reporter was talking to celebrating people in the middle-east and mentioned how many people work in the WTC… It sobered them rather quickly.
[17:27] <Allison> The hardest things for ten-year-olds is being scared whether or not they’re safe. I had to give a lot of reassurance throughout the day.
[17:27] <MattLeger> anyone who can’t get through to major news sites and wants info on NYC can use the NY1 website:
[17:27] <Rhainy> Allison I can relate, but I was too scared to send my boy to schol, we live right at the Canadian border…too scary
[17:27] <Katy> Jodi: yep, I felt sick as well … it just hit me like a wave, I was unable to think straight
[17:27] * Penfold nods. As i mentioned to MartinGK earlier..
[17:27] <MattLeger> this is sort of a local version of CNN.
[17:27] <Penfold> just imaging a full sports stadium.
[17:28] <DebBaker> a small city.
[17:28] <Allison> We had several parents come and pick their kids up out of school early. I just think they wanted their family close.
[17:28] <JodiMuse> Toronto is also another center of finance – and we’re not too far from New York, if you think about it. That’s… I mean, it’s *all* frightening. But knowing how close it really was…
[17:28] <Rhainy> WTC bldg 7 has collapsed, but thankfully was empty
[17:28] <Anke> I also feel sick – and a bit lonely…
[17:28] <Katy> *SIGH* same here
[17:28] * JodiMuse hugs Anke tight.
[17:28] <DebBaker> I get the shakes when I think about “where the WTC used to be”
[17:28] <SimonFairbourn> Being close – Isn’t that why we’re here now.
[17:28] * SimonFairbourn grins
[17:28] <Katy> yes … but … *sigh*
[17:28] * Anke hugs Jodi back. “Thank you”
[17:28] <DebBaker> yes.
[17:28] <JodiMuse> Definitely, Simon. Thanks for reminding. πŸ™‚
[17:29] * SimonFairbourn wiggles contentedly.
[17:29] * DanielGlasser hugs everyone again
[17:29] * Penfold smiles. THis has been an… intersting and educational ,…. demonstration of the power of the Net
[17:29] <Rhainy> Allison Yes that was my main purpose I think…IO just didn’t want him gone from me
[17:29] * DanielGlasser kisses his wife
[17:29] <Penfold> would that it hadn;t bveen necessary
[17:29] <Seanan> Everyone come over to my place, we’ll have pizza.
[17:29] <Katy> again? *g*
[17:29] <Anke> It is so scaring. I’ve been up there… And now… And all those people… These are numbers noone ever has related to bombings… Tenthousands…
[17:30] <DebBaker> I was there on Sunday.
[17:30] <JodiMuse> Wish I could, Seanan!
[17:30] <Rhainy> Paul Harvey caught the 911 date reference
[17:30] <Katy> so, this time Annie isn’t around, so no anchovies, yeah πŸ˜‰
[17:30] <DebBaker> just because it’s the fastest way from NY to NJ.
[17:30] * Rhainy is listening to Paul Harvey
[17:30] <Allison> I’ve been overwhelmed watching the various on-line communities I’m on come together today. It’s humbling in its way.
[17:30] <Volker> Just read the mails from our Klingon club. Same as here – but we cannot reach one of our members that went to NY this week. We do hope that it’s only the not-working cell phone network…
[17:30] <Katy> Anke: you’ve been up there?
[17:30] <Katy> when?
[17:30] *** jsl ( has joined #filkhaven
[17:30] <Penfold> I swear the female CNN anchor looks older than she did four hours ago
[17:30] <Penfold> howdy again, spencer
[17:30] <Katy> I probably do …
[17:31] * MelissaGlasser hugs & kisses Daniel
[17:31] <Anke> When I was exchange student back in 1989
[17:31] <DanielGlasser> Hi, Spencer…
[17:31] <Anke> Hi Spencer!
[17:31] <Allison> The older teachers in our staffroom today said they hadn’t seen a group of people look the way wee did since John Kennedy was shot.
[17:31] <MattLeger> DC has a similar “local CNN” called NewsChannel 8 that is less traffic-heavy than the major news sites:
[17:31] <JodiMuse> Yup. There’s even been a bunch of people writing in within my songwriting message boards.
[17:31] <Katy> ah, ok. I was only up on the Empire State Bldg
[17:31] <jsl> Hi. This is my first use of IRC (as opposed to AIM) and it’s been a struggle.
[17:31] <Penfold> we noticed. Don’t fret – most folks’ is
[17:32] <Katy> we noticed .. and hug you anyway πŸ™‚
[17:32] <Penfold> <– Mike Whitaker, BTW
[17:32] <SteveMac> spencer! I kiss you! πŸ™‚
[17:32] <DebBaker> just ask for help.
[17:32] <Katy> LOL!!!
[17:32] <Katy> silly guy !
[17:32] <Katy> *hug*
[17:32] * JodiMuse chuckles. I have to admit that I figured it out pretty quick… but I’m used to MUSHes… πŸ˜‰
[17:32] <MattLeger> In DC, Mayor Anthony Williams has declared a state of emergency.
[17:32] * SteveMac notes that a bit more laughter is called for…
[17:32] <Katy> congrats, you made me laugh πŸ™‚
[17:32] <SimonFairbourn> Go on Mike, say Crikey with the voice and everything.
[17:32] <MattLeger> Jodi: what’s a MUSH?
[17:32] <Allison> Oh, this is all new to me… I’m not going to try to do anymore than just type words…
[17:33] <JodiMuse> It’s an online role playing environment. πŸ™‚
[17:33] <MattLeger> what do the initials stand for?
[17:33] <DebBaker> that’s all you need to do.
[17:33] <Anke> Internet is pretty much down – I tried to reach CNN just shor5tly after the first broadcast (15:00 local time, 9:00 NY) – no way! Been the same since then!
[17:33] <SteveMac> that’s fine, Allison. it’s what it’s for.
[17:33] <MattLeger> I figured that much.
[17:33] <Penfold> Cwumbs, cheif(y).
[17:33] <DebBaker> It’s Spencer Love.
[17:33] <JodiMuse> Multi User Shared Halucination. πŸ™‚
[17:33] <DebBaker> oh.
[17:33] <DebBaker> oops.
[17:33] * DebBaker grins.
[17:33] <Allison> Yeah, Steve, but you guys can all hug and sit in laps and stuff. I’m not going to try that today, though.
[17:33] <Anke> Halucination??
[17:33] <Penfold> DebBaker: MUD by another name, and of a subtle diff. style
[17:33] * SimonFairbourn grins and sighs.
[17:33] <DebBaker> oh.
[17:34] <Penfold> Allison,. that’s easy
[17:34] <Penfold> type
[17:34] <DebBaker> type /nick
[17:34] <DebBaker> and action.
[17:34] <JodiMuse> Wow. Medical officials here in Toronto are on call now, waiting to see if they’ll be needed… All sorts of religious vigils…
[17:34] <Penfold> /me hugs Penfold
[17:34] <Rhainy> jsl *HUGS* Welcome to IRC
[17:34] <Anke> But it isn’t different from a MUD? Or is it?
[17:34] * SteveMac pulls Allison into a hug
[17:34] <DebBaker> right
[17:34] * DanielGlasser hugs Allison and sits on her lap
[17:34] <DebBaker> type /me
[17:34] * DebBaker waves.
[17:34] <MattLeger> the governors of Maryland and Virginia have also declared statewide states of emergency.
[17:34] <MattLeger> this from NC8’s website.
[17:34] <JodiMuse> It IS different from a MUD, Anke. A MUSH involves more role play than actually going around and killing monsters for points.
[17:34] <Allison> You guys make me laugh. (the huggers and lap sitters!)
[17:35] <jsl> I noticed about PenFold ~== Mike from my last attempt. I see that I have switched from my DSL line to the cable modem (sigh).
[17:35] * Rhainy waves at DebBaker :o)
[17:35] <Rhainy> and at everyone
[17:35] * SteveMac looks at the numbers of people here….
[17:35] <MattLeger> The German stock exchange was evacuated today following the WTC attack. – CBS 2
[17:35] <Seanan> But I like Penfold’s lap…
[17:35] <SteveMac> Popcorn, anyone?
[17:35] <SteveMac> flanders, popcorn
[17:35] * Flanders hands a nice, warm, freshly popped bag of popcorn to you.
[17:35] * SimonFairbourn thinks the hardest bit about using /me is remembering to use the 3rd person.
[17:35] * Rhainy agrees with SimonFairbourn
[17:35] <SteveMac> atlanta in npr…
[17:35] <MattLeger> Simon: just pretend you’re Bob Dole πŸ™‚
[17:36] <Penfold> flanders, botsnack!
[17:36] <Flanders> thanks, Penfold, but I just ate
[17:36] <Katy> nah thanks … at a whole chocolate today … *sigh* can’t even remember whether it tasted good
[17:36] <SteveMac> cdc, coca cola, and cnn were evac’d
[17:36] <Katy> frustration food
[17:36] <Anke> Well, our MUD (the one Katy and I used to play in) had quite a lot of roleplaying…
[17:36] <Seanan> And Disneyland.
[17:36] <SteveMac> all fed bldgs in southeast were closed
[17:36] <Rhainy> chocolate, donuts and more chocolate
[17:36] <MattLeger> the Taiwan stock exchange had no trading today. – CBS2
[17:36] *** Seanan ( Quit (Leaving)
[17:36] <Katy> thought I was over that … but what the heck
[17:36] *** Seanan ( has joined #filkhaven
[17:36] <SteveMac> thousands stranded in atlanta airport…
[17:36] * Seanan sighs, and net-smacks.
[17:36] * DanielGlasser prepares the emergency supplies of DDP
[17:36] <SimonFairbourn> Matt: what, almost dead?
[17:36] <Volker> Always interested in USD<->DM/Euro rates there are no current exchange rates available – it seems all major stock exchanges closed…
[17:36] * Rhainy Kicks Seanan’s Server for her a good one
[17:36] <Katy> Anke: haven’t been in there for ages …
[17:36] * DanielGlasser give the DDP to Seanan
[17:37] <Volker> DanielGlasser: DDP?
[17:37] <SteveMac> Diet Dr. Pepper
[17:37] <Allison> Thousands stranded in the Toronto airport from what I hear, too! Many American planes were re-routed here and they are looking for places for thousands of passengers.
[17:37] <Anke> Katy: Neither me! πŸ™‚
[17:37] <SteveMac> Seanan’s Drink Of Choise
[17:37] * Rhainy sighs…cuz she is out of DDP
[17:37] <Katy> Anke: being here all the time instead …
[17:38] <MattLeger> Simon: no, Bob Dole is known for talking about himself in the 3rd person.
[17:38] <Anke> Katy: If I’m not in the act of moving… Same for me! πŸ™‚
[17:38] <MattLeger> as in “The American people know Bob Dole, and Bob Dole doesn’t stand for this kind of stuff.”
[17:39] <SimonFairbourn> Matt: Oh, Simon sees.
[17:39] <JodiMuse> Yup. True, Allison. About 25 planes rerouted to Pearson, and about 25 to Vancouver’s airport.
[17:39] <Penfold> *heh*
[17:40] <DanielGlasser> Daniel Glasser never talks about himself in the third person. He talks about himself in the fifth person, but it’s the same as third person due to dimensional collapse.
[17:40] <SimonFairbourn> Funny – our politicians tend to adopt the Royal ‘we’. Maggie was dreadful for it.
[17:40] <Seanan> DDP!
[17:40] <MattLeger> NewsChannel 8 reports the plan that crashed in PA was enroute from Newark to San Francisco and headed for Camp David when hijacked.
[17:40] <Seanan> Yay.
[17:41] <Kim> watching the cbs feed on bet–new video from across the harbor
[17:41] <MattLeger> a passenger called an emergency dispatcher on a cell phone to report that the plane was being hijacked.
[17:41] <Kim> it seems that it was the 2nd building that was hit (hit lower) that collapsed first–i did not know this
[17:42] <Penfold> yes
[17:42] <SimonFairbourn> Sky have some new footage of the 2nd plane as seen from the ground below.
[17:42] <Anke> Do they already have numbers? Or estimated numbers?
[17:42] <DanielGlasser> NPR is not even trying to guess numbers
[17:42] <jsl> Pardon my worrying about infrastructure, but is working? It wouldn’t talk to my client.
[17:42] <Kim> building seven collapsed as well–it was on fire all day–they rescued some people, but it was too dangerous to put fire out
[17:42] <SteveMac> ok, going home. back in a bit…
[17:42] <Penfold> jsl: should be
[17:42] * DanielGlasser hugs Steve
[17:42] <Allison> Bye Steve!
[17:43] <Volker> Building 7?
[17:43] <Penfold> I’ll get Rob to check when he gets home.
[17:43] <JodiMuse> Bye Steve!
[17:43] <Kim> of the wtc
[17:43] <Anke> Bye Steve!
[17:43] <AdamSelzer> taking off for awhile…be back later…I love you all.
[17:43] <Rhainy> I heard bldg 7 had been evaced almost right after the first plane hit and was empty
[17:43] * Volker hugs Steve
[17:43] <SimonFairbourn> Looks like #2 went significantly deep into the building, presumably further than the 1st.
[17:43] *** SteveMac ( Quit (too stunned for song…)
[17:43] <Penfold> jsl: seems to respond ok to me
[17:43] * AdamSelzer offers hugs all around, and heads off to run errands…
[17:43] <Penfold> and a lot of folks are on from it…
[17:43] <Kim> building seven was 47 stories tall
[17:43] <Allison> Bye Adam!
[17:44] <Rhainy> take care AdamSelzer
[17:44] *** AdamSelzer is now known as adam_afk
[17:44] <Rhainy> *HUGS*
[17:44] <Kim> solmon bros and smith barney were in building seven
[17:45] <MattLeger> suddenly I am glad my temp agency closed its Wall Street office last fall.
[17:45] *** jsl ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[17:46] <Rhainy> Kim I have heard from several sorces it was empty but has collapesed now
[17:46] <MattLeger> I expect they will not be able to assign anyone to work in Manhattan for at least the next couple of days.
[17:46] <DanielGlasser> Jodi, Allison, and others who joined for the first time today — I hope we get to see you here again…
[17:46] <JodiMuse> President Bush is supposed to address the American people at 9pm tonight.
[17:47] <JodiMuse> That’s EST.
[17:47] <Rhainy> 9pm What time zone?
[17:47] <Rhainy> Ah okies
[17:47] <JodiMuse> And yes, Daniel, I have IRC now. I’m prepped. πŸ™‚ You guys are just here all the time?
[17:47] <Rhainy> Thanks JodiMuse
[17:47] <Penfold> JodiMuse: sure are!
[17:47] <Penfold> we just hang out
[17:47] <JodiMuse> No problem, Rhainy. πŸ™‚
[17:47] <DanielGlasser> Jodi: On and off, mostly on.
[17:47] <Katy> Jodi: not *all* the time … but really a lot … *sigh*
[17:47] <DanielGlasser> Well, my NPR feed just went to noise…
[17:47] <JodiMuse>Β That sounds like about as much time as I spend on my mushes. πŸ˜‰
[17:47] <Allison> DanielGlasser: Actually, it’s my second time here. You can see how savvy I am around chatrooms :). Could be why I don’t attend them often…
[17:47] * Rhainy has to check on sick kitty again..brb
[17:48] *** Rhainy is now known as Rhainy-brb
[17:48] <Penfold> JodiMuse: that’s why I gave up MUSHes.
[17:48] <Penfold> byebye creativity.
[17:48] <JodiMuse>Β I only really regularly attend a few at this point, anyway…
[17:48] <Penfold> at least, all the creativity wound up going on the game
[17:48] * Penfold misses Aether, but…
[17:49] * Katy misses Unitopia, but … *g*
[17:49] *** alymid ( Quit
[17:49] * JodiMuse chuckles. Actually, Mike, I have a songwriting web site that takes all of my creativity. I can’t blame it on the MUSHes. πŸ˜‰
[17:49] *** Rhainy-brb is now known as Rhainy
[17:49] * Katy needs to get some sleep … soon.
[17:49] <Rhainy> back now…sigh, sniff,sigh
[17:49] <Kim> rhainy — how is kitty?
[17:50] *** Joey ( has joined #filkhaven
[17:50] * DanielGlasser hugs Joey
[17:50] <Anke> I think I will go to bed, too. After downloading about two weeks of e-mail *sigh*
[17:50] <Rhainy> Not real good Kim, and I just lost my 10 y/o Ruggies a couple of days ago and my 14y/o in april…not ready to lsoe this one
[17:50] <Allison> Hey, Joey! Hugs!
[17:50] * Katy hugs Joey
[17:50] * JodiMuse hugs Joey! Hey there!
[17:50] <Katy> … but still has to go to bed now *sigh*
[17:50] <Anke> Hi Joey! *hugshugshugs*
[17:50] <MelissaGlasser> hmmmm … well, on DirectTV, both CBS & ABC (east coast feeds from NYC) are currently off the air … NBC is up (showing the same feed east & west coast); the other networks are up on west coast
[17:50] *** Spencer (JSLove@Firewall.LoveSong.Com) has joined #filkhaven
[17:50] * Rhainy was going to take him to the vet, but the traffic today was AWFUL
[17:50] *** HeatherB ( has joined #filkhaven
[17:50] <Rhainy> Nitey nite Katy
[17:50] <MelissaGlasser> Hiya, Joey
[17:51] <JodiMuse> Hi Heather!
[17:51] <MelissaGlasser> Hiya, Heather
[17:51] <HeatherB> Hi All
[17:51] <Allison> Hi Heather!
[17:51] * Katy hugs Heather
[17:51] <Joey> Back after going to a bunch of business mtgs. Hugs to all!
[17:51] *** JodiMuse is now known as JodiK
[17:51] <Allison> Bye Joey!
[17:51] <HeatherB> Hugs back
[17:51] <Rhainy> bye Joey
[17:51] <Volker> *whew* – missing (read: unreachable) friend supposedly in NY was located alive and kickin’ in the backwaters of Florida.
[17:51] <Kim> second building hit at 71st floor
[17:51] <JodiK> Glad to hear that, Volker.
[17:52] <Seanan> Ow ow ow.
[17:52] <Anke> Good to hear that!
[17:52] <Kim> 1st building hit around 90th floor
[17:52] <Seanan> Cat claws in the leg.
[17:52] <Kim> cbs has new footage
[17:52] <Anke> Okay – I am off to bed!
[17:52] <Rhainy> Nyssa? Seanan?
[17:52] <Anke> See ya!
[17:52] <Katy> Me too …
[17:52] <Rhainy> Nite Anke
[17:52] <Katy> soooo tired
[17:52] * Katy waves goodnight
[17:52] <Allison> ‘Night, Anke.
[17:52] <Katy> *hugs*
[17:52] * Anke waves goodnight and hugs all!
[17:52] <Rhainy> nite Katy
[17:52] * JodiK hugs Katy!
[17:52] <HeatherB> I’ll be AFK for a few minutes, just got in from work and have to do food things with the kids.
[17:52] <Seanan> Leela.
[17:52] *** Anke (Anke@ Quit
[17:52] <Joey> G’nite Katy and Anke . . .
[17:52] <Allison> Bye Katy!
[17:52] <Seanan> Joey!
[17:52] <Katy> night!
[17:52] * Seanan pouncehugs Joey.
[17:53] *** Katy ( Quit
[17:53] * Seanan hugs Katy…too late.
[17:53] * DanielGlasser hugs the now gone Anke and Joey
[17:53] <SimonFairbourn> I think I’ll head off to bed too. Thank you all for the the companionship and community this afternoon.
[17:54] <Joey> Got a phone call the other mtgs cancelled so I’ll be here for a bit.
[17:54] <Allison> Bye Simon!
[17:54] * JodiK hugs Simon. Take care!
[17:54] * DanielGlasser hugs Simon.
[17:54] <DanielGlasser> Send hugs to Talis for me.
[17:54] <Penfold> *smile*
[17:54] <MattLeger> Gods forbid I should ever agree with George F. “Windbag” Will on anything, but he has written a cogent and thoughtful commentary on all this today.
[17:54] <Volker> Back to bed, too.
[17:54] <Allison> Yes, hugs to Talis, too.
[17:54] <MattLeger> it is on the website –
[17:54] <Rhainy> nite Volker
[17:54] * Volker winks.
[17:54] <Allison> ‘night Volker.
[17:54] <Rhainy> bye SimonFairbourn
[17:54] *** Volker (volker@ Quit ([x]chat)
[17:54] * MattLeger hugs Joey
[17:55] * SimonFairbourn does a quick round of hugs and pops off.
[17:55] <Spencer> G’Nite Simon
[17:55] *** SimonFairbourn ( Quit
[17:55] * Rhainy is wondering how long it will be til she feels more normal…and can’t imagine….
[17:58] *** callie ( has joined #filkhaven
[17:58] <JodiK> Hi again, Callie.
[17:58] * DanielGlasser hugs Callie
[17:58] <Rhainy> callie *HUGS*
[17:58] <callie> hiya Jodi!
[17:58] * Seanan hugs Callie.
[17:58] * MelissaGlasser hugs Callie
[17:58] <Joey> Thanks to Seanan for posting to the FKO e-list about the goings-on here.
[17:58] <callie> *hugs* Rhainy, Seanan, Melissa, Daniel!
[17:58] <Penfold> Joey: we sorta scattershot all the filk lists
[17:58] <Seanan> No problem, Joey.
[17:58] <DanielGlasser> Joey: We’re delighted to have you here!
[17:59] <callie> Welcome, Joey!
[17:59] <Seanan> Although we are now officially larger than ConChord ’98.
[17:59] <Rhainy> ok, I am a bit brain dead…what is the server info again
[17:59] <Kim> matt, thanks for posting the url to the george will essay–everyone should read this
[17:59] <callie> what URL?
[18:00] <Penfold> or
[18:00] <Rhainy> I want to post it to a local list I am on, as I am not sure it came over on the list yet? Callie did you see it?
[18:00] <MattLeger> Kim: You’re welcome.
[18:00] <Joey> Hey callie and everyone else. Is cross-posting happening at r.m.f? Haven’t checked.
[18:00] <MattLeger>
[18:00] <Rhainy> No the IRC Server info
[18:00] <Penfold> will pick one at random of those two
[18:00] <DebBaker> night, all.
[18:00] <DebBaker> hugs
[18:00] *** DebBaker ( Quit (Much Love)
[18:00] <callie> have no way to read RMF, sorry
[18:00] <MattLeger> Callie: That’s the URL.
[18:00] <callie> thanks Matt!
[18:00] <Rhainy> Ok thasnk Penfold
[18:00] <MattLeger> Callie: you can read r.m.f. on your web browser at
[18:00] <JodiK> Hmmm…. Explosions going on in Afganistan…
[18:00] <MattLeger> just type in on the front page and hit ENTER
[18:00] <Rhainy> No I meant the Dragonnet group
[18:01] <Rhainy> Where I posted the hugs and thanks about the song
[18:01] <callie> i’ll try that later, thanks Matt
[18:01] <DanielGlasser> JodiK: Is this on the news?
[18:01] <JodiK> Yup. CNN.
[18:01] <JodiK> They’re saying the airport is being hit… And the city in the direction of the airport.
[18:02] <DanielGlasser> Who’s hitting it?
[18:02] <Rhainy> Ooops callie I meant DragonCat group
[18:02] <DanielGlasser> Us?
[18:02] <JodiK> Anti-aircraft fire is happening… Don’t know who’s hitting it yet.
[18:02] <Rhainy> Where????
[18:02] <callie> eep! Jodi, please keep us posted if you can! *hug*
[18:02] <JodiK> Kabul.
[18:02] <Penfold> shaky pictures on videophone
[18:03] <JodiK> Yup. You got it, Mike.
[18:03] <JodiK> Tracer fire and fire burning in the area around the airport… explosions…
[18:03] * Penfold has way too many news channels to choose from.
[18:04] * DanielGlasser is avoiding TV… He’s still nauseous from the bit he watched.
[18:04] <JodiK> This isn’t where the religious movement is though. They’re quite a bit south and they’re not being hit. So who KNOWS who’s behind this…
[18:04] *** Spencer (JSLove@Firewall.LoveSong.Com) Quit (Ping timeout)
[18:04] *** Spencer ( has joined #filkhaven
[18:04] * MattLeger is taking a much-needed humor break to watch NIGHT COURT on A&E
[18:05] <DanielGlasser> Well, they (the Taliban) assasinated (or tried to) the leader of their opposition. It could be them.
[18:05] <Kim> its dabul
[18:05] <Kim> sorry
[18:05] <Spencer> If it is us bombing Afghanistan, and it wasn’t them hijacking 4 planes, Oooooh, boy. This IRC client in yoyo mode.
[18:05] <Kim> kabul
[18:05] <Kim> thinks its a fuel dump
[18:05] <JodiK> The detinations appear to have stopped…
[18:06] <Rhainy> Uh-Oh….The Taliban…
[18:06] * Rhainy thinks it would make sense
[18:06] <JodiK> The taliban is really a very small and powerful vocal minority – which means that the Afganistan people are going to be paying for that…Β The whole thing’s a mess.
[18:06] <Penfold> I’m making a prediction that that was one surgical strike on one very specific location.
[18:07] <Rhainy> Penfold I hope that is the case
[18:07] <Kim> instead of rah’s crazy years (which i think have been ongoing for some time), are we looking at the beginning of ww3
[18:07] <JodiK> I do too…
[18:07] <Spencer> Kim: hope not
[18:07] <Rhainy> Cnn is reporting that Afghanistan capitol has been rocked by Explosions
[18:07] <JodiK> Geez. I sure hope not!
[18:08] <Kim> i hope for the best, but expect the worse *sigh*
[18:08] <Rhainy> Me too Kim *HUGS*…me too
[18:08] <Spencer> If this is Pearl Harbor 2nd, nature of conflict quite different
[18:08] <Allison> Just back… hi Callie!
[18:08] *** Frank_Parker ( has joined #filkhaven
[18:08] <JodiK> Hi Frank.
[18:08] * DanielGlasser hugs Frank
[18:08] <Rhainy> wb Frank_Parker *HUGS*
[18:08] <Kim> my head hurts–this is amongst one of the worse days of my life —-heck of all of ours!
[18:09] <Allison> Hi Frank!
[18:09] <callie> Hi Allison!
[18:09] <Rhainy> agreed Kim
[18:09] <Kim> hugs rhainy back
[18:09] <Frank_Parker> Just a quick hi *HUGS*
[18:09] * Rhainy is aching *Inside* if that makes sense…and it is not her back…my heart hurts
[18:10] *** Angi ( has joined #filkhaven
[18:10] <JodiK> Hi Angi.
[18:10] <Angi> hi
[18:10] <callie> Hi Angi! *HUG*
[18:10] * RickHewett is gonna try to get some sleep tonight, and hopes there’s still a world worth waking up in tomorrow…
[18:10] <Allison> Sigh, just was checking in with my on-line Tolkien group. A frequent poster over there lives and teaches one mile from the Pentagon. He said his day was awful, so many teachers and students have parents and relatives working for the military. Reading his message finally made me break down and cry.
[18:10] <Kim> rhainy — i understand!
[18:10] <Angi> *hugs* callie
[18:10] * JodiK hugs Rick.
[18:10] <Allison> Hi Ange.
[18:11] <RickHewett> Nite all. Take care.
[18:11] * DanielGlasser hugs Ange
[18:11] * DanielGlasser hugs Rick
[18:11] <callie> Nite Daniel!
[18:11] <Angi> brb.
[18:11] *** Angi ( has left #filkhaven
[18:11] <callie> er, nite, Rick
[18:11] <DanielGlasser> You going, Callie?
[18:11] <DanielGlasser> Ah. Ok.
[18:11] *** RickHewett ( has left #filkhaven
[18:11] <callie> nope, just getting a bit confused. hard to follow who said what via the web browser version
[18:12] <Rhainy> ****HUGS**** Allison
[18:12] * Seanan hugs Allison.
[18:12] *** AutoLogger is now known as doc
[18:12] <doc> re-hi everyone
[18:12] <Rhainy> I understand, have been on the verge of tears for most of the day…many times they leaked out, and many times they didn’t
[18:12] * JodiK hugs Allison. :-/
[18:12] <Rhainy> wb doc *HUGS*
[18:12] * DanielGlasser hugs Rob
[18:13] -Rhainy- Hubby said to tell you thank you… your song really touched him
[18:13] <Rhainy> Our biggest grocery store chain is closed for the day
[18:14] <Joey> ‘night Rick.
[18:14] * MelissaGlasser hugs Rob
[18:14] -> *Rhainy* i’m glad he liked it
[18:14] <JodiK> Hmmm… They’re now saying those attacks couldn’t possibly have been from the US.
[18:14] <DanielGlasser> I’m guessing it’s the resistance.
[18:14] <Allison> Rhainy: Well, I had to spend the day being strong for the kids and all. All day long teachers were coming into the staffroom and going all teary and having to pull themselves together to face their class again.
[18:15] <Rhainy> Hmmm wonder who else would have hit them so quickly
[18:15] <Spencer> We took wee Talis to Kindergarten orientation this afternoon. School starts tomorrow. Strained normality — all the adults knew about the attacks.
[18:15] *** Angi ( has joined #filkhaven
[18:15] <Rhainy> Allison I cannot imagine having to face that…it has been hard enough to explain to my son..who is still thinking it is life as usual
[18:15] <JodiK> Yup. Something’s up. But I tend to agree. I think the US is still assessing the situation. I don’t think they’d have attacked so soon.
[18:15] <Angi> re
[18:16] <Penfold> CNN reporter in Kabul saying it may be part of the Afghan civil was, not us.
[18:16] <Penfold> US
[18:16] <DanielGlasser> If we attack Afghanistan, it will be massive, but that takes some time.
[18:16] <HeatherB> This is Heather’s husband Wayne – I spent most of my work day on the net watching it. It was awfull.
[18:16] <Penfold> Hi, Wayne.
[18:16] <Allison> Rhainy: It was really hard. Longest afternoon I can remember. But we had to give some comfort and normalcy to the kids. A lot of them were really scared.
[18:16] <Rhainy> Spencer I can imagine that was tough…my boy is 8 and wants to go tho the boys and girls club…I am not want him too far away from me
[18:16] <JodiK> I understand how that would be hard, Allison. Definitely.
[18:16] <Spencer> Hi Wayne. Awful is just too much of an understatement.
[18:16] <Rhainy> Allison I know…and they really don’t understadn the magnitude…
[18:17] <Allison> Hi Wayne!
[18:17] <HeatherB> Our kids are confused – we are trying to explain things, but it’s hard
[18:17] <callie> According to what Jeff’s seeing, it’s not us but the British bombing Kabul.
[18:17] <JodiK> Hi Wayne.
[18:17] <JodiK> The British? Really?
[18:17] <HeatherB> Hi everyone.
[18:17] <Rhainy> The *British* ?????????
[18:17] <callie> attempting to verify now
[18:17] <Rhainy> hmmmmm
[18:17] <callie> yeah, Rhainy, that was my reaction too
[18:17] <Penfold> *blink*?
[18:18] <Allison> I need a TV or a radio up here in my office…
[18:18] <Penfold> where’s Jeff getting that info from?
[18:18] <Rhainy> <—-Is British, though a stateside transplant
[18:18] * Rhainy stole the boy’s small radio to listen too
[18:18] * Penfold *is* British.
[18:18] * Angi waits for word on a missing dear one in New York. and waits.
[18:18] <Spencer> There is just a feeling of unreality about it. I wonder when it will hit me… This is the way I felt when the embassy was occupied in Tehran.
[18:18] <Rhainy> Angi ***HUGS****
[18:19] <Angi> thanks Rhainy
[18:19] <Rhainy> have you tried the family phone number?
[18:19] <Frank_Parker> *Hugs* Spencer
[18:19] <Frank_Parker> *Hugs* Spencer
[18:19] <Rhainy> NYC has set up a phone number for familys to call to check on people
[18:19] * DanielGlasser wonders why the UK would bomb Kabul… Makes no sense except as a coordinated action with other allies.
[18:20] <Angi> I’m sure I’ll get word as soon as his own family there hears from him
[18:20] * Rhainy asks if someone has that website hadny again cuz she cant find it in the scroll
[18:20] <Spencer> Daniel: my thought also
[18:20] <callie> which website?
[18:20] <Rhainy> the NYC website
[18:20] <Rhainy> someone posted it here a bit back, but ther scroll is just too long…sigh
[18:22] <Rhainy> Another bldg just collapsed ….
[18:22] <Joey> is going to head home. SF Bay Area has been somewhat affected. Just checked and BART is apparently now on Sunday schedule (Seanan). Guess I’ll take the bus home instead. Will check back in when I get home. Until then, stay safe. Hugs!
[18:22] <Spencer> Rhainy: is that four blgs at WTC?
[18:22] <callie> bye Joey!
[18:22] <Allison> Bye Joey.
[18:22] <HeatherB> yes, 4
[18:22] <Rhainy> Yes I *Think so*
[18:23] <doc> “Hope And Mercy” is now in the song index on my webpage (forgot to do that earlier)
[18:23] * JodiK hugs Joey.
[18:23] *** Joey ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2)
[18:23] * doc hugs joey
[18:23] <Rhainy> ok Angi Here is the website
[18:23] <Angi> thanks Rhainy
[18:24] <Rhainy> They are saying now Missles were seen hitting the capitol of Afghanistan..and the US has Specifically said it is not the US attacking
[18:24] <JodiK> Wow. 44 planes ended up in Halifax.
[18:24] <Rhainy> Angi no problem…my prayers are with you
[18:24] <callie> wow, indeed
[18:24] <DanielGlasser> Jodi: Where are they putting them?
[18:25] <JodiK> I have NO idea, Daniel.
[18:25] <HeatherB> With about 8K people on board – Halifax Internation must look like a parking lot
[18:25] <Rhainy> Many of the *Major Companies* are going to be closed tomorrow as well….
[18:25] * DanielGlasser has seen the Halifax airport…
[18:25] <JodiK> Canadian airports are simply closed to all traffic but incoming re-routed planes.
[18:25] *** Spencer ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[18:25] <HeatherB> Many of my US customers were in shock
[18:26] <JodiK> My co-workers are in New Mexico – farther away from things than *I* am – but I think they’ve also taken the day off. I haven’t heard word one from them.
[18:27] * Seanan gets a call from Jessica, who is currently standing half a block from the WTC.
[18:27] * JodiK winces. She’s ok, Seanan?
[18:28] <Seanan> She’s Red Cross.
[18:28] *** Spencer (JSLove@Firewall.LoveSong.Com) has joined #filkhaven
[18:28] <Rhainy> Seanan Is she holding up ok?
[18:28] <MelissaGlasser> Wayne: if you’d like, you can change your nick by using /nick Wayne (that last bit could be cut & paste *grin*)
[18:28] <HeatherB> Heather again, gotta go, I’ll be back later
[18:28] <Rhainy> bye HeatherB
[18:28] <JodiK> Bye Heather!
[18:28] <Seanan> She’s fine, threatening to come to California and get dust and stink all over my living room.
[18:28] <MelissaGlasser> later, Heather
[18:28] *** HeatherB ( Quit (Leaving)
[18:29] <Allison> Bye Heather. I should go, too. My TV is a floor below me here and it’s time to go back and check the news again. Be back later. Glad everyone is here.
[18:29] <Rhainy> Ok…am glad to hear she is holding up ok Seanan many times folks are not made of tough enough stuff for that much devestation
[18:29] <JodiK> Bye Allison!
[18:29] <MelissaGlasser> Bye, Allison
[18:29] <Spencer> Hello again — I wish there was a way to review what I missed (If that existed I would tolerate IRC) — it took 5 minutes to reconnect after being dropped.
[18:29] <Rhainy> Bye Allison ****HUGS****
[18:29] * DanielGlasser hugs Allison
[18:30] <Rhainy> Spencer Ask for a log…I keep them and many other users do as well
[18:30] *** Allison ( Quit (CGI:IRC 0.4.2)
[18:30] <MelissaGlasser> Spencer: hmmm … doc pretty much always has a log
[18:30] <doc> i have a log
[18:30] <Rhainy> Yep Spencer Asks doc
[18:30] <Spencer> Please

  1. (HUGS